26 August 2011

Gathering Gratefuls - Magnolia Magnificence!

The week is ending and as I sit here contemplating all that has happened in the intervening seven days, there is much to be grateful for.

1.  On my previous 'Gathering Gratefuls' list, my sparkling friend Bronwyn informed me that lilies were definitely not her thing, but that the magnolias were starting to open in her garden and it was these flowers that brought her much delight.  

Fancy then that when I trundled up to see my parents on Saturday, these magnificent blooms were beginning to burst forth in their yard!  Of course I grabbed the camera and here they are for you and Bronwyn to revel in together....how amazing is the morning dew on the petals, little teardrops?

It never ceases to amaze me that such glorious blossoms can emerge from spindly sticks and I find their colours to be truly sublime. Mum and Dad have planted five or six foundling trees in a little grove on their property - someone in the future is going to be able to sit beneath their boughs and revel in their beauty, what joy!

2.  If you popped in yesterday you would have seen that I have a little travel quiz going, featuring photos from the beginning of my parent's 'Round the World in 90 Days' adventure.  
It was a wonderful visit and terrific to share in their excitement.  I'm eternally grateful that they not only had a fabulous, enriching experience, but they've returned safely to tell us all about it. 
If you're a world traveller or fancy yourself to be a bit of geography buff, I'd be thrilled if you took the quiz.

3.  Lately I've been in cahoots working on a special project - I am grateful for the thoughtful input from others - cryptic I know but there's fun to be had and I'll be sharing it soon enough.

4. Work - you may not be aware that I'm pushing my way out of 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome'. 
It has been a debilitating experience and I have lost a lot of confidence in my 'self'.  
Over the past couple of weeks I have been fortunate to have received some relief teaching positions at a local school which will boost the coffers [yay!...well it will be when I get paid] and give me the chance to participate in my own version of a graduated return to work [yahooee!].  
Thank you to the school who has employed me - it has been wonderful to be a productive member of the community again - I've even enjoyed a senior chemistry lesson [yes you read that correctly!].

5.  Captain V. deserves a special mention this week for his unstinting support, love and guidance - the man is a treasure indeed.

There are lots of other 'little bits', but I think I'll leave you with just these five today.
If you have some time, take a moment to reflect upon what you're truly grateful for and perhaps even leave your own list in Bronwyn's basket of goodies.


  1. Just gorgeous!!

    I'm staying at my parents place at the moment and I love walking around their gorgeous gardens waiting for everything to bloom. Unfortunately their Magnolias have not yet but they won't be long. Great news on the work front too and i'm glad it's restored your confidence.

    Enjoy your weekend x

  2. Beautiful ... no, make that stunning...photos sweet F!! I love magnolias, but ours have not started to open yet. Our daphne, however is in full bloom on bushes as tall as me and the fragrance is one of my favourite things in the world... something I am very grateful for, every time I stand at our front door:) I am so happy that you have been enjoying your relief teaching ... I hope your students realise just how lucky they are, and that they are grateful for such a wonderful teacher! Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend as always, my friend. Huge hugs to you ~ Txx

  3. Okay F! These photos are glorious! You've been holding out on your fans! More photos, more photos! I just know you are an effective, warm, wonderful teacher. They are lucky to have you.

  4. Wow! Wow! Wow! Those pictures are awesome! There is a lot to rejoice over in your household this week!

  5. Sorry to hear about your chronic fatigue. A couple of friends of mine have had that. One was a very strong basketball player before it hit him. I'm glad to hear you have an options to work gradually. Be patient with yourself.

    The pictures of the Magnolias are great! You just want to reach in and touch them.

  6. I love magnolias too and these photos are beautiful!

  7. So much to be grateful for. Sorry to hear about your CFS, very tough but sounds like you are moving forward every day. :)
    And those magnolias are just beautiful. One of my favourites too.

  8. WOW! STUNNING! BEAUTIFUL! Sorry for shouting but your photos are really THAT good! Thank you for sharing them. Thank you for the beauty in nature.

