30 August 2011

Two For Tuesday - Julia Carter

Happy Tuesday friend and have I got a treat for you!
Today as we play 'Two For Tuesday', I'm thrilled to be sharing art from a talented artisan from my own pocket of the world. Julia Carter paints glorious canvases in her studio hidden away amidst tranquil acreage not far from where I live.

As is often the case with the artists that I feature here, choosing just two pieces was truly challenging.
Julia has a broad range of work inspired by the natural world and today I've selected 'Journeys' and 'Set Free'. These two pieces are quite different I'm sure you'll agree, but I hope that in choosing them I've given you a feel for the diversity of her work and scope for sharing your thoughts and feelings.

I know that there are many of you who pop in each Tuesday to play along but each week a new face appears, so for those of you who may be new to this game it's as simple as looking at the two pieces and leaving a comment telling us how they relate to each other or to your life at the moment.  To take the challenge to a higher level of difficulty you can restrict your response to 20 words or less.

Happy day Lovely!

* To truly appreciate the magnificence of Julia's work I highly recommend that you visit her website - some of the pieces are huge and give a totally different perspective than when you view them on your screen in this format.


  1. 1. A city park on the first hot summer night of the year and 2. A Nebraska prairie in early spring...

  2. City Mouse {#1} or Country Mouse {#2}?

    Today I am both as I travel from my little rural retreat to spend time in the Big Smoke with some of my favourite people - my family.

    Given the choice though - I do prefer being a Country Mouse and having my family visit me.

  3. I am crazy about both. Love the textures. I will definitely visit her site!

  4. They both remind me to look more closely. The first has the word journeys in it, which I didn't see at first and the second is like looking through the chaos to see the beauty hidden in the middle.

    I couldn't keep it to 20 this week :)

    PS - I JUST finished a blog post about looking more closely which I'm sure influenced my viewing (up tomorrow) :)

  5. I love the texture and emotion of them both. One is more festive and the other more serene. One pops outward and the other draws inward. Seasons of life and movements of the human spirit.

  6. They are both so gorgeous. And would look fabulous any where in my house:)
    To me they both talked about the joys you can find in life - sometimes you just have to look through all the distractions and trust it is there. Other times such as when you look at your child, the beauty is in plain sight.
    I am off to check out the website.

  7. I'm loving that first one- I'm thinking it is saying spring is nearly here! (I'm looking forward to that)

  8. Oh I am seeing fairy's & more fairy's it's like awaiting to go to fairy land then you have arrived I so love them both what a talented lady :)) x

  9. Oh I LOVE this weeks two for Tuesday! Perfect images with Spring a couple of days away.

    The first image makes me feel as though I have stepped into a magical spring fairy land. All is a buzz, the bees are buzzing, the lady birds are dancing, the fairies and elves are skipping to the beat. As the sun shines and the flowers burst, their pollens spray a magical fairy dust!

    The second image is more soft and subdued. It feels more nurturing. I imagine I am a little blue bird breaking free of its egg shell for the first time. I open my eyes and peak out over the top of the nest, wide eyed, in awe of light and sound.

    Happy days to you, and thank you for sharing these amazing images...I am off to check out Julia's website now.

    Nicola x

  10. I love, love LOVE those prints. I could find spaces for both of them in my house easily. Top one is so bright and so fun and the bottom one is so relaxing and peaceful for me. So love the artwork you share. N x

  11. Oh, Felicity, you darling girl. I know why you have chosen these two gorgeous creations and thank you from the depths of my heart. You are such a treasure. J x

  12. Wow Felicity - just scrolling through your blog to see what I've missed while I've been in Italy and had to comment on this lovely artwork! Gorgeous :)


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