02 September 2011

Six Senses Tour - In Your Home

Happy day everyone, it's that time of the week again where we travel to a new pocket of the world.
Today's 'Six Senses' tour has a twist as it's all about enjoying the delights found closer to home.
At this time of the year I'm so excited to be putting out the welcome mat and flinging the doors wide to welcome Spring into our home.  For my friends in the Northern Hemisphere I know you're starting to feather your nests in preparation for the cooler months ahead.
Today's tour is all about creating spaces that are enticing to the senses with a strong nod to design.


Hi, everyone, I'm Susi and I write as a guest blogger for Design Shuffle a fabulous social media site that promotes interior designers and their work from around the world.
My writing focuses on things I'm passionate about: interior design, decorating ideas, home furnishings, gardening, travel and art. I get to look at gorgeous things all day and write about them, I'm a very lucky girl!

I was intrigued when I was invited to write a Six Senses Tour guest post.
I loved Felicity's visit to her beach and after taking this tour with her, was inspired to look at interiors in a new way, beyond color and furniture placement.

Six Sense Interior Ideas

I believe that the five senses should also come into play along with other senses like space and memory, if you can consider those senses. I hope you enjoy this article and afterwards look at your own spaces in a new way.

Ruby PR (via)
A home should embrace all the senses.
Sight and touch are perhaps the easiest to appeal to, but the combination of sense and memory can create powerful spaces. I use travel as inspiration to turn a room into a place where I can recall and reminisce, to mentally travel to faraway lands.

Six Sense Interior Ideas
House to Home (via)

Comfort relates to sight, sound and touch.
A room that soothes with pleasing patterns, delights with conversation and relaxes into soft seating is a room that provides comfort. This bohemian farmhouse room invites one to settle in, enjoy and relax.

Six Sense Interior Ideas
Little Bits of Lovely (via)
A kitchen is often called the heart of the home but what makes a kitchen feel this way?
Delicious smells and promises of tasty food are the key. Kitchen design ideas like lovely displays of food and art tickle eyes, nose and mouth.

Six Sense Interior Ideas
Delight by Design (via)
Inspire your senses with a room that embraces the outdoors.
Warm breezes and scents of the garden imbue an indoor/outdoor space with the scents, sounds and the touch of nature.

Six Sense Interior Ideas
Houzz (via)
A bathroom should invigorate and calm the senses.
The clean lines and surfaces of this bathroom keep the decoration and stimulation to a minimum, allowing the natural canvas through the window to inspire.

Six Sense Interior Ideas
That Vegan Blog (via)
When decorating a room, don't forget the tactile and textures.
Create vignettes that demand to be touched as well as seen. Fresh flowers or herbs are always welcome.

Six Sense Interior Ideas
Pinterest (via)
Beyond the five senses, another sense so important to interior design is the sense of space.
Enlarging or decreasing the scale of a room can be achieved through decorating.

Six Sense Interior Ideas
Ruby PR (via)
Some rooms inspire dreams and imagination. A mural of flowering branches filled with birds is the jumping off point for fairy tales and sweet dreams even for adults.

So as we come to the end of this tour I'd like to leave you with the notion that, no matter the space, it is possible to imbue it with elements which awaken the senses and allow you to truly connect with the elements contained within it.
Thank you Susi and the talented team at Design Shuffle.
If you're inspired to learn more about including elements in your own home that will enliven your senses or to find and share talented interior designs from from New York interior designers, Los Angeles interior designers, and more, check out the latest at Design Shuffle.

Happy day Lovely I hope your weekend ahead is truly glorious!


  1. A nice twist F, something a little different. Thanks Susi!

  2. A truly inspirational article Felicity and Susi. I have so enjoyed reading it this morning. I am going to now wander through my home looking at each room quite differently. Have a lovely weekend:)

  3. What a lovely,
    lovely post, Felicity,
    and thank you, Susi!
    I'm pinning several
    of the pics for my
    Pinterest files.
    Thanks for your
    inspiring insights!
    xx Suzanne

  4. loving this guest post and these images - too fab - happy days Fe le xox

  5. I agree - a lovely twist, Felicity. Bravo. J x

  6. ahhh the art of making a house a home,I never get tired at looking at beautiful decor ideas, spaces...Thank you it was a great idea ! x

  7. Simply stunning, light & airy, comfort & cosy, then the colour, oh, brilliant designs & styling, love Posie

  8. Oh I'm in love with that bathtub!!! You've got a great collection of pretty little things on this blog! :o)

  9. Hi felicity just snuck to my computer while the in-laws are getting over the jet lag big ZZzzzz Lovely guest blogger I so love the farm house room I could be all cosy on that sofa with a big mug of coffee :) Happy weekend :) x

  10. That's a very Fally cozy spot near the fire place. All the rooms are very stylish, I love the simplicity.
    Happy hugs to you my sweet friend Fizz xoxoxo

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