02 September 2011

Gathering Gratefuls - Smell The Roses...

Happy weekend Lovely! I wish you could breathe in the glorious perfume of these delicate roses from my Mother's garden. Spring truly has arrived!

If you've been following along for a while now you will know that this is the space in my week where I share the gift of gratitude and this week has been full to the brim with heart warming moments big and small.
I've decided to format my Gathering Grateful's posts in a new way and would love to receive your feedback. I've based this on a model that I use to guide my practice in my private and my vocational lives.

{Dwelling in possibilities, considering, problem solving, envisaging, recalling and focussing}

This week I've enjoyed learning about html - no really!
As a relatively new Blogerista I have been quite bamboozled by the complexities of coding my space.
This has begun to change after I followed a link posted by Swiss Miss introducing a fun new place called the 'Codeacademy'.  It's a free interactive website which gives novices like me a series of easy-to-use tutorials to begin my html journey. Who knows what this new knowledge will enable!

{Connecting, empathising, socialising, loving and being loved}

How wonderful it was to be able to spend some extended time with my parents, brother and his family earlier in the week. We were able to gather together in my brother's new home and I particularly enjoyed spending a busy afternoon with my niece at the museum.
Seeing the world through the eyes of a three year old is truly a glorious gift to be treasured indeed!

{Nurturing our physical selves through the things that sustain us, exercising, resting and maintaining our bodies}

Taking Luke for a walk each day is a terrific way to get me out and about and at this time of the year when nature is bursting forth with her bounty of blossoms it's a true delight. I'm truly grateful to not only live in a peaceful neighbourhood where I can walk Luke safely but for a great camera to capture the gifts of serendipity which I invariably find along the way.

For my Northern Hemisphere friends the flowers in this montage are all Australian natives and they were found growing around a little dam which sits on a vacant block just up the street from where we live.
Most of the blooms are held on tiny spikes and are no bigger than your little fingernail, to capture them I had to bend down very low.

{Thoughtfulness, reflecting and connecting embedded into our actions and activities}

My heart skipped a beat this week....in a good way!
I opened the mail box to find a postpack addressed to me. Inside was the most fabulous treasure - a container of macarons baked by my very own French Master Chef Sandrine.
Sandrine is a true gem and I've adopted her as my unofficial French tutor as she helps to add new words to my vocabulary in the most delightful of ways.  

When she found out that I'd never actually tasted a true French macaron she thoughtfully popped on her apron and made a batch.  They wended their way to my home and it was everything that I could do not to scoff them all in one go - tres magnifique mon amie, merci!
Now I know that eating macarons accompanied by a cup of sweet tea might be seen to be at odds with nurturing my body but I've got to tell you, these little morsels of goodness lifted my spirits and gave me a spring in my step which was better than any endorphin high from exercising!

So this week I'm grateful for learning something new, time with precious family, discovering the tiniest of blosoms and the generosity and cleverness of sweet Blogerista friends.

I will leave you on that note, with the encouragement to set aside some time this weekend to gather your own 'gratefuls'. The effervescent Em is giving Maxabella a helping hand this week and will gladly pop them into her basket of happiness to brighten the day of others just like you.

Happy weekend Lovely!


  1. What a week you have had lady! I can't believe you are enjoying learning code! Crazy!

    enjoy your weekend, lets hope the sun shines

    xo em

  2. Ah, this new format is brilliant, Sweetie. I just love the clarity you bring to life by such neat order! J x

  3. I for one, am crazy about this new format. Lovely, lovely. You clearly spent some time putting this together (not out of the ordinary for you I might add). And that tutorial...I need all the help I can get with anything over and above the basics. Would love to be armed and dangerous with HTML knowledge. Have a wonderful weekend F!

  4. Felicity, how I love your blog. It's a peaceful happy place. Thank you. (And also thank you for the link to that site - I am terrified and interested in equal parts!)


  5. thank you for sharing your gratefuls. :) what a sweet friend to send you sweets! :)

  6. Wow So much happening for you. I'm definitely checking out that first site as coding is a real headache for me.

    Also, love the pretty photos of the wild flowers. Being so small, we do often miss them.

    Those macarons look so good. I have just gotten a new mixer and am about to try to make some. Wish me luck!

  7. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy those macaroons, what a nice thought. ;-)

  8. Oh Felicity..I have macaron envy! I have never tasted a real one either..though I have heard there is a french patissiere somewhere between here and Noosa! I am yet to track it down..I am sure I read it in a reputable magazine..now to find it again. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Your are such a sweet heart Felicity!"Quel plaisir de savoir que mon petit cadeau a su te mettre du baume au Cœur" I am also impressed with your htlm learning ability and thank you very much for sharing where to regain my sanity (maybe?!)The site looks really lovely and I really love your picture display.Thanks for sharing your joy and I shall try and gather mine sometimes this weekend... :) xx Sandrine

  10. Love it!! Really, really love it, Felicity! Mind you, I loved it before. Well done on the html code.
    I'm interested to check out that link too. Thank you. xx

  11. wow what a comprehensive grateful post - so lovely to read! i love taking daily walks in spring time, it seems that each day there's something new again to look at. I saw the first lambs of the season theother day! nice to meet you from grateful this week ! x georgi

  12. lovely reading! I love spring time x

  13. Wow Felicity what a great week. That code site sounds great, I must check it out. I know a little bit of code (sounds very secretive and important doesn't it), but would like to learn more. Thanks for that.
    Oh and those macarons look de-lish!

  14. Oh after building my own business website code & javascript are not as scary as they used to be. Thanks for the link though, handy +.
    I like your grateful, you find so mcuh goodness in everything. Is your little niece sporting a Kikki-K satchel?? Yes, i have an eye.
    So very much enjoying the format, bring on next Saturday, love Posie

  15. Thank you for the info. Im hopeless at this stuff =0)
    Ness xx

  16. What a wonderful week! I'm still learning the ins and outs of creating html based templates for websites. I love your photos this week ( well, every week). Sending ♥ your way!

  17. Oh my, those macarons look very yummy. Sandrine did a great job! I have never even tried to bake this gorgeousness.
    Happy hugs xoxoxo

  18. You are too clever!!! I must head over to that link and get some tutes up my sleeve re: HTML. It freaks me out! I love your display of the flowers and every other image. How did you do that?

    Those macaroons look divine. I've been wanting to make some for ages. must do it! Happy weekend! xx

  19. Oh Felicity Code I have just gone grey I am so scared of that tecnology I will go take a peek though & see.

    I think I will get some head ache pills just in case hee hee as I know my brain will hurt :)

    Ooh the macaron looks so yummy wasn't that so thoughtful of Sandrine I was thinking of having a go at making those lovely delights might have a go now!!!

    Glad you had a nice day out & I love the pictures of the flowers you are going to have to help me choose my plants for the garden :))


  20. What a beautiful post! Loving the gratitude. And as for html coding, you are going to love it.

  21. There's so much loveliness to absorb here. Those roses are glorious, and how wonderful to be spoilt by macarons ... Sandrine is so sweet!!

    I hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend! :)

  22. A lovely gorgeous post, and yes I like the new format.

    Thank you so much for introducing me to that coding website -it looks easy, to the point and even...fun! I can't believe someone hasn't done something like this sooner, there are so many of us novices who are desperate to learn even just a little bit of html. I've bookmarked this site :)

  23. I love how you've split your gratitude post to encompass every aspect of life. Lovely! x

  24. Loved reading
    all your gratefuls!
    An exercise that
    I never tire of : )
    Grateful for you,
    xx Suzanne


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