11 July 2011

Of Friends and Unexplained Absences...

A warm hello from my my home to yours. 
It's a gorgeous sunny winter's day in my pocket of the world and although we had a brisk skip from the bed to the bathroom this morning, it's shaping up to be a 'cracker' with blue skies and not a skerrick of wind.

July has been a bit of a topsy-turvy month so far and I feel like I haven't been the best of bloggy friends with my correspondence, neither replying to the notes that you've so kindly left here or popping a message on your own posts. Please know that I have been visiting your spaces when I can and although I haven't been commenting often, I've tried to keep up with what you've been doing. 

To everyone who left a message on my previous post I send a heartfelt thank you. Your thoughts were truly uplifting and my family have read them too which has been a special gift in itself.

Those of you who have been following along for a while will know that I'm working my way through a journey with anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue. This can be a nasty combo but one I know is shared by many.  Over the last couple of weeks I've hit a bit of a snag and I've had to put my energies into my everyday life leaving me with less time to expend in Blogland. Although there's nothing to be worried about, I wanted to share this with you as I truly believe that the more people who stand up and acknowledge mental health issues, the less stigma will be attached to them and hopefully we can all live in a healthier, happier, more accepting community. Fingers crossed I'll be 'back on track' very soon sharing the gifts I know you love to receive and that I love to share. 

On a brighter note, I would like to welcome my newest 'Gifters'. 
Thank you for jumping on board, you are amongst a group of 362 discerning and truly wonderful people and as I'm all about creating a community of like-minded friends in this space I'd like to introduce you to a small group who are my Blogging Besties and whose spaces are 'must visits'. 
This list could actually be MUCH longer as there are many of you who whom I'm so happy to call 'friend' but the following girls are truly glittering gems in my treasury of Blogerista friends:
  • The gorgeous Jane who shares my love of words, stationery, all things French and much more. This wonderful lady is truly my greatest gift since starting my blogging adventure, I could write a whole page about why you should visit but instead I suggest you pop on over and say "Hi".
  • Naomi who is a source of great reassurance as I wend my way through the maze that is step-parenting by sharing her own tried & true tips gleaned from thoughtfully raising her own seven cherubs. Naomi has so many wonderful features on her blog but I love her current focus on happiness, you must stop by if you haven't already. Today's post is truly poignant reading.
  • The amazing and inspirational Maxabella who serves up great conversation at her place whenever you visit and is hosting THE most amazing giveaway - click 'You Must Enter' on my sidebar...
  • Jennie my indomitable, clever, and wholly creative friend who inspires me at every turn.
  • Cate alias Mrs Busy, if you think your life is a whirlwind of activity, you'll find a soulmate here.
I hope that your week ahead is a bright one filled with many gifts of serendipity, unexpected and lovely and I look forward to catching up with all that you've been up to.


  1. Keep your sunny side up my friend. You just had a difficult loss too. Healing and peaceful wishes are flying your way right this very minute. Xo

  2. it is good to hear from you again! you have nothing to apologize for - you suffered a loss of a loved one and deserve to have some time away from Blogland. i hope your spirit is healing and your soul is shining like 'normal' again soon. :)

  3. I too have struggled to keep up with everyone and everything during the holidays...I hope your world is warm and bright like the weather today lovely lady.Take care! Sandrine x

  4. Lovely to have you back uplifting and sharing thoughts from your heart Felicity but you also have to know we want you to take the time out for YOU that you need right now as you have had many happenings in your own world. We so appreciate that you have not forgotten us and we all love you dearly. Big hugs and love to you and thanks so much for the sweet mention. N x

  5. If you're going to pick a season to hibernate a little and collect your thoughts, this would be a perfect one! I hope the gentle sunshine will warm your heart as well as your skin and melt those thorny thoughts away. Love your choice of bloggy friends..I count them among mine as well!

  6. You really are a wise woman Felicity and you are in my thoughts. So much to catch up on... indeed. Blogging moves quickly and a few days or weeks away feels like a lifetime! It's blue skies all the way here today too, bliss. gxo

  7. You are delightful Felicity, and you are a big part of the friendly and supportive culture of this blogland we all float around in. I agree with Carol - there's no better time to take a little reflective hibernation than winter. Sometimes the screen can be a drain on our energy, just another little pressure on top of all the others. Wishing you free-flowing energy and snag-less enthusiasm, and more of those blue skies. xx Sarah

  8. You've been in my thoughts and prayers Felicity. I hope things pick up. Thank you for your honesty, you are a very brave person. Have a great week and enjoy the winter sunshine :)

  9. Dear Felicity

    Recognising the time to rest and be easy on one's self is part of the healing. I nodded when Sarah wrote about the draining effect of the computer screen. It does nothing for good posture and deep breathing either.

    We love and cherish this space. Felicity you bring so much joy.


  10. Oh my pleasure Felicity, yahoo that you're back but you know you can take your breaks whenever you need them, we're all here ready when you are!! Loving your open, loving & honest posts, wishing your grandmother a grand farewell for an amazing life lived & all that she has left inside of you. Love Posie

  11. sending you lots of healing and loving energy.

