27 July 2011

Would you like to....

When I originally wrote this post I'd waxed lyrical about Captain V helping the 'Middle Sized Gift' to prepare for her upcoming high jump selections in the District athletics competition.

That was before I read an article which began with the line

"You know your childhood is over when your parents sell your trampoline.....".

Quite unexpectedly a flush of mixed emotions came rushing to the surface and I quickly grabbed the laptop and am now retyping this for you whilst I sift through my feelings.

I'm finding it difficult to truly articulate everything that is coursing through me and it might be easier to ask a question instead - how long has it been since you've enjoyed doing something joyfully childlike?

Jumping on a trampoline...

Giggling like a loon over something that truly tickled your fancy...

Swinging with your legs high in the air...

Having a pillow fight...

Blowing bubbles...

Coasting down a hill on your bike - no feet on the pedals...

I guess it might depend on whether you have children in your life - they seem to keep the spark of childhood innocence alive - but it might also be influenced by your frame of mind, no matter what age you are.

Now of course synchronicity is my middle name* and in addition to reading the aforementioned article I was also gifted with delight when I saw the following image posted by Georgie on her blog yesterday.....

Isn't it fantastic, joyful, happy-making?

Immediately upon seeing it the phrase 'Jump high for happiness!' came into my mind.
This was quickly followed by "What a great idea for a blog hop!" and perhaps a terrific way to prove positively that we are keeping our inner child alive.

So what do you think?

Would you be interested in taking a photo of a high leaping friend, loved one, pet or even an inanimate object and sharing it with your own readers and fellow Gifters under the banner 'High Jump With Happiness!"?

Maybe you could even be clever enough to capture yourself doing a 'Happy High Jump'.

What I'm thinking is that if I get 10 eager 'jumpers', we'll start a regular segment where we'll share our high jumping, happy-making photos with each other each week.

If you're keen let me know and a jumping we wll go!

* Of course it isn't - Felicity Synchronicity Serendipity would just be too tricky to fit into the tiny section for 'Name' on my passport but I'm sure you get my drift.


  1. Fun photo for sure. After being on the road since 4 am, the thought of jumping in tthe air doesn't appeal to me at this moment, LOL. Does dancing at the bar with your grown kids and playing tabletop shuffleboard count? If so, I behaved childlike this weekend. Hope to be back at my perch tomorrow. Xo

  2. Something very wierd just happened. I often view your blog via blog lovin'....and this morning, there was a link to a 'gifts' post with a half naked girl on the photo. That seems out of character I thought. I click on it and suddenly I am on some random romanian girls page who is showing her midrif. THe linkathon went very wrong. Not the morning detour i expected.

  3. so cute. unless i can get my dogs to jump, i probably won't be able to parcipate tho! :) and it's too hot to try to make my horses run and buck!

  4. Oh I love the photo. I haven't jumped on a tramp for years and probably should not try :) but my heart jumps almost daily. Perhaps I should skip. I'll look around and see if I have a jumping photo anywhere.

  5. So love the idea of this and love that gorgeous picture. I love to jump for joy and have a picture of me jumping for happiness on my blog. Although after having Ahem! 7 kids my jumping situation just ain't what it used to be!! Hope you can get enough support. N x

  6. Sent by Cate @ 'Keep Cate Busy'....

    Hi Gorgeous, I already did a post about me on a trampoline (as you do!!) :-)


  7. Yes, yes! I'd love to join you xxx

  8. Wonderful photo (and just look at that stunning blue sky!). I'm looking forward to seeing lots more jumping!

  9. OMG, i love that quote. Oh trampolines, love them endlessly, i have lots of jumpers in my family, state finalist high jump & long jumpers, i love it, such a beautiful sport to watch. Love Posie

  10. You've picked one of my favourite photos to share on your blog Felicity! I'm often outside snapping away with the girls on the tramp, they always have such fun, so next time I will link up with your high jump for happiness.

    On Saturday night I flicked onto Funniest Home Videos, which I haven't seen for ages (no really), and I giggled myself into streams of tears. Had my youngest daughter quite concerned there for a while! Can't beat a good giggle... gxo

  11. Yes, there's definitely something joyful about jumping Felicity. That photo captures it perfectly! Love & hugs to you my friend xx

  12. What a fabulous idea, Felicity. Watching Sammy with his infectious giggle always makes me smile. I look forward to seeing what is to follow. J x

  13. well hi felicity-
    i have read your blog and followed your trails of friendship with my blog friends for a long time now...
    when i returned to my blog after a few weeks away i was delighted to see that you were a new follower/friend...

    for some reason i have never *piped* up here- i guess it's just been a lovely place to visit for me till now...so when i've decided to come and say a proper hello- i see this great post!

    i love this idea- put my name down honey- i'm in!

    melissa - miss sew & so

  14. Absolutely! I love a good jumpy photo.

  15. If I have a jumpy
    photo, Felicity, I'll
    be happy to share!
    xx Suzanne

  16. Hi Felicity

    Great idea would love to join my 5 little ones are always jumping around and makes me Happy!

    Always Wendy xo

  17. I just discovered your lovely blog and I look forward to popping by again for some more inspiration! I've just put the finished touches on my new blog ‘Coastal Style’ It will have lots of inspiration on beach houses, resortwear, summer food, travel and anything ‘beachy’. I had a lot of fun putting it together so maybe you would like to check it out if you have a spare minute.


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