20 July 2011

A Beat For You....

Hello wonderful you!
I hope that life is treating you gently and you've had your eyes and heart open to moments of serendipity.

Music has been a real blessing to me of late and I've been playing a huge selection - from boppy songs to start the day through to gentle classics to ease everyone through the 'witching hour' before our evening meal.
One of my favourite artists is Adele. I love the power in her voice and in this tune it really is showcased beautifully.
The video has been choreographed with great styling and although the lyrics aren't necessarily uplifting I do love the beat...if you know the words you'll understand that this is a little ironic.

I hope to be sharing more than just tunes with you soon, but until then I send you the biggest of warm hugs from my home to yours,


  1. i first was introduced to adele via a blog from the netherlands earlier this year. and it was this song too. i fell in love with it and her immediately. i was sorry to hear she had illness issues and had to cancel her tour last month...

  2. She does have an amazing voice doesn't she?
    Have a good day!

  3. Music is surely one of life's most glorious gifts I think. Thank you for this mornings Felicity x

  4. There are a lot of Adele fans in the office who play it constantly. I am a recent convert ;-) She really has such a powerful voice.

  5. Hey F! Checking in from DC! Thinking of you and sending hugs your way!

  6. One of my absolute favorites! I have been singing and dancing to this song all year. Sometimes I play it like ten times in a row. Also her rendition of Make You Feel My Love blows me away. :)

  7. Ah, still no speakers connected at PB HQ. But so delighted to see a 'sign of life' from you! J x


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