26 June 2011

Something Unexpected & Lovely

Good morning & surprise!
You know that I don't usually share a gift with you on Sundays unless there is something VERY special.
That's just what has happened. I'm beyond thrilled to be Guest Posting at the inspirational and effervescent Naomi's 'Seven Cherubs' blog today.  Pop on over to read about one of my favourite things....

Here's to a wonderful day dear friend, I hope you are able to enjoy a moment of serendipity no matter what you're doing. Biggest of happy hugs,


  1. Happy Sunday Felicity! It's a glorious day here with the clearest blue sky. All the pity I have to stay inside and paint.

  2. Thank you so much for your guest post on my blog today. So love your uplifting message of happiness and looking for rainbows in life. One of my all time favourite posts from you and feel so special to have it on my blog. N x

  3. Happy Sunday hugz to you too..what a georgeous looking present in your picture!

  4. Lucky you - although you did trick me! I thought that lovely picture was of a parcel you had received.

  5. You gorgeous girl. I loved your guest post. Of course. J x


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