25 August 2011

Six Places Tour - Where In The World?

It's travel time my friend, are you ready for a quick trip to distant climes?

My parents have just returned from an 'Around the World in 90 Days' adventure, (I kid you not, they were away for 91 days and experienced many glorious pockets of our wonderful world) and I spent last weekend living vicariously through them, soaking up as much as I could.
After two hours we had scooted through the photos and my mind was reeling - oh how I love to travel, even if it is on a little screen with my imagination turned up to full colour.

I thought you might like to see a little snippet of their travels and play a game at the same time.
Here's what we'll do. Have a good look at the photo collage, then copy the text below, paste into the comment box filling in your own responses.

Which country is each image located and do you know what the image is of?
1. Country:  Image:
2. Country:  Image:
3. Country:  Image:
4. Country:  Image:
5. Country:  Image:
6. Country:  Image:

To make it extra interesting, if you have your own travel anecdote about any of these places, I for one would love to hear about it.

Happy day Lovely,


  1. Oooo how fun!!!!!
    Ok, this is quite hard actually...

    1. France
    2. Morocco
    3. Egypt
    4. China
    5. Greece
    6. Turkey

    Probably totally wrong but hey :)

  2. Hmmmm, it seems that I may have stumped you.
    Here's a clue to get you going:

    Located in Asia and Europe

    Hope that helps!

    xx F

  3. Well I think #4 looks like it could be part of the Walls of Constantinople and I'm pretty sure #6 is also in Turkey and #5 is obviously a Trojan horse which was in Turkey so I'm going to guess they are all in Turkey :) but I have not even a guess on the first 3!

  4. Is Carmen Sandiego?It is a damned good thing you are a cute patootie, as except for Words With Friends, Scrabble on ipads, I am not a game player, LOL! Cool pics though. Would like to see more from their travels. Xo

  5. Oh boy - I think I've made it too tricky!

    How about this.....where East meets West!

  6. The following was emailed by Sandrine....

    Very tricky Felicity!!!
    Could be so many possibilities!
    The first picture could be one ceiling in Versailles?? The second a “basilique” somewhere...the third in my stash cupboard lol, after the china wall and I am bogged perhaps Greece? :)

  7. OK here's another clue....go to Jeanette's answer she is a clever cookie.
    Now look at the top three knowing that they are all from the same country!

  8. Well if the top 3 are from the same place it has to be Turkey 1st pick don't know where? The second image is the blue mosque in Istanbul & the 3rd must be one of the turkish carpets from the grand bazzar.:)) Oh this is fun :)) The 4th is Rumeli castle 5th it in Turkey & was used in the film Troy, & 6th is I have no Idea where that is in Turkey was I right (please tell) hee.
    Now my story I was at the grand bazzar what a place that is full to the brim with people & a few cheeky ones too that pinch your bottom as they walk by any way I was with my hubby & we decided to buy a huge Turkish rug we sat & had apple tea while pondering which rug to go for I was in my element, once we had decided on our choice it was rolled up how they got it so small goodness knows it was put in a bag with wheels & smarty pants here said "oh we can walk back to the ship" of we went pulling the rug behind well we were further away from the port than I realised (went in a cab to grand bazzar) by the time we got to the ship the wheels were all broken of the bag hubby was carrying it over his shoulder & I had to buy him a few beers to cool of hee that was a fun day thanks for the memory boost Felicity xxxx :))

  9. Hi Felicity..I would say Turkey to some, Morroco and France but I really don't know..interesting pics though..sorry I'm so scatty today!

  10. 1. Country: Image:
    2. Country: Turkey - Looking up in a mosque
    3. Country: Image: Looks like Turkish ceramics
    4. Country: Image: Also Turkey, I believe, if I can zoom into the flag, I could verify
    5. Country: Image: Troy, Turkey. Was there this summer :)
    6. Country: Image:

  11. The horse pictured above ... that is the "real" horse in Troy. The horse that was used in the movie was donated and erected in the Çanakkale. It looks a little different then the one pictured above.

  12. p.s. - fun game :)

    Also, if you are interested, here is the 1st post of our travels in Turkey this summer


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