23 June 2011

Six Senses Tour - The Maldives

It's Thursday and a day early for our usual travelling treat but I couldn't wait!
Whether you're like me shivering in your boots & layers, or in a warmer clime dreaming of swimming in the sea, today's 'Six Senses' tour of the Maldives is bound to be a treat to savour.

Greetings and welcome to your 'Six Senses' tour! 
I'm Kamana from 'Journalling Through Photos' and I'm going to take you to the islands I call home - the Maldives.

For anyone of you thinking "Huh? Where?", the Maldives are an archipelago of about 1190 islands that lie across the equator in the Indian Ocean. It is the ulitimate sun, sand and sea destination and often described as paradise on earth.....I'm not going to argue with that. So let me take you on a little tour of my home now.

Our islands are very small.  I live on the capital island and one of the biggest, it is less than six square kilometers [3.72 Miles]. The islands are surrounded by beautifully clear water that laps onto white sandy beaches.

I love to be outside before sunrise listening to the beautiful sound of peaceful mornings.

Coconut palms grow everywhere and there is nothing more refreshing to quench your thirst on a hot day than with the sweet water of a coconut straight from the fruit.

The saltiness of the sea breeze.
The fragrance of tropical flowers.
The heady spices of the local cuisine.
The textures of the treasures that wash up onto the beaches.

Of the 1190 islands in the archipelago, only 200 are inhabited.
You need a local guide to take you to the remote islands where few have set foot.
Imagine playing Robinson Crusoe surrounded by the beauty of pristine beaches and the amazingly rich underwater world?
Wow Kamana, what a treat!  
Thank you for sharing your home with us, it is definitely on my long {and growing} list of 'Must Visit' destinations, perhaps for a honeymoon?!?

Dear Gifter if you haven't visited Kamana's blog yet you really must pop on over. Not only will you find more delightful images of her island home like the ones we've enjoyed today but Kamana shares everyday insights into her family life which are always a treat.
Be sure to leave a note and let her know that you're a fellow 'Gifter' who has enjoyed her tour today.

Myself? I'm inspired to head down to my own slice of sandy beach and look for some images to capture.

Happy day!


  1. Ok, I'm sold. It looks like heaven. Great post. Thank you. x

  2. Oh, what a beautiful place you have taken us to, I can see why you couldn't wait!

    Just beautiful, I could hear the lapping of the waves, feel the warm sand between my toes, taste the salt on my lips. A lovely break!

  3. The "Hear" shot is ridiculous!!!! That's a good thing!!!
    Yup, Kamana lives in heaven on earth 365 days a year. Good grief!

  4. Whoa, heaven by the sea!
    You're making me want to go there so bad, it looks like such a bliss but adventurous place :D

  5. It is cold and miserable here where I am! I wish I was in the Maldives!! Looks so beautiful. What stunning photos. Thanks for sharing.

  6. thank you for having me here for your weekly tour around the world :)

  7. Just came here from Kamana's blog. I liked this posting, very nice
    have a nice day

  8. The Maldives sounds like a wonderful place to visit (especially at this time of year). Stunning photos. Thanks for taking us away on a little escape.

  9. Hi Felicity..a truly beautiful post today..just like a minute of holiday..a tropical paradise of first quality!

  10. Oh Wow! I want to get on a plane now - talk about living in heaven!!!
    So beautiful so lovely and so brilliant. Love the reference to a honeymoon :) hee! hee!

  11. How wonderful to get to know Kamana better! I love blogging!! :-) And I love the places I get to go and visit while doing it!

  12. Oh wowzies, zeeee, what a place to visit!! Or LIVE!! I'm here with my blanket, heat pack, knitted booties & dreaming of where i'm taking my 3rd honeymoon. My husband really wants to stay at a resort with huts over the water, i think this could tick all the boxes. Love Posie

  13. Kamana, not only do you live in paradise, you have a gift for photography as well. Thanks for sharing... I hope to see your beautiful island for myself someday.

  14. What a dreamy place...makes my heart sing to look at thos beautiful photos. Wish I was there.

    Thank you Kamana for sharing.

  15. Just breathtaking. In every sense. Yet another reason why it's on the wishlist for Mr PB and me! J x

  16. Oh my, how divine. I want to go there... NOW! Thank you Kamana for the trip!

  17. These are breathtaking pictures, Kamana. Your little corner is like heaven on earth! Now I understand why many people celebrate their holidays in your beautiful country.
    A big kiss to you and our sweet friend Fizz X

  18. Oh wow...what an absolutely beautiful part of the world! Definitely on my list of places to visit too Felicity! xo

  19. What a dreamy kind of destination!Oh you said a honeymoon?:)

  20. Absolutely stunning photos!!!
    What a dreamy place on earth to live!
    It sure would be a wonderful place to holiday. To escape from the stresses of everyday life.

  21. Swoon! I saw this post in my blog sidebar on the day it went up but I've been putting off reading it because I knew it would make me want to go there, RIGHT NOW! That gorgeous white sand, the crystal clear waters, the wildlife! Stunning!

    Sadly, the Maldives is high on my list of places I really, really want to visit but I have a feeling it's going to remain a dream for awhile yet - so thanks to Kamana for letting my visit virtually!

  22. Oh the Maldives! Heaven!
    I have never been but have dreamed about these paradise islands since my sister went there many years ago. Sadly they are now sinking beneath the surface of the ocean.. Hurry hurry! :)
    I also had the pleasure of going to university with a girl whose father owns a few of the smaller islands. Can you imagine.. !?!

    Am drawing the give-away winners after this. Will announce the result on my blog.

    xx Charlotta
    Space for Inspiration

    P.S. your blog is lovely x

  23. very nice place you have introduced me through this blog, and the coconut tree and coconut tree image is very nice maldives pictures


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