14 June 2011

Two For Tuesday - Robert Ingpen & Tapestry

Happy Tuesday - my favourite day of the week because we have the chance to play with art together.
This week I thought we would depart from the regular format and in addition to comparing two works by the same artist, we will also focus on a different medium - tapestry.

The two pieces that I've chosen are not paintings but tapestries that have been woven from original art by the highly skilled artisans at the 'Australian Tapestry Workshop'.  You won't get the best impression from just looking at them on your screen but if you click on the first image you will be taken to the workshop and see the process unfold - it is truly magical.

Choosing two pieces to feature today was a challenge because there is a plethora of amazing art to behold in the gallery and I'd encourage you to investigate. My favourites include the luminous work by John Wolseley and the colours and movement in Puli Murpu's dot painting.

For our game today {where we compare the pieces below to each other or our lives & leave a comment of twenty or fewer words}, I have chosen the theme of play and can't wait to read your responses.

The original art is by one of my favourite artists Robert Ingpen and I hope you take the time to visit the ATW website and marvel at the transformation of a painting into tapestry.

Happy day dear friend, I hope that you make the time to play whether it be with words, wool or wittiness.


  1. i like the top one for all its variety - of games, of kids... and i love the "jump for joy" kids in the front...

  2. The children are lovely and are playing in freeform, giving their all to each moment, a challenge I am rising to this year.

  3. Good morning Felicity,

    I do love the free play of the children presumably in a school yard. And I guess this is where little people can learn the rules of life and begin to understand how to share, take turns, someone has to win and someone has to loose, but it is all in the name of fun.

    The MCG being the most renowned venue in Australia for sport, getting often crowds greater than 100,000. Here is where big people follow lots of rules but I'm sure a lot of players are still having lots of fun.


  4. My thought for this weeks' game:

    "Playing by the rules or ruling by play?
    Just two little questions to guide our day."

    I hope to 'rule by play' today and hopefully some of the zest and fun depicted in Robert's first image and the energy and vitality of the second will permeate into the everyday tasks I have to complete.

  5. hmm a tricky one. As humans we don't play much and as children we love games /sport and the same as when we are adults. Best I could think of this week.

  6. Alright, when I look at these pictures it feels like my brain right now. Full of many different situations, events and images - all connected, all intertwined and all important. No wonder I feel tired. Great images to stretch my mind today. N x

  7. thankyou so much for your super kind words on my blog!

    xxoo em

  8. Oh my, talk about impressive! Especially like the first one, but really enjoyed seeing the process. Wowzers!

  9. Oh, these are rippers. Hmm, child's play and then grownup's play. You know how much I love my cricket! J x


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