23 August 2011

Two For Tuesday - Gloria Petyarre

Last weeks' 'Two For Tuesday' pieces really elicited some interesting comments and several of you emailed me with details about artists whose work was similar to Mishel's.

The gorgeous Emma made me aware of the fabulous work of Gloria Petyarre - thank you so much Emma.
I was gobsmacked when I first laid eyes on the following images.
They are both titled 'Bush Medicine Dreaming' and as with almost all Aboriginal art there are many layers of depth and meaning contained within the brush strokes.

"The paintings depict particular leaves from plant species, which contain medicinal properties. The Aboriginal women from Utopia in Central Australia gather the leaves. The leaves are boiled, resin is added and mixed into a paste, which is used as bush medicine for many ailments.
The Bush Medicine Dreaming is celebrated by the women from Utopia in their ceremonies."
Aboriginal Art Directory

So now the looking glass is turned to face you my friend.
What is it that you see within these pieces today? How do they resonate with your life at the moment?
I would really love to learn what you think and if you can do it in 20 words or less - so much the better!


  1. You know I would have these in my home just to work out what is hidden in them! Such depth, such detail. Gorgeous...

  2. GORGEOUS! feathers, fluffed and settling in the first one; flower petals, washing down a stream in the second.

  3. Ooh,I actually like these better. Their depth and the blending of colors is exquisite.

  4. Hi Felicity, the first one reminds me of chrysanthemum petals plucked and strewn in a path of sunshine. The second one reminds me of feathers on a dove's breast with a single streak of a tear.

  5. Beautiful works..yes feathers....i have peacock feathers playing in my mind lately...due to their "release" and other symbols.

  6. I have had flying
    on my mind a lot
    lately....my girl
    who will fly the nest
    in two years, flying
    home from my parent's
    yesterday, Jane's dad
    flying home to heaven.
    Yes, feathers and flying.
    Hugs to you, today.
    xx Suzanne

  7. A celestial golden stream heaven bound & an earthy one coursing across terrain, full of life, one spiritual & one organic :)

  8. Oh loving this feathery goodness, it's stunning, i'll plan to do a painting like this for our new home (yes Felicity, i can paint, i got full marks for painting in my HSC). Love Posie

  9. Wow. These are really amazing works of art. The colour, depth and texture is just beautiful.
    the top one evoke feelings of warmth and long, summer days. The bottom one makes me think of a soul. Cool, peaceful with many layers and textures and a hint of fire and cheek.

  10. Ladies you have truly excelled yourselves with your thoughts about Gloria's art this week. I have been thrilled to read each and every interpretation.

    Happy day!

    xx Felicity

  11. When I look at them I feel I need to zoom out and see the bigger picture. Like this is just a blown up detail of something much larger.

  12. These are just gorgeous Felicity!

  13. Thanks Felicity, always so sweet and thoughtful!

    Gloria's work makes me think of my husband as he is a huge fan. x

  14. Oh Suzanne. You gorgeous soul. We share the same thought. Thankyou, my friend. J x

  15. Oh Felicity isn't it stunning I felt like they were angels wings flapping together flying in a swirling in unison!! :))) x

  16. Tuesdays are my favorite days around here. I love 'em.

    When I look at the first one I think of growing in light & knowledge and the second one... There is something romantic and mystical about it to me.


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