22 June 2011

Word of the Week - My Favourite 'F' Word

It's time for a new 'Word of the Week' and what a fabulous selection you gave me to choose from.
Do you recall last week that I asked for your nominations for your favourite 'F' words? Well here they are...

I applaud your creativity and thank you for more than a few giggles with some fun word play.
Can you see your contribution in today's graphic? I had fun playing with these 'fabulous' words.

If you remember, I said that I would choose a new word for us to play with from this list and it was really challenging decision to make as there were so many that resonated with me and truly grabbed my imagination.
In the end I've chosen finesse which was suggested by Cate who wrote:

I've always been partial to 'finish-line' because I like to come 'first'. 

Then there's 'fibro' thanks to Allison. 
'Filibuster' cracks me up because I like onomatopoeia. 

But I think my suggestion would have to be 'finesse' because I've always wanted some :-)

So here are all the usual details that go with our WOW, I like that it can be a noun or a verb...



noun, verb, -nessed, -ness·ing.

1. extreme delicacy or subtlety in action, performance, skill, discrimination, taste etc.
2. skill in handling a difficult or highly sensitive situation; adroit and artful management
3. a trick or strategem
4. to use finesse or artifice
5. to avoid or circumvent

It's a terrific word, I enjoy saying it but also like what it means.  When trying to think of something or someone who embodied the different qualities that it represents in both the noun and the verb form I was a little stumped until.....

Do you agree? Perhaps you have your own item or person which exemplifies this word?
Maybe you're the 'master of finesse' in your own life.
For me, I think that this word could be used when describing my consultancy work.  I like to finesse my workshops and materials so that they are 'just right'.  Also, being an educator and facilitator you are continually finessing 'situations' as they arise - it's a bit like parenting really!

I'd love to see you playing with this word on your own blog because that is what WOW is all about - zhushing our vocabulary one word at a time.

PS: I've just learnt that Martha has a Beagle called Finesse - what a great name for a dog.

Happy day! Finesse away!


  1. I always enjoy your graphics on WOW day!

  2. see, now that's a gift of serendipity right there - you chose Martha as your symbol; she chose the name for her dog...

  3. I love the word montage Felicity, especially the upside-down 'flop'. Finesse is a great pick and one that I wish I had more off. I think my accidental clumsiness overrides any small amount of finesse I may possess! gxo

  4. Yep - finesse is heavenly!!! I think you might have it too.....

  5. Hello and thank you for your comment today. Your name has been entered (twice)into my hat for the give-away. x

    Loving the word too. I feel French when I say it.. and also it reminds me of a hair range I used when I was a teenager.. it was called 'Finesse'! :)

    I think Martha's creations are 'finessed'.. in fact, perhaps a little too much..? Not judging, just putting it out there.. :)

    Loving how you finessed this post and how fun you made it to visit your blog.

    x Charlotta
    Space for Inspiration

  6. Hmmm..Felicity I think you are the mistress of finesse! The poster is definitely finished with finesse..the epitomy of good taste and with a dash of elegance..thank you for including the words I suggested too..it was fun looking for them and remembering the process.

  7. I am loving those words cluster Felicity and j'aime beaucoup "Finesse" ;)Funnily our Real estate was called Finesse :)I guess good marketing on their part:)

  8. I love finesse, it's always around, everywhere that we go. And when we see a bit of finesse, or feel a bit of finesse, well, it's a beautiful thing. xx

  9. My favourite "f" word is missing!!! You need to add frazzled to the list. Alarmingly I use it daily! x

  10. fear that I have very little finesse.
    Love what you did with those words (flump looked like flump!
    fee ♥

  11. Didn't we grow up with an add about Finesse - hair shampoo or something, it's a word that is definitely tugging at my childhood.
    My 3rd daughter is an F name, she loves her name but was stumped one day when a preschool friend said "oh no, your name is an F word" & bless her innocent heart, she had no idea what that even meant!! FfffFABULOUS FfffFelicity, love Posie

  12. Thank you for choosing my suggestion! I'm really chuffed - or should I say 'flattered' :-)
    Can't say I ever thought I parented with finesse, but I like the thought. I more think of finesse as exemplified by people with grace under pressure (ie not me!!) - but I promise to work on it

  13. Ooh, a fabulous choice, Felicity. It's a word close to my heart but can become a little bothersome when my perfectionism comes out to play! J x


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