30 August 2011

The Loveliest of Surprises Awaits

{Enjoy more of this deliciousness here}

There are some days that are truly special and today is one of them - yippee!
Of course you're itching to know why...well you're just one click away from finding out.
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Happiest of happy days my friend,


  1. Hi Fizz, oh you must be so very excited too. I just popped over to join in the joy. I do hope a little Dutchy joined in the joy too. I sent a few envelopes to the US but only one has been delivered so far.
    My Monday evening is coming to an end, one more huge cup of tea and then it's off to bed I go.
    Have a terrific Tuesday, happy celebrating my friend xx

  2. Just left my best wishes lovely thought Felicity :) x

  3. Have a wonderful day too my dear Fliss...

    Now off to see what the excitement is about!


  4. It is obvious you are well loved in blog land Felicity!

    I'm happy to know you now and thank you for stopping by my blog earlier in the week. Pretty posts and lovely words.

    Ciao bella,

  5. Love this sweet message for dear Jane. So wish we could be with her on this wonderful day and so sad we are missing out on cake! Happy Day to you too! N x

  6. Ha!Ha! I missed it..my computer has been acting up..but finally got there this morning! It is good that some of us are on the ball and have computers that work.

  7. Have a sweet day Fellicity, how can you not after this!

  8. Oh yay, went over to Jane & completley forgot to stop here & say hello. Wishing you a glorious Spring day, love Posie

  9. Oh, Gorgeous. I am very late in finding this darling mention. Thankyou, you treasure, for thinking of me. J x


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