29 June 2011

Word of the Week - Inconspicuous

Hi there fellow logophiles*.
Today's inspiration for our 'Word of the Week' comes from a fellow 'Gifter' Katrina Chambers.
Actually if I'm being totally correct it's her sister Amie who popped the word onto my radar.
This happened whilst enjoying the antics of these two live-wires on my most recent 'must see' TV show, 'The Block'.

{Amie & Katrina get their first glimpse inside the house that they will be renovating on 'The Block' - a picture really is worth a thousand words!}

The word is 'inconspicuous' .
It means: unobtrusive, hidden, unnoticeable, retiring, quiet, ordinary, 
plain, muted, camouflaged, insignificant, unassuming, unostentatious.

Now if you could get a more incongruous word for Amie to share with Katrina I don't really know what it would be because let's face it, Katrina really embodies the opposite of all that this word stands for.

{Host of the show Scott Cam, interrupting Katrina's 'not-so' inconspicuous singing session in the elimination series - She goes "awn & awn & awn!"}

The word popped out whilst the girls were scooting around in the car with Amie saying to Katrina
"Inconspicuous. It's a good word. You sound really smart when you use it." 
What better endorsement could we have for adding this to our vocab & zhushing up our everyday speech?!?

As far as using it in a real-life context, it's not hard to imagine that the transformations that the girls are going to make to the property they've chosen to renovate on 'The Block' will be anything but inconspicuous.
I'm sure that their style and flair will be most conspicuous indeed.

{The house that the girls will be transforming = eek!  All images from 'The Block' webpage}

If you haven't met Katrina yet you really are missing out and I'd hate for that to happen, so here are a few ways for you to connect with this dynamo:
* Katrina's Graphic Design Business - 'Media Mad' {She's the master craftswoman behind my blog design}
* Her self-titled blog space
* Meet Katrina & Amie on 'The Block' here

To read some more of the fun verbal interactions between the sisters, pop on over to A-M's place where she has gathered a list for us to delight in - thank you A-M.

Well the challenge is on.
You've learnt how Amie used inconspicuous.
You've met Katrina, the antithesis of this word.
How would you use it? What or who exemplifies it for you?
Myself? I've got some flu symptoms creeping in so am going to make myself inconspicuous for a day or two.

* Logophile - a lover of words


  1. hey - all the above is new to me - so off to check out those links.
    I try and remain inconspicuous on the morning school run when I'm late and am barely dressed!
    (ooh, must reassure by barely I mean still clearly in some form of nightwear - as opposed to literally barely...now that would be conspicuous!)

  2. OMGoodness - can't believ how badly written my comment was - and on the wordy post! You should do that thing where you approve comments first (keep the thickos out!) f x

  3. if i want to people watch, i try to remain inconspicuous. and it doesn't hurt to try when i take wildlife photos either. :)

  4. Great post, Katrina really is hilarious. With all the kids on holidays at the moment I have been trying to be inconspicuous around the house, hiding, staying out of their way and blending in with the walls. Not working very well but it is helping me avoid a few constant requests for food! N x

  5. Aren't they a hoot! They make the show I reckon. I love how they are always smiling. And last night's episode, where they were holding hands and skipping through the challenge... gorgeous. A-M xx

  6. Fee - you gave me a giggle this morning thank you for that gift.

    Texsisgirl - you obviously are successful at being inconspicuous around the wild critters on your farm because you capture the most wonderful images - loving today's bathing blue bird of happiness!

    Naomi - I can imagine you ninja-like fading into quiet corners only to be discovered by a cherub requesting something. A friend of mine used to 'disappear' into her rather ample walk-in pantry for similar moments of solitude. Good luck Ninja!

    A-M - I totally agree. They actually made me giggle last night when they went skipping into the garden centre - everyone else was a total stress-bunny and here they were conspicuous in their delight at being part of the game. Happy day to you!

  7. The TV is totally unconspicuous in my world!But sounds like I am missing out on something fun :)
    Thanks for expanding my "vocabulaire" Felicity xx

  8. They certainly have made the show so much more fun, I'm really enjoying it. Have a great day.

  9. Haha. LOVE IT. A great post. And with everyone behind her like we are, how could they go wrong. Looking forward to it! Go girls.

  10. They are the best pair aren't they? I love them. hope you are feeling better soon dear Felicity. Hugs. Emma.

  11. They look like a fun pair. I think my husband would say I am anything but inconspicuous :)

  12. I am absolutely loving The Block...addicted may be an appropriate word. Thanks for sharing all these fabulous links F! x

  13. This is hilarious, Felicity! You have nailed it by describing Katrina as the antithesis of 'inconspicuous' ☺. Giggling in Hobart and hoping your flu symptoms have vanished to from whence they came. J x


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