  9. I've been stressing because the two magnificent magnolias (a pink and a port wine) in my front yard have yet to flower this season! They usually flower about the 3rd week in July and here we are, almost September and the branches are still bare!

    Magnolias are their most beautiful in flower and I will be gutted if I miss out on those few short weeks of bloom... Hopefully the leaves won't appear before the flowers do!
    Your photos are gorgeous! I'm jealous LOL

  10. those are beautiful blooms, dearie. congrats on getting the teaching gigs again! you must be a heckuva teacher. :)

  11. Beautiful flowers. I don't think there is a flower I don't love. I'm sorry to hear about your CFS but glad to hear you are finding your way within the challenge and confines of it all. The school and students are lucky to have your bright light shining on them :)
    I am grateful every day but Monday, when the hurricane has passed through D.C. and my daughter is safe, I will be even more so :)

  12. I would never
    have guessed that
    you are recovering
    from CFS....I've
    actually envied your
    high energy level : )
    Loved the pics from
    your parent's trip.
    They sound like my
    own parents, who have
    been to every continent
    except for Africa, so
    far. Thanks for sharing
    your gratefuls, Felicity...
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Sorry, Bronwyn, but
    my favorite flower IS the
    lily....especially the really
    fragrant ones. Suzanne is
    actually the Hebrew word for

  13. These are gorgeous, Felicity! I love magnolias too. Love how they are those bare wintery branches and then, all of a sudden, they explode into colour and gorgeousness. I have one in my garden that is small enough to take with me. I'm a takin' it!

    Happy weekend! xx

  14. Ah so lovely! Thank you for this, F. I feel mean towards lillies now but it's true that a sweet magnolia bloom wins every time for me. x

  15. Wow, its amazing. Must plant Magnolia in my garden stat!

  16. Glad you're pushing thru CFS, it's a horrible debilitating thing. Magnolias are beautiful aren't they, just quite fragile in the petals though. Glad you're enjoying being back in the classroom again. I miss it sometimes but don't think i could go back there. And am curious about your project, I bet its something absolutely gorgeous. Have a lovely weekend F xxx

  17. Felicity the magnolias are just gorgeous you have captured them wonderfully, I am so glad you have your teaching job to look forward to your pupils are blessed to have such a wonderful teacher in there class room Have a relaxing weekend with captain v :) xxxxx

  18. Emailed from Lady Koukou:

    "Thankyou for the pics of the beautiful Magnolia's it reminded me of my parents house as they to have the most wonderful Magnolia Trees. Goodluck for the Teaching Job and here is to good health :) xx"

  19. Oh magnolias, divine, the smell is always so dreamy, holiday like, ahhhh, beautiful shots.
    Yay for your side/ future/ cryptic project.
    How did i miss yesterday's post?? Off to visit now, love Posie

  20. Gorgeous photos ... what stunning flowers they are, and the morning dew is just precious.

    How fantastic to be relief teaching ... onwards and upwards!! :)
    Take care.

  21. Wow! love these and so worth the wait for them to flower. Just what I needed to see on this cold, wet and stormy Brissie night. Thank you so much and I adore your list. N x

  22. Hi Sweetie They are so divine. We plan to plant some on PB. Oh, and I'm admiring your technical wizardry in presenting them. I must see if Picnik can help me likewise. J x

  23. You captured them beautifully, Fizz. They look so very delicate, like paper!
    Have a merry lovely happy sweet Sunday my friend xx

  24. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! I do understand CFS and the like. Not easy at all, and so frustrating! Hope you're doing well!

  25. I went to Lithgow today and all the mags were out with their spring dresses on - too amazing for words - great images le xox

  26. Hi Felicity!

    Loved your post! And I have chosen you to recieve The Versatile Blogger award.

    Please come visit my blog at www.myendlessthinkingprocess@blogspot.com and pass on the love.


  27. Woopsie! It's www.myendlessthinkingprocess.blogspot.com

    -Pea brain


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