24 July 2011

To My Lovely Friend Jane....

Today marks the first blogoversary of my dear Blogerista friend Jane from "Planet Baby".
I hope that you will join with me in sending her warm wishes of congratulations {in French if you will - she's a huge Francophile}, she is a true treasure of the Blogiverse.
If you haven't met Jane yet then please pop on over, I guarantee you will be so pleased that you did.

Happy day dear friend, I'm feeling like my sparkle is returning and I hope to be sending out my regular gifts your way very soon.


  1. popping over now!
    Nice to hear from you (and yes, lovely day with all my boys...)
    fee ♥

  2. I will go and say hello, know how she must feel been so new to blogging myself.

    Thanks for sharing here site.

    Always Wendy

  3. I'm so glad to have been able to introduce Jane to you gorgeous gals - I hope you've found a new blogging friend to follow.

    xx F

  4. Oh yay, love Jane & you could both do with a big dose of sparkles, glitter & butterflies right now!! Sending you sunshine, well, the sunshine in my pocket which i pinched from my trip to Queensland, holding onto it here in the brrrr below zero weather back in Canberra. We are SO catching up next school holidays, love Posie

  5. Oh, Sweet You. What a gorgeous and totally unexpected surprise! Thankyou ever so much. Words fail me. Sparkling in Hobart tonight as Cadel Evans cycles down the Champs Elysees! J x


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