22 August 2011

My Oh My - A Riot of Kookaburras

I've been 'off with the birds' today - literally and metaphorically.

After a wonderful weekend spending time with my globe-trotting parents and hearing some of their fabulous adventures I woke to find it to be a cold, wet and windy day outside - bleak may be the best word to describe it. I'm not complaining about the wet stuff though as our water tank, which provides all of the water that we use in our home, was getting down to the last fifth and we were facing the prospect of buying in water.

On a brighter note I would like to introduce you to two juvenile kookaburras who have joined another three more mature kookas, a mating pair of lorikeets [Mr & Mrs Bossy] and a very brazen magpie [Mr Collingwood] to become our regular house birds.

They are cheeky [I'll call them fellas, only because I have no idea about how to tell their gender] and often squabble over little pieces of sausage meat that I've been popping onto our back verandah.

One of the most glorious unexpected gifts that I receive from them is when they burst into their fabulous cackling song and proclaim that they have sampled a choice worm or any other slithering thing.

I'm hoping that as the temperature starts to rise that they will not only spend lots of time around our home but keep the bigger slitherin at bay so that we don't have a repeat performance of this incident or even this.

I like to give our feathered friends nicknames and would love your suggestions for these two larrikins.
I'll let you know this time next week what I've christened them.

Happy day!


  1. Love the 'king of the bush'. Every kookaburra looks like such a character.

    Isn't this wind appalling (I presume it's the same one hitting Noosa as us)? It's taking all my will not to uproot our newly planted trees and bring them inside. Feeling sorry for them I am. Here's hoping for stillness tomorrow. gxo

  2. Love those krazy kooky-burras LOL.... Last night we had 3 on the tree outside our office, all huddling up, I called the girls & Trin took a pic (a little dark though) & Memmy & I reckon the middle spot was 'prime position' it was soooo cold :) At least as you mentioned they (hopefully) keep those snakes at bay, wish they'd eat the canetoads too, almost trod on one on the way in ;)

  3. Hi Felicity to me they look like two old fellas sitting on a bench having a good old natter. Therefore names like Joe and Moe spring to mind. Or even Bob and Bill.....

  4. Great stories Georgies & Shelle.

    Martha = Classic!
    Brings to mind Simon & Garfunkels 'Old Friends' and what's that other one of theirs that I love about a couple after the war?
    Ah yes! Rene & Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After The War'.

    So now you've given me Joe & Moe, Bob & Bill, Simon & Garfunkel, Rene & Georgette.

    Great suggestions & believe it or not as I type this and the light dwindles outside the kookas are singing their goodnights in a paddock down the road.


  5. You know I love a good Kookaburra story....and how I miss those morning and afternoon laughs now I am back in the London urban jungle. I am thinking great comedy duos. Cheech and Chong. Abbott and Costello. Laurel and Hardy....

  6. So love your pictures and what gorgeous birds they are. I always find I stop and stand still mesmerised whenever I hear them laughing. Love the suggestions so far for names. Looking forward to finding out what you decide. N x

  7. Oh aren't they just gorgeous! They look so wise yet so cheeky. I love them. And their laugh which wakes me up most mornings is the best alarm clock! Although one morning they did decide to perch on our balcony right outside our bedroom window and laugh their little tails off.
    As for names, I like Bonnie & Clyde.
    Thanks so much for these beautiful pics xx

  8. What gorgeous birds, obviously I've never seen one in real life. I love the idea of naming them Simon and Garfunkel after the song. I am a big S&G fan! Perfect :)

  9. oh they are adorable! the close-ups almost look like they're smiling at you! and the 2 on the limb together reminds me of salt and pepper shakers! SO cute!!!

  10. Love Kookaburras. You took some good close-ups of them. If the two are a pair, you could name them after movie romances. Scarlett and Rhett perhaps.

  11. Fabulous photos and a lovely blog.


  12. OMG I have never seen these cuties before. You captured them lovely Fizz.
    A name.. let's see.. first thing that comes to mind is the names I gave my two fish years ago, I called them Right and Left. For fun.
    Billy and Sammy?
    I know you will be having lots of fun picking the names.
    Love to you xxx

  13. So cute! How about Scooter and Skeeter?

  14. There was a famous
    pair of entertainers
    back in the day in
    the USA called George
    Burns and Gracie Allen.
    They were married and
    had a radio program. At
    the end of the program,
    George would always say,
    "Say Goodnight, Gracie..."
    They were just adorable.
    Gracie died at age 68,
    but George lived to 100.
    Talk about two funny,
    classy birds!
    Sending you sunshine : )
    xx Suzanne


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