22 July 2011

You Say Potato I Say Po-Tart-Oh!

You've seen them.

You've drooled over them.

You've no doubt indulged in them.

But how do you pronounce their name?

That's right I'm referring to the humble macaron.

They may be full of sugary goodness and bring a smile to your lips & twinkle to your eye, but when it comes to telling others about them do you find that they manage to tie your tongue in knots?

Well fret no more dear friend, in lieu of our regular 'Word of the Week' I have a simple explanation for you by way of the genius Adrian Fernand of "I Do Believe I Came With A Hat" fame.

So there you have it - the mighty delicious and not-so-tongue-tyingly tricky macaron! 
Although I must say that the macaroon is also a favourite of mine with a short, sweet coffee.....mmmmmm.

Before I scoot away, I'm wondering ..... are there any other everyday words that are regularly mispronounced or pronounced differently in different places?


  1. thanks for this education. i've seen those cookies featured on several European blogs but have never tried them. the descriptions were hilarious.

  2. Thankyou so much for clearing this up Felicity.
    It is my goal this year to master the cooking of these delights. My first attempt, whilst tasting delicious did not have the requisite frill at the base. I shall not be put off in my attempts to master the mighty macaron!

  3. Thank you. I had always wondered about that. They are yummy. Both.

  4. I love (eating) both the macaron and the macaroon. A friend (Sandrine) and I made some macarons one day - they are a bit fiddly but are worth the effort.
    Oh, and the everyday words mispronounced - a relative always says 'arks' instead or asks :)

  5. Very helpful (plus I adore the descriptions of each item - perfection). I am guilty as charged and will endeavor to change my ways (no guarantees though).

    I can never pronounce 'popularly' and words of that ilk (I always add an 'i' so it gains an extra syllable becomes 'popularily'). I spend my many years at university removing 'ly' words from all the presentations I had to do so as to avoid having to even attempt pronouncing them!

  6. Hi Felicity..I've found several different pronunciations of 'yoghurt' and 'route' around here. My mother in law used to say 'yogar', I've heard 'yoggit' and I say 'yo-gert'. I say 'root' and lots of people say 'rowt' for route!

  7. thank you! this needs to be passed around, everyone seems to be blogging about the almond flour sweets but calling them macaroons.

    i prefer macaroons. :)

  8. goose...and thanks for the craving :P

  9. Hi Felicity so sorry not been over to see you for ages I have just been soooo busy (& a bit slack) but you you know me always excuses (hee) Love the picture of the Macaron's!! Do you say Tomato or Tomarto, oh I'm singing now potato potarto good job its not with sound hee. Have a lovely weekend Lainey x

  10. Oh dear....and here I am sitting down with my cup of tea and it now feels incomplete. Mmmmm, however you pronounce them they are delish!

    xoxox Hope you are well Felicity. xx

  11. Like them both (of course). My favorite macaron is vanilla. I was never a vanilla gal but my husband showed me the light. I don't like when people say the word "height" like it has an H on the end -heighth, drives me bonkers :)

  12. Oh I love the pictures - delicious! I've never tried a macaron, nor baked one, but one day I will! Macaroons, yes, love them. Coconut goodness. Back when I was a teenager and worked at a fruit and vegetable market, the most mispronounced word I can ever recall is 'punkin' - yes, the humble 'pumpkin'.

  13. ooooh, I say 'macaroooooon' and see I'm wrong! Whenever I checked the spelling when tagging them on my tea party post I noticed it wasn't spelt that way and did a wonder!
    And I know not of this man with the hat - must investigate....
    Hope your weekend is fine and dandy
    much love being sent your way from me over here
    fee ♥

  14. virtual break you say?....good o. Hope you're enjoying it - have considered the same!
    fee x
    (sent with lots more love!)

  15. Ah, those definitions made me laugh out loud Felicity - actually I had to show my husband who also laughed out loud. Possibly because his mother makes macaroons (the dessicated coconut variety).

    I love macarons, but I admit that I first saw them on Master Chef. Our local bookshop does a salted caramel version which is pure heaven.

  16. Ah, thanks for performing that essential community service, Felicity! Making some in our new whiz-bang kitchen is on my 'to do' list ☺. I do wish, however, that Adrian could spell 'confectionery'! J x

  17. You live and learn and today I've learned!

    The things that really stand out as mispronounced are place names - eg. a village nearby to me is called Cassilis (Cass - eh - less) by everyone in the district but new people call it (Cass - ill - is)? Then you have the double barrelled names that are sometimes the same eg. Wagga Wagga or the two words have different pronunciation eg. Goonoo Goonoo (Gunna Ganoo) .... talk about confusing!

  18. Since learning French in high school I never know how to pronounce French words in English. Saying them "properly" sounds pretentious, and saying them the English way is just horrendous. I usually end up with some awful mangled hybrid word and mumble so that no one will hear me anyway.


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