15 June 2011

Word of the Week - 'F' Words

It's Wednesday and time for us to play with words.
Not just any words, nosiree but words starting with 'F'. Yep 'F' words.

If you have a squiz at my sidebar you will notice that in our 'Word of the Week' directory, we've got words starting with the letters 'A' through to 'E' and so now we're up to finding the elusive 'F' word to feature next week.

'F' has been a bit of a favourite of mine being the initial of my christian name but I know that there are lots of other delightful words which it fronts.
So instead of me suggesting a word for us to play with I'd like you to grab a dictionary, thinking hat or scrabble letters and tell me which 'F' word I should feature.

The one that grabs my imagination most will be next week's 'Word of the Week'.

Happy day! xx F


  1. frumpy has always been a favorite of mine. :)

  2. Morning Felicity, oooohhhhh, I adore the word Frolic....its sounds playful and fun.

    Hope you are well my lovely.

    hmmm, I am very interested to see a future post from you showing my little ladies the extent of your menagerie...x

    take care xoxo


  3. I like the sound of fabliau- a short metrical tale of the medieval French poets.
    Maybe a cross between fable and fabulous!

  4. Oh F, don't go there with me, LOL! Fuzzy?

  5. Funny that I also though of frolic too! But I'm going to suggest "firmament" meaning the sky regarded as a vault or an arch. Makes me think of dark starry nights at sea :)

  6. Sent via email [thank you for your perseverance Cate]:

    I've always been partial to 'finish-line' because I like to come 'first'.
    Then there's 'fibro' thanks to Allison.
    'Filibuster' cracks me up because I like onomatopoeia.
    But I think my suggestion would have to be 'finese' because I've always wanted some :-)

  7. Your comment on my Fence post reminded me that a few weeks back I did a whole post on F words http://knowwheretostand.blogspot.com/2011/05/something-starting-with-f.html
    (Slowly working my way through the alphabet)

  8. Alright Felicity (how can you go past that as your 'f' word??), after much consideration...


    You can see I tried to find the oddest looking f words. My personal favourite though, fabulous. Simple as that. gxo

  9. the following were emailed to me by Nic....

    Some of my Favourite F words ...

    farthingale (a hoop or framework worn under skirts)

  10. this was sent through by Andrea...

    "How about 'fantasmagorical' for an F word?

    It's a pretty snazzy one if you ask me, especially around small children - breeds all kinds of excitement.

  11. Funny! (thay wasn't a suggestion...)
    I've just managed to stop myself saying the 'f' word when something goes wrong (under my breath naturally) when #1 son starts!
    F for...
    flip flop
    flump (marshmallow sweet)
    ...and Cleggys suggestion????
    phenominal. Yes, Cleggy THE TEACHER! I looked at him for a while to see if he was kidding but apparently not.

    my favourite (not a suggestion) is frangipane.
    fee x

  12. Hi Felicity, you have a fabulous blog, no one has mentioned fabulous and I have to say whilst it is probably over used it is still fabulous :) thanks for entering my giveaway. Looking forward to following you!
    Suzie xx

  13. Hi Felicity, I like flabbergasted... it is such a funny word and one I like to use for extra effect when telling a story about something that has surprised me ;o)
    I also would put in a vote for fabulous... because I do use this word ALOT!

  14. Hi Felicity,

    It was so lovely of you to drop by and say hi. I think we do have some things in common, gorgeous Jill, our penchant for the word 'Serendipity' and we used to live in Noosa.
    I love your blog...it's like a book, 'festooned' with interesting, charming, witty nooks and crannies. I'd like to pick it up and curl up on the lounge and read it!
    Keep smiling,

  15. Let's see, for starters there is Fizz ** fluffiness, fun, fairylike/fairytale ..

    Oodles of hugs for a happy Thursday sweet Fizz o xx o xx o

  16. One of my favourite F words is fancy:) Have a great day, darling

    Ps: I’m hosting a great summer GIVEAWAY today! Don’t miss it:)

  17. The two that immediately came to mind were in agreement with other writers..flibbertigibbert and flabbergast..'cos I like quirky words..but funky and flamboyant, frippery and flippant have just popped in as well!

  18. Oh, you're my sweetest F. Hmm, how about fidelity? You're the very definition of it. J x

  19. What about .... frenetic? I like that word. Took me a while but I was determined to think of one without going through the dictionary....


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