15 July 2011

A Musical Thank You...

Hello friends.
I send you a heartfelt thank you for all of your warm wishes and lovely notes relating to my last post.
This gorgeous video found at 'The Experts Agree' is my way of returning the positivity.
I hope you have a brilliant weekend to look forward to with many gifts of serendipity scattered throughout.


  1. I was just thinking I should check in on you, went to my google reader, and this popped up! Hope the sunny is outweighing the cloudy F.

  2. beautifully illustrated. makes me want to go cut out some paper dolls.


  3. This kin of creativity just blows my mind. Happy weekend to you dear one.

  4. Hi Felicity..just loved the song and the beauty of that clip..I love the way her skirt flips up and down too! A bit scary though, she is trapped inside things a lot and doesn't even get rescued at the end..I hope that isn't how you feel. Just brilliant though.

  5. Oh, Sweetheart. We don't yet have the speakers connected to the computer (part of The Great Unpack) so I couldn't experience this. However, I am *so* delighted to see you back in Blogland again. I have missed you immensely. J x

  6. Hi Felicity,

    That was so sweet and cute and happy and dreamlike! It actually made me smile, I absolutely loved it, when my daughters wake I'll show them too. That tune is catchy, it's in my head now. Hope you can get out in the sun a little today...if there is some sun...and let all the good thoughts in.

  7. Hello there super gorgeous one, thinking of you all the time, so close yet so far, we'll catch up in person soon enough, love Posie

  8. Lots of love to you beautiful lady. You are a beautiful gift to the blogosphere x


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