09 September 2011

Gathering Gratefuls - Love & Other Bits

Welcome friend. Here's my little list of some of the things that I'm most grateful for this week...

{Dwelling in possibilities, considering, problem solving, envisaging, recalling and focussing}
After raiding my parent's garden last weekend, I have an abundance of citrus in my home at the moment. 
The problem is that there is so much of it, and I can only drink so many Coronas - if you get my drift....so what to do? Get out the muffin tins, slice the lemons and limes, add a little water to cover, pop them in the freezer et voila! lemon & lime slices in giant ice cubes ready for cooling drinks when the temps start to climb in the next month or two - genius no? 

{Connecting, empathising, socialising, loving and being loved}
Father's Day. Last Sunday I divided my time between watching Captain V be 'loved up' by his three gorgeous Gifts and scooting up to my parent's home to spoil my own Dad.

On Sunday morning, Captain V was treated to a glorious breakfast of gourmet bacon & egg sandwiches, a freshly blended icy fruit juice, a heart-burstingly gorgeous and tear inducingly amazing stop motion video featuring all three Gifts, handmade cards and a timber Chinese Chequers board from his beautiful children.  
The kids did absolutely everything themselves and the initiative and care with which it was all made and presented was a loving act in and of itself and I know that Captain V was a very proud and happy father indeed.

My Dad was on his ride-on mower when I pulled into my parent's driveway and the look of surprise & delight that I saw as I drove past was wonderful as I'd wanted my visit to be unexpected and lovely.
Buying gifts for my Dad is often a bit tricky but this year I was fortunate to find several that I'm pleased to report he loves. Take note if you're thinking about getting pressies ready for Christmas...

 * A 'Scratch Map of the World'. As you may know, my parents enjoy their travel and I realised recently that they don't actually have a globe or map of the world in their home!
Here's Dad having a good squiz at the map my brother and I gave him. It's like a giant Scratch-It, the idea being that you scratch off the coating on the countries that you've visited to reveal a colour beneath, so that the places that you've travelled to pop out - he'll be busy for quite some time to come.
* A gift that Dad began using straight away is a lovely little book titled "My Dad - His Stories, His Words"
There are memory prompts on every page and it will no doubt be a great read for all of us when he's finished and the conversations that will be prompted on reading his responses will be revelatory I'm sure.  One of the prompts asked what Dad's first address was. He could not only remember the exact address but the phone number from his childhood home - seriously he has a memory like a steel trap!
* I also chose a timber photo box which holds over 150 images encased in special little books for him to display his own favourite images from his recent travels.

* Finally, something to keep the endorphins swimming, some good old-fashioned humour by that clever duo Clarke & Dawe. The DVD compendium titled 'The Full Catastrophe' will be something I know Dad will enjoy watching over and over again.
I am ever grateful to have both of my parents in my life and although I don't see them nearly as much as I would like I'm grateful for the love, wisdom and support of my Dad.

{Nurturing our physical selves through the things that sustain us, exercising, resting and maintaining our bodies}
I'm so grateful that I was well enough to do two consecutive days of work this week - yay!
For those of you scoffing at this I'll clarify that this is a big deal for me as I make my way out of chronic fatigue.
I'm also rather thankful for the miracle that is Olive Leaf spray which I credit with keeping me healthy and well when all sorts of nasty bugs were all about. 

{Thoughtfulness, reflecting and connecting embedded into our actions and activities}
Captain V isn't a great reader of my blog or any blog for that matter but on Thursday afternoon whilst on our daily walk I told him about a profoundly moving post that I'd read that day written by Cherie at "A Baby Called Max". That night I not only read him Cherie's post but the correspondence that Cherie and I had had 'off blog'.  
I had to stop several times to collect myself and wipe away the tears as there is much in her post that is deeply poignant for Captain V and I. Thank you Cherie for your honest writing it has prompted much discussion and thoughtful reflection.

Well that's my week, how about yours? 
Are you reading this thinking "I have so much to be grateful for myself this week!". 
I bet you can think of many things to gather into a list of your own.  Once you have, be sure to pop on over to one of the most gorgeous and warm-hearted bloggers I know, Kymmie who is hosting this week's grateful gathering for our lovely friend Maxabella.

Happy weekend, I hope that you enjoy much to be grateful for.


