29 August 2011

My Oh My - I Wish I Could...

Happy new week!

If you've been reading along for a while you would know that my nextdoor neighbours have free range chickens.  So free range are these feathery friends that they enjoy partaking of the worms and grubs in our yard as much as their own. But alas I haven't been able to entice them to lay even one egg on our side of the fence.
I haven't given up though, and the idea of being able to serve it up in the 'Breakfast Express' by Reiko Kaneko would be an added bonus! See the S&P carriage at the end - genius!

Even better than enjoying a freshly gathered egg from the Glossy Bossy Hens, would be to experience a leisurely breakfast whilst reclining in the morning sunshine in Le Beanock's hammock/beanbag - now that, my friend is what I'm talking about!

The reality is that by the time you've read this I've already grabbed a piece of toast and scooted headlong  into my week with Father Time snapping  at my heels....a beanock morning is a nice dream though don't you think?

If you're visiting from the Decorating Forum, a warm welcome to you - I'm sure you're the kind of person who has created a wonderful space in your own home to while away a thoughtful hour or two similar to the one above.

If like me, the Decorating Forum is a new concept but you love all things design and decorating, well you're in luck! Julie-Ann and her members have created a space for enthusiastic design fiends to share their great ideas.
If this sounds like bliss to you, then I suggest you find your own beanock equivalent, a viewing device and some time to indulge in all the layers of wonderful that are contained within the DF folds.

Happy day Lovely, I hope you enjoy some moments of serendipity along the way - unexpected & lovely.


  1. I love the breakfast express. Such a cute idea! gxo

  2. That beanock is some contraption!

  3. Oh I just LOVE that Breakfast Express! I have been collecting egg cups for the boys to use, and this would be so perfect! I will have to see where I can buy one!

    Nicola x

  4. Good day to you Felicity! The pics are very inspirational in a decor kind of way today..love the little train.

  5. Oh my indeed! That train is the business. Really. And I've just joined the Decorating Forum - I'm intrigued as to what I'll discover there. J x

  6. Felicity I was so inspired by your ideal breakfast that I thought - yes I am going to not rush breakfast for once. Well that all went out the window:(. The phone didn't stop all morning. The Western Power man came to sort out why I had a $2500 bill. My Mother dropped over and breakfast was scoffed at 11am:(. We can dream though - right???
    Thanks for letting us feature your wonderful blog on the Decorating Forum:)

  7. Oh I really love the egg express it looks such a fun way to have a lovely egg I hope they lay for you soon!! x

  8. Breakfast is my favorite meal. I often skip dinner and am usually alone at lunch so my husband and I sit and eat breakfast together almost every morning over a game of Racko :)
    Funny enough, today he had to get out early so it was a fruit smoothie handed to him as he walked out and I'm here alone eating......toast!

  9. Fresh eggs
    really are
    so good luck!
    I've got to
    take a look
    at the DF. I
    woke up in the
    wee hours on
    Sunday and filled
    a whole page
    with ideas that
    I want to implement
    aroud our house.
    Must be the cooler
    weather coming; I'm
    going into nest phase.
    Now, if you could
    only entice those
    hens to do the same,
    on your side!
    xx Suzanne

  10. Oh i want that cow hammock, like NOW!! I will keep that in mind, perfect for the homestead verandah & to keep our cows on their toes, misbehave & look were your hide will end up moo machines!! Love Posie


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