25 July 2011

Which Direction?

Happy Monday beautiful you!
I'm easing back into my blogging and will be departing from the regular gift giving format for a while whilst I do so. Today I thought you might like it if I shared a snippet of my daily ritual with you.

Beside our front door is a hallstand upon which I like to display flowers and little vignettes to greet our visitors. 
It's also a place to pop my gorgeous sun hat and a home for a book of meditations that I read every day by Danielle and Olivier Follmi titled "Buddhist Offerings - 365 Days"
Each page has a quote to 'think upon' teamed with a beautiful photograph & even though I'm not Buddhist I do love the wisdom contained in the meditations.

I thought that today's message has particular pertinence for us as Blogeristas and I've illustrated it with the most wonderful artwork by Texan artist Danny Phillips.  I hope both resonate with you....

Simplifying our lives does not mean sinking into idleness, but on the contrary:  

Getting rid of the most subtle aspect of laziness: 
the one which makes us take on thousands of less important activities. ~ Mathieu Ricard

Which direction are you going in today? 
Which path will help you to keep you focussed and help you avoid those 'less important activities'?
Having worn a deep groove along the last path on the signpost I can't say that I recommend it and hope to spend more time today stepping out along the "Happy Trails".

I hope you'll join me there!


  1. I love it Felicity. Your daily ritual is beautiful.
    And the hallstand is a great place to have inspiring moments, each time you walk by and glance at it you are reminded of that daily message. it is a good focal point.
    I use my hallstand in a similar way. I have placed my inspiration canvas above it. I change what I have displayed there each week. currently I am doing some healing with my heart chakra and manifesting more love and peace in our home, so, I have a lot of green on display in the form of a large green shell, three green candles and some rose quartz. I also choose a daily oracle card from my Angel Therapy card pack for extra guidance.

    And the images you used are lovely!

    Nic xo

  2. Wow Felicity, great post & happy to see you back, the artwork that accompanies the quote you found in your book of wisdom is awesome (as are the words)... take care sweetness & pleased you are following the 'Happy Trails' path :)

  3. Hi Felicity..what amazing and wonderfully coloured illustrations. I was just thinking I would choose 'Happy Trails' today too as I have been cleaning up my sewing corner and taking a few bags out to the car for the op shop..so the trail I have left behind today is a lot 'happier' and organised!

  4. I think this is very true, sometimes we take on the 1,000 less important things rather than put our energies into things that are worthwhile. Something to think about :)

  5. Hi Felicity....
    Just read the post
    about your Luke and
    the mini-pony and
    the snake {oh my!}
    and thought I'd pop
    'round and catch your
    most recent post. Love
    this food for thought
    and the art is a perfect
    tie-in. Still enjoying
    a gorgeous Sunday here ~
    I'm visiting my folks
    on the west coast, USA ~
    but Happy Monday to you!
    xx Suzanne

  6. I think Happy Trails it must be! I think I need a meditative daily ritual as it seems to have become way too online focused for me lately. Love the term Blogarista! Happy Monday to you!

  7. And there's not much hope of getting off line soon. I've just looked at your blog roll, and good Lord you have found so many beautiful enticing sites to peruse. Where to start?!

  8. that art is so beautiful! I love the things you share...
    ...and hadn't got as far down as your blog roll before (always pause at the words and pick one!) but now I have I can see another hour pass without moving!
    Sending you love as always
    fee ♥

  9. What beautiful words and imagery you've shared with us today. In the past month I have to say I've embarked on a path that I haven't found as enjoyable as those I have taken before. I think I am best to turn around and walk back to the last signpost rather than venture on. Sending you much love as always. xx

  10. Count on it F! Great artwork too!

  11. I imagine there are no end of lovely and inspirational spots in your home. I have some cards from Thich Nhat Hanh that my daughter gave me and I've put a few on my bulletin board here in my studio. I enjoy re-reading the meditations. "Sitting still, my heart is at peace. I smile. Today is a new day." is the one iread most often :)

  12. Beautiful artwork and a nice reminder to make the most of our time.

  13. lovely art and sentiments. i use text in my work so love to see it.

  14. Oh, Sweetheart. I *get* you. Bravo for realising you can take a different path. J x


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