28 June 2011

Two For Tuesday - Kate Pugsley

Hello there!
'Two For Tuesday' is all about hair today....well perhaps bad hair would be a more apt description.
You know the scene, you're a month overdue for an appointment with your hairdresser and you've heard too many horror stories about home treatments gone wrong {and perhaps you're a little afraid of what your hairdresser will say when they find out you've had a go at your own colour treatment - for shame!} but when you look in the mirror you know you just have to do something, but what?

I believe today's artist Kate Pugsley may just have the answer for me.
Yes a chic paper bag which coordinates with any ensemble, allows complete anonymity when you're out and about and is good for the environment to boot.

So tell me, do you ever feel that it would be a simpler task to pop on the paper bag and get on with your day or is that just me?

For more of Kate's work pop on over to her Etsy store  and to play along with today's game, tell us in 20 words or less how these images make you feel or how they relate to your life at the moment.

Happy day!


  1. God I feel like this on many occasion. Ha!

  2. Ahhh, you make me giggle!

    Gorgeous little pieces of art. Love them.

    I suspect we all have days like this.


  3. Ah - one of those days!! I have many :)

  4. nope. just cut the hair ultra-pixie short and 'hurray the gray!'

  5. I love the simplicity and humour, Felicity. She's an excellent find!!!

    I would need a MUCH bigger paper bag... x

  6. LOL we all need a paper bag sometimes.

  7. That was me yesterday Felicity. But today... this girl is sporting freshly snipped locks, massaged shoulders and a smile!

    I love those dotty dresses... gxo

  8. Hair, i'm the wearing of dead straight thick hair, what i can't wash & wear, i pin with a clip or grip with a headband, yay!! Setting the example to all my daughters, that fretting over hair is a waste of time. Love Posie

  9. I SO feel like hiding under a paper bag on SO many days lately. That can't be a good thing can it? If only it were that easy.... So sorry I've been a bad blog-friend of late - no commenting.....I promise I'll be back in form asap! Hope you're well xx

  10. would take the bag...but may need to accessorize it!
    fee ♥

  11. I just feel a suffocating feeling just looking at the pictures...looks like even with bad hair I could not do that! A bit clostrophobia?! lol

  12. I'm at the brown paper bag stage now LOL. Can't afford my hairdresser for another 3 weeks or so. Maybe I need to start wearing a hat? ;)

  13. I'm in a hibernating mood today..so to hibernate under a brown paper bag would be ideal!

  14. God bless the 'pony tail' is all I can say. That and the old trick of turning head with dirty hair upside down and spraying it with hair spray before tying it back.. A god-send!

    Paper bag a nice second runner up! :)

    Loving these prints and Kate's work. So how we all feel at times isn't it..!?! :)

    Darling, also wanted to let you know that you won one of the posters!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Please drop me an email to let me know where (in Australia/NZ) Kindergallery should send it.

    xx Charlotta

  15. Yes! I'd love a bag!

    I love these art works. Whimsical and comforting. I'd love a dress like that with a paperbag to match! Love!

  16. I use to have many days like that. I just cut my hair crazy short, like an inch long all over but I love it so I don't need a paper bag anymore.

  17. Many days Felicity! But tomorrow I intend to kick off "My July" and make the effort to look after myself and make time so that the paper bag (aka baseball cap and dark sunglasses) stay tucked away in a drawer ;)

  18. No sister, you are not alone :)

  19. I needed that paper bag today, especially after being caught out in the rain! =)

  20. Most humorous, Felicity, and how I can feel after stretching my haircut beyond the normal 6 week period to more like 8 or 9, to fit in with Mr PB's monthly pay! J x


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