  12. Hi Felicity,

    Yes I totally agree that mental health issues need to be brought out in the open, good on you for being open enough to share your journey!
    Just yesterday I was re reading a great passage from a book called 'The Feeling Good Handbook' by David D. Burns, MD. He mentioned that it's a common misconception we have that we should always be happy and feeling good, and that basically it is okay and totally normal to go through bouts of or bad days.
    Take care, spend time with those that mean the most to you and hopefully you'll start to feel better soon!

  13. You are so strong and such a graceful woman. I'm seriously in awe of you and the way you seem to deal with life's challenges. You're a role model and inspiration in so many ways. Thoughts are with you as you plough through time in your life and know that support is here, if it's what you feel you need. Lots of love xxxx

  14. take care of yourself. my thoughts are with you. lots of love from London!!!

  15. I didn't realsie your journey was so tough my friend - lovely to hear from you (made me smile outloud)
    I think I'm right in saying all your blogging friends are fully supportive of you taking the time to get yourself back on track - and will all be here whenever you sign back in.
    meanwhile - be good to yourself.
    fee ♥
    (you write SO beautifully)

  16. Hello dear friend. You put so much kindness out into the world, I hope during your rest ,it will come your way and lift your heart. I was watching a baby bunny outside my window this morning and took a photo to share with my husband. It is not very high quality like the one on your post today but I find it interesting you posted that photo. I always feel a connection to you.

  17. take care sweet Felicitiy. This space is adored by so many. Knowing when to rest is fundamental. I hope you have found some comfort in a break.

    Thinking of you.


  18. Sorry to hear you haven't been well Felicity. Thinking of you xo

  19. I'm always in awe of your smile & attitude, and your ability to just tell it like it is, warts & all, our 'imperfections' are what makes us human, Felicity, you rock babe :)

  20. Keep strong Felicity. Doesn't the sunshine help a little - we are so lucky in Queensland with our beautiful weather.
    BTW you are the lucky winner of my giveaway! Congratulations!! Have just emailed you for your address. Michelle

  21. Oh Sweetheart. Thanks for the update. I have been worried about you as you've dealt with your loss of Grandma Verlie. Head up, my friend. We will both make it through this tough patch. Oh, and thanks for the gorgeous mention, Lovely. Will email you now. J x

  22. Hi felicity,
    love the cute little bunny; just adorable!! so sorry to hear about your nanna.. My gran passed away at the beginning of the year and still find it hard to believe she is really gone. Sweet hugs to you, laura xx

  23. So lovely to hear your 'voice' again, Felicity. I'm so sorry you've been going through a difficult time lately. May you feel the love and support of all of us here, in bloggyland. We miss you and want you back but no pressure. Whenever you're ready and able;) xxxx

  24. Hi Felicity, I don't get to visit much at the moment, but I have just read your last few posts and I am so sorry to hear that you are going through a tough time. I recently lost my beloved Aunty and like you with your Grandmother, am so grateful that I grew up with this wonderful, inspiring woman. We are truly better people for knowing these special ladies.

    I hope you are finding the time to rest and recoup - I used to have anxiety issues - quite chronicly actually, and the 2 main things that helped me were accupuncture and meditation. I still have it weekly (accupuncture that is!) - I swear by it (better than a facial I think!!!). It just seems to ground and balance me. I applaud you for sharing about your anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue - I have no doubt that by sharing your journey, you will help many people feel less "alone". Hope you feel better soon and also love the picture of the gorgeous bunny. Take care dear girl.xxx

  25. Sarah's comment is beautiful! I have nothing to add, oh wait I do, sending you oodles of love for a cozy and warm Winter, sweet Fizz xxxx

  26. Felicity, you are such a gorgeous soul. Take care of you and your health first and foremost. Don't worry about missed comms in the blogosphere. I have a whole heap of 'bold' inbox entries that remain unanswered for now and it's the way it has to be. People don't follow you because they expect replies, they follow you because yours is the place where they find something valuable or engaging to take away with them xo

  27. Mental Health and brain chemistry - it's a pain in the bottom. I agree, too much unnecessary stigma, which I refuse to take part in. Mental health or unhealth is a fine chemical balance- like any other health, and it doesn't take much to tip the scales for some people. Diet, lifestyle, stress, hereditory stuff, past chemical exposure, allergies, liver/kidney/thyroid/glandular function, all kinds of stuff can mess with it.

    Take care of you, when your energy levels return, get some good beach walks in, and in the meantime, rug up and just sit on the beach...breathing fresh air is good.

    Chronic fatigue is another bitch of an illness....diet can have a big impact on it too.

    tried acupuncture??

    hope you are feeling brighter slowly.

  28. I am so with you on acknowledging mental health issues. Another thing that can hit one like a ton of bricks is SAD - even in a lovely warm climate like mine - and, I'm sure, yours. I've not really been myself since Easter, but today there's a definite change in the quality of the air - a tiny little hint of spring. And suddenly everything's all right again! I hope your spring (whether literal or metaphorical) comes soon.


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