25 August 2011

My Creative Space - A Feather Light Touch

Welcome to my creative space this week.
Actually if I was being completely honest I would say welcome to my creative shemozzle because everywhere I cast my eye at the moment there are piles and piles of 'stuff'.
Balls of wool, bags of buttons, folios of cardstock, ribbons, font stickers, bubble wrap, stamps and ink pads even a mini-mannequin or two!
Drawers ajar, cupboards askew, boxes flung wide....wow have I been busy!
All in all I'm sitting in a great big happy mess, which I intend to tackle once I've shared today's 'gift' with you.

So my creative space is messy but I have been having lots of fun working on a special project or two this week.
One has been taking photos of some of my treasured finds.

As you may know I live in the most glorious pocket of the world, surrounded by natural bushland which is abundant with bird life.
One of my great pleasures is my daily walk where I am constantly reminded of how truly fortunate I am to live in a space where I can take big hulking breaths of fresh air, be constantly amazed by nature's colour & form and every now and then, I am gifted a 'treasure'.  My all time favourites being the feathers.

I thought I'd share a few of my recent finds with you, one of which I was able to incorporate with some pastel work to send to a very special friend this week.

What I absolutely love is the intricacy of detail in each and every one.
Their strength and delicacy, colour and contrast.  The little ones I've featured here sit in a glass nest on my desk.
I have a few large eagle feathers adorning my inspiration board, and there are also some plonked into a ball of twine...actually you can see them here if you're so inclined.

So tell me friend do you love feathers? Do you ever use them in your creative pursuits or to adorn a treasure?
I'm hoping to do some more with mine and will keep you posted over the coming months.

This post is winging its way to sit amongst the other creative spaces that Kirsty has on her inspirational pinboard. Why don't you follow me over, it's a treasure trove of wonderful!

Happy day & keep your eyes peeled for those glorious gifts of serendipity from our feathered friends....I'm going to be busy for at least an hour transforming my creative space into some semblance of order.


  1. We have a wreath made out of peacock feathers on our door. :-)

  2. they're beautiful. i've been collecting some feathers this year too but haven't done anything with them. sent some to a friend in Switzerland. :)

  3. This note emailed from Nic @ Make Space...

    I love the details of a feather - when you look closely, you can see how beautifully one shade or colour blends so seamlessly into another.
    It is purely and simply nature and creation at its artistic best.

    Wishing you a treasure-filled week xxx

  4. They are so lovely. You know my long attachment to feathers and the signs I see in them and now they also make me think of you - which is an added bonus :)

    I'm working on cleaning up my space right this minute!

  5. I don't run across many bird feathers...unfortunately! Beautiful!

  6. I do love feathers I often find white ones in the oddest of spaces, which I like to think have been left there on purpose by my Angels as reminders to let me know they are always supporting me.

    Beautiful collection of feathers!

    Nic xo

  7. Oh Felicity I love the feathers they are gorgeous:) enjoy your tidying day I have had to have a few of those days lately it all gets over the place hubby is so pleased I am moving to the shed hee xx

  8. Those morning walks just sound like heaven.....And how lovely to be finding these little bits of joy along the way x

  9. They are beautiful & i'm just ignoring my mother's voice in my head saying "don't touch them, lice, LICE" & enjoying the beauty. Love Posie

  10. Adore them, they make me think of Peter Pan! x

  11. I am a bit of a sucker for a feather ... and I love ones that have that blue green on them. Gorgeous!

  12. Finally popping in to your blog. Speaking of mess everywhere I have been taking a little break from commenting to get my house in a little more order. Feeling so much better for it but have been missing your blog :)

    Love your treasures and what a lovely gift idea. I adore the colours left on each feather and marvel at how they can be so different.

    Thanks so much for sharing them with us. N x

  13. Oh, Felicity. Only you know how much I treasure this week's feathers. Your gift is providing me with immense solace. J x

  14. Oh, lovely post Felicity and ours is also a house for feather love. When I was younger I always imagined busting into a feather doona and jumping around in white feathers would be wonderful fun. An impractical sneeze fest no doubt but ah,the imagery. Mum had a lovely stone vase with long peacock feathers so fond memories there. In the absence of backyard chooks, Lily loves super bright feathers in pink, purple and yellow. Lots of craft shop feather activity going on. Have a great weekend x

  15. "glorious gifts of serendipity from our feathered friends" Love this. I never realized how different each bird is -- just like people!

  16. the feathers are beautiful.
    I'm not really using feathers at the moment, tho' I have in the past. But I too love finding dropped feathers when on my travels.
    and what a lovely inspirational blog you have : )

  17. ooooh feathers... they are called 'fluffies' in our house (2 year old's word) and are precious... they are used as accessories, decorations, art supplies or just to tickle each other...

    we too have piles...piles and piles of craft supplies, bit and pieces, papers... this weekend's task is to clear out the piles!

    happy friday x

  18. I'm a feather fan too. As are my boys they are so thrilled whenever they find one. I still have a peacock feather which I found as a kid and I treasure it. Such fascinating and beautiful gifts from nature.

    Have a lovely weekend xx

  19. I love feathers and I love the way you display them and use them!

  20. YES. Love them.
    Especially my
    daughter, who
    came home from
    our trip with one
    from a Red-tailed
    Hawk and a hummingbird.
    She'd be over the
    moon to find an
    Eagle feather; what
    a treasure!
    xx Suzanne

  21. I adore feathers and love keeping my eye out for them when Im in the country! *s*

  22. I've always loved feathers....creative masterpieces! I look forward to seeing your creations using feathers you've found :)

  23. Beautiful feather photos! I have collections of feathers all over the house too - I love drawing them!

  24. Ooh they are such lovely specimens! What birds are these from? I collect rainbow lorikeet feathers :)


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