  1. You have given me a good reminder this week. Had some mishaps and was almost starting to feel a little sorry for myself - came here and now - poof, it's gone.
    That scratch map sounds so fun! My father is also very difficult to buy for.
    I am grateful my daughter will be back home tomorrow night for 5 days :)

  2. What a lovely way you have of putting things. Such happy positives. Enjoyed reading about your week.

  3. Felicity this is such a gorgeous post :)

    Firstly have you thought of a lemon cordial? I make a concentrate one that goes down so well during the hot months of summer...lemon butter is another thing that comes to mind.

    What gorgeous gifts to get for your dad....love the scratch map.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Hi Felicity ... I'm new to your blog. First of all: You have a beautiful name! AND - what a wonderful Blog name! All that PLUS you've got wonderful content. Glad I found you :)

  5. i am glad you were able to surprise your father with wonderful, thoughtful gifts. :)

  6. Well, hasn't this been some kind of week for you and yours! So much fun presenting gifts to someone that they truly love. So cute your Dad's little bald noggin peaking out from behind that map. Now, go grab one of those limes and have an icy cold Corona to celebrate all your gifts of serendipity! XO

  7. Dear Felicity, this post is so amazing! It is such a pleasure to read and you have some great tips for my Dad for Christmas, especially that DVD set. I know he will love it! The depth of your being keeps me so connected to you. I am glad to hear you are winning your battle over the
    evil CFS! You are indeed a wonderful person. Have a wonderful day....

  8. Felicity, I love the way you look at life. Very inspiring. Great gratefuls as always.

  9. lovely lovely Felicity! I wish I had some lemons to experiment with your genius :) fabulous list of presents.The memory book has been a delight for us as well.This one is from the children to dad but I like the reverse option for the years to come :)I did not know you are struggling with CFS.You sound always so well and happy!wishing you a lovely sunny weekend :)
    xx Sandrine

  10. I love how you gather gratefuls. Glad you're feeling a little stronger this week.

  11. This is a wonderful post Felicity, and it sounds like you had a wonderful week!
    Sending you wishes for the same for the weekend!

  12. beautiful post. Very positive, love it. Natasha x

  13. Oh I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the scratch map - lots of men will be getting this from me this Christmas - so thanks for the great idea!!!! xxx

  14. I love the idea of a scratch map! It's something my hubby would love as well! I'm also a fellow Sunshine Coaster, this is my first time to your blog, but I love it! I'll definatly be a regular reader!

  15. Oh Fliss, when I read your posts I always think about how much time and consideration you give everything.

    And not only the words, but how you give your all to everyone through your gifts/acts of service love language too.

    I love how you've put this grateful post into categories, and how very sympathetic/empathetic you are to others. (I'm still so amazed by the HUGE package that Jane received this week all planned by you. Only you could organise something so amazing!)

    I'm so grateful for your blog. I think there is nothing quite like it anywhere else in the blogosphere!

    And after all of that, I'm so grateful for you. You are indeed a rare and beautiful diamond.

    Have a wonderful weekend Fliss. xx

  16. You are such a beautiful, kind, generous soul with the most amazing spirit. I adore you and your words. xx

  17. I love the frozen slices idea, absolutely genius!

    And I really wanted to get that MyDad journal for my husband (from the kids) except I'd never ever get him to write anything in it, so I'd be buying for myself...

  18. Oh, Sweetheart, this would have to be one of your best weeks for a long time. I am so delighted my you, as you know. Your compassion and empathy floods through everything you do. You are a treasure. J x

  19. You have such a beautiful way with words ...

    And I think that must have been the most beautiful fathers day! How loved the 'dad's' in your life must have felt :)

    Thankyou for sharing such a beautiful post xx

  20. This is such a lovely post Felicity ... you gave me lots to think about and much joy to reflect upon through your words and images.

    Best of luck with all that citrus!! Gosh, that's such a lot of wonderful fruit!! xx

  21. The best post I have read all week and I have read a lot of posts this week! you are wonderful and I just so love that map you found for your Dad. Brilliant!

    I love the care you put into your posts and the way you make us all feel. Thank you xx

  22. I am newest follower of your blog.
    Well, This is such a great post Felicity. You gave me lots to think about and much joy to reflect upon through your words and images.
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  23. How did i miss all this?? Caught up in my own love festival with my husband, sorry!! Love Posie

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