05 September 2011

My Oh My! Sparkling Serendipity

Happy new week Lovely!
I hope that you enjoy at least one moment of pure serendipity where you unexpectedly discover or experience something new or truly lovely.

I'd like to think that this image could have been one such moment on a busy Monday morning - the connection of like-minded soles souls....yep, that's the kind of mood I'm in this morning!


  1. Feeling the love & connection to the max. They are some cute heels, always up for some sequins, glitter & attracted to shiney things. Love her mini plaid pants too. Beautiful week to you Felicity Serendipity. Love Posie

  2. I'm a bit taken with that bit of casualised glamour on a Monday morn. It's inspired me to put on the leopard print and sprint off to work:) Have a great day Felicity.

  3. Oh that's gorgeously romantic! Isn't it funny how instantly you get a picture of what kind of people they are? Lovely.

  4. That would be a lovely Monday morning indeed! Beautiful image. Rachaelxx

  5. So pleased to have been able to share this with you lovely ladies.

    How true your comments are, yours in particular Carol.
    I never really thought about these people beyond their knees - I'll be honest I saw this image ages ago and popped it away waiting for the right moment to share it.
    I would love it if I was the girl - a lover of style with the cash to match it. Possessing a strong bent towards classics with a big dash creativity thrown in 'to boot'.
    The guy - also a classy creative type but with his feet firmly on the ground.
    Thank you for helping me to see more clearly why this image appealed so much.

  6. Oooooh, gorgeous image and LOVE those shoes. Those are the sort of shoes that I'd have in my wardrobe, so when I put them on I feel great andready to tackle anything!!

  7. dear felicity

    I am being a bit naughty doing a bit of blogging at work. I cannot seem to load you up at home.

    Thank you for the so stylish scene to set the week. They do seem like lovers.

    Much love to you


  8. I hope you have a lovely week too!

    Happy Spring!

    Best wishes,

  9. I think it's fair to say that people in 'general' process visual metaphors in a similar fashion. Those individuals who are 'more' visually inclined might see beyond the initial embedded message. For example, this couple are nurturing their interest in one another through body language. The storyline (storyboard) thereafter could go in any number of directions.

    It could be an office love affair, to newlyweds... let your imagination wander. :)

    Vivre l'amour!

  10. Oh! Those heels! What a lovely image to start the week with, happy Monday to you Felicity

  11. Oh I love that image and your post. Just lovely to start the week. Have a great one yourself too xx

  12. oh my stars!! what a FAB photograph and equally FAB shoes xx

  13. Fab photograph you found here. Maybe they are having a little 'goodbye' kiss before departing for work. Makes me want to be glamorous in heels on this Monday morning.

  14. Oh they are so cool! I could never pull them off in a million years - but I bet you could!!!

  15. That's a fierce pair of lady heels! And how romantic indeed!

  16. Great image. I like when YOUR soul feels lighthearted.

  17. Hehe, soles, souls good one! lol I like a good pun.
    Sure is a nice thought though! :o)

  18. Love starting off the week on such a happy, colorful and clever note!!

  19. Loving plaid
    pants for fall
    and have them on
    my list! Sweet
    moment : )
    xx Suzanne

  20. Have a lovely week too Felicity :) love the picture dancing in the street yay :))


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