21 June 2011

Two For Tuesday - Kirra Jamison

Hi there and a happy Tuesday to you.
As you probably know, this is my favourite day of the week because we have the chance to play with art together and what glorious work it is today!

The pieces that I've chosen to feature today are by talented Australian artist Kirra Jamison.
I'm not going to say much about the work but would love for you to tell me how they make you feel, what you see in them, perhaps there is a parallel to your own life at the moment.  
The challenge is to tell us in 20 words or less what your impression of Kirra's work is.  

After you've played, please go for a visit to Kirra's online gallery - there is much that I'm sure will delight you.

On a personal note - thank you to everyone for stopping by. I've been away for the last four days helping my brother and his little family move into their glorious new home and in addition to being uber-busy I didn't have access to the net.  I'll be a busy bee catching up on all that you've been up to whilst I've been away.


  1. the top one is airy, whimsical and wonderful. the second one, although exotic, makes me stressed out to look at it.

  2. Now this is truly fantastic, all that detail, colour & fun, love it!! Love Posie

  3. Gorgeous! Not to steal your blog name, but her work is a serendipity of color, shape and harmony. Love it!!

    I hope you are having a lovely June Felicity :)

  4. Very unique, quite whimsical. I like it! Moving and unpacking is hard work!

  5. seeing the colours of nature transcend into the costumes and rituals of celebration?

    have a lovely week Felicity

  6. I love the first image. Gorgeous. It kind of feels like my life right now. Full of many different colours and many different areas, all flowering in their own unique way and I am the think frail plant trying to keep up with them all. Ha! Beautiful. N x

  7. I love..the wispy detailed shapes of the blooms and plant and the blended flow of unexpected shades of colour in the first picture. The second blazes with vividness and energy and is exotic and spiritual.

  8. Warm welcome home, sweet Fizz.
    Both designs are beautiful, I just love her style. Popping over now.
    Lots of love to y o u ~o xx o~
    It is very windy and rainy here, looks like Fall has arrived in stead of Mrs. Summer xxx

  9. Warm welcome back home, Fizz
    Both designs are beautiful. I love this style, sweet and airy indeed, fresh, soft, swirly, a feast for the eyes.
    Popping over now
    Lots of love to y o u ~o xx o~
    It has been very rainy and windy for days, looks like Fall is arriving in stead of Mrs. Summer xxx

  10. What a wonderful sister you are. Love both, clean, fresh and cheerful! x

  11. Hmmm...simple and intricate and wandering and calm...all at the same time. LOVE them x

  12. nice to have you back my lovely. I adore the first one. Whimsical and floaty. Love the colour and fine detail. The second is soooo colourful and sets a whole different mood to the first. Much busier and more jumbled.

    Love spending my Tuesdays with you.


  13. Welcome back my lovely, have been thinking of you as always and was hoping you would have a lovely time with your family.
    I see butterflies in the first, I love it. Something about the chains in the second image makes it hard for me to look at though. xx

  14. 1 - whimsical, light, translucent and poetic
    2 - Control & leadership disguised by a fusion of colour, pomp and ceremony

    Absolutely fabulous x

  15. I love that first one - it makes me think of
    'girl friends (dressed for summer) sitting in the sun drinking something with bubbles and laughing together!'

    fee ♥

  16. Oh I love those artworks, the first one even more!
    "Tout en Finesse", fresh and crisp at the same time :) Just another talented artist !
    Thanks for sharing Felicity .

  17. Lovely work!

    The first one speaks to me right now because it is full of colour, vibrancy, movement, some strong elements, and plenty going on, yet it remains gentle, lots of space, just enough flowers, open and yielding. Balance.

  18. I am totally uplifted by the first but chained down by the second, like the elephant. Most intriguing. J x


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