06 June 2011

My Oh My! Toe Tapping Goodness

Happy new week sweet friend.
A true gift of serendipity [unexpected and lovely] is when we discover a new song or artist who can
make us happy with their tunes.

This is the case with today's artist.  Her name is Paloma Faith and I was introduced to her by my friend Ky -
thank you Miss K!

If like me, you're reading this at the start of your day, grab your brekky, turn up the volume and
be prepared to tap your toes as Paloma turns our Monday frowns upside down.

Happy day!
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  1. Here's to a whole new week, Fizz. Will turn my volume up and sit back enjoying your video, I am curious so off I go.
    Lots of love o xx o xx o

  2. Oh Fizz, we were on the same page! You visiting me, I visiting you at the sane time. They say coincidence does not exist ...
    A bunch of love is crossing the seven seas this very moment, to YOU o xx o xx o xx o

  3. About the video, it is sunfunfunsun, a happily colored sweet uplifting video. Be sure I will be popping in every day to click this sugar sweet song! o xx o

  4. It's great Felicity. Love the colour.

  5. My little man and I had a jig around the kitchen.
    Thank you.

  6. Toe tapping & smiling, great way to start the week Felicity, love the music, and those yummy colour combos, even her name 'Paloma' is wonderful... it's great to see someone look so good, hip & unique as well as funky while not having all their flesh exposed in some manic mating dance, oh yeah, more please ;)

  7. Oh my! I so love her voice. Had me toe tapping for sure. I think I have a new housework song :) N x

  8. Feet are wriggling here! gxo

  9. Love it! In fact after listening to a couple of times I looked her up, found she released an album with this song on it and with the rave reviews I found, bought it! I'll have fun bopping around to all her songs I think!

  10. She's awesome! Thanks for the great find!! x

  11. Impossible not to tap ones toes listening this fun ditty. Thanks for sharing Ms Felicity

    Jo xx
    Eliza Interiors & Design

  12. Will have to listen when I get a minute! Love music to dance to!


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