19 September 2011

My Oh My! - A Wish For You...

Good morning fabulous You!
I hope that you enjoyed a weekend that has put a spring back into your step and that the week ahead is looking promising for lots of great things to happen.
Captain V and I have just returned from a brilliant mini-break in the city with our families and are now anticipating the next week at home where we will be recharging our internal batteries.

My wish for you is that you'll spend a moment thinking about what would bring you great delight in this coming week. What would give you a contented heart and an 'easy' mind?
Close your eyes, see it happening, then blow upon this little dandelion puff so that your wish might come true.

Happy week my lovely friend, I can't wait to learn what you're wishing for...


  1. This week will be very, very busy. I pray that it will be enjoyable as well.

  2. Back at you F! I hope to get my etsy shop up and running in the not too distant future...puff!

  3. thank you, dear felicity. i will begin setting my mind and heart now!

  4. Thank you, hope you have a special week as well.

  5. Both of my boys are coming home this week, 1 from a month working in Perth, and 1 from Uni,I can't wait!

  6. Thank you so much for this beautiful gesture.

    This week to help my wishes comes true, I have decided to get myself going in the morning and sit outside with my cup of tea rather than wallow around in bed and watch the sun come up over the horizon.

    I wish I could find the perfect pair of black ballet flats.

    I wish you week dear Felicity is full of warmth and love.


  7. I am wishing for something very special. Let's see what happens. Wishing you a magical week Felicity!! Leahxx

  8. You are just such a lovely person F! What a beautiful post xx

  9. I am hoping for
    the energy that my
    body needs to do
    all that my mind
    wants it to.....!
    Your trip sounds
    wonderful; welcome
    home and happy week,
    xx Suzanne

  10. Oh, Lovely, I'm hoping that follower #400 hops aboard here very soon! Puff...J x

  11. Love it F!
    I did it, closed my eyes and blew at my computer screen :)


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