17 September 2011

Gathering Gratefuls - Of Sunsets & Surprises

Happy weekend lovely friend - the sun has set on another school term and it's holidays in my pocket of the world - yippee! One of the Gifts and I got into holiday mode early on Thursday evening and had an early dinner at the river whilst the others were at sport. 
How glorious is that sunset? We hope to spend many hours in and on the water over the next fortnight and for me this is THE most magical time of the year to be enjoyed outdoors.

{Dwelling in possibilities, considering, problem solving, envisaging, recalling and focussing}
Last Saturday I was taken on a fabulous adventure of deep contemplation when I followed a comment link back to its origin. Denalee is the author of one of the most moving and beautifully crafted spaces in Blogland and last weekend she had me in tears and later....glorious, tear streaming, rib holding laughter - you really must pop on over and say hello.  If you're looking for a place to start your contemplation and possibly a new friendship, you might like to view this movie.

{Connecting, socialising, loving and being loved}
This weekend will be filled to the brim with family.
Captain V and I will be spending time with my brother and his little family - my niece has just popped on her little pink tutu ready for ballet lessons and we've already read lots of books, played games and gone on an adventure - precious fun!
Tonight we will be going to a sporting event with Captain V's family - I can't wait to hear the crowd roar!
Tomorrow I'll be attending a baby shower for the wife of Captain V's nephew - the precious baby will be the first grandchild for Captain V's brother and sister in law - joy!

{Nurturing our physical selves through the things that sustain us, exercising, resting and maintaining our bodies}
It's been another week of sparkling health and I had another two days of substitute teaching to cap it all off - I am beginning to trust that my body is truly going to be well again - quiet relief.

{Thoughtfulness, reflecting and connecting embedded into our actions and activities}
This week I've been blessed with many gifts to make my heart swell.

Last Sunday my gorgeous friend Jane and I enjoyed a luxuriously long chat on the phone and I found myself marvelling over and over at how fortunate I am to have been gifted with such a special connection.  

Then on Wednesday imagine my delight when I went to take Luke for his mid-morning walk, opened the mailbox and found these gorgeous treasures contained within a sweet little envelope.
They had winged their way from the home of the talented artist & designer Tabitha Emma and straight away they put an extra bounce in my step....thank you Tabitha, they've already been worn with joy!

So that's my list of many of the things that I'm truly grateful for this week.
Have you thought about writing your own list?
My dazzling friend Maxabella usually gathers them into a basket that she keeps on her kitchen table, but this week she's sharing the joy with a friend of hers Brenda from Mira Narnie - pop on over, I'm sure she'll be thrilled to see you.


  1. Oh so beautiful, well deserved & hello school holdidays (we still have a fortnight, why is Australia so out of sync this year state by state??) More later, flying out the door to teach my first class in ages, love Posie

  2. Goody, goody, hols! Enjoy every minute F! XO

  3. how very sweet - from the beach scene, to the fact that you're feeling wonderful! :)

  4. wow - that pic is just picutre perfect!! Enjoy your holidays and I'm checking out that link pronto xx

  5. We are blessed with one of the most beautiful sunsets in the whole world and I just love staring at its breathtaking beauty. Enjoy your magical time with the world, Felicity. It is indeed a precious gift. xx

  6. Yay for holiyays!

    You already live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country... it's kinda weird that you need to go elsewhere for a holiday, but of course we all need a change! x

  7. Love the different aspects you have here Felicity, it is all too easy to forget them. Wishing you continued good health my friend xxx

  8. you are SO good at sharing!
    hope you have the best holiday...with time and rest and fun!
    fee x

  9. Oh, I am rejoicing in the *sparkle* in your voice, Felicity. It's just delightful to hear what an uplifting week you've had. But that gorgeous conversation with you was the absolute highlight of my week. Hands down. J x

  10. Holidays in your neck of the woods already? I have no idea when the end of the term is here, such is the life of a homeschooler :)

    Sounds like you have had a delightful week Felicity.


  11. What a beautiful post...and your first photo relaxes my heart. Enjoy your holiday!!

  12. I'm looking forward to holidays too. There'll be some down-time with family and then, we'll head off for a southern get-away next week. It'll fly by too fast.


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