10 June 2011

It's Time For A 'Six Senses' Tour...

This time our host is the effervescent Jennie from 'Posie Patchwork' who will be sharing her special insights about our Nation's capital, Canberra.

Hop on board and enjoy the ride!


  1. hang on...is this my second comment on your blog in 24 hours??? (thanks for yours BTW - made me smile widely)
    Not sure where the links going to take me but pretty sure I want that bag!
    off to bed - will pop over for the adventure tomorrow. You'd never know i had a job!!!
    fee x

  2. hi Felicity. struggled to download the last post but read it in my reader.

    great tour of Canberra. it's one of the cleanest cities i'v ever been in!


  3. How wonderful ... I miss Canberra (especially in autumn), so I've enjoyed taking another little tour of that interesting city.

  4. Hi Felicity, I can finally comment...yay! Part of the joy of blogging is knowing people from all over the world. I love reading their stories. It is amazing that we all have something in common yet are scattered by 1000 of kilometres. I've also found like minded local people through my blog. We were passing each other on the street and in opshops! Now I am off to make some leek and potato soup...perfect for this weather.

  5. How fun! cute bag! :)

  6. Thank you ladies for another wonderful e journey :) I have never been to Canberra so I will have to include it in my wish visit list now!
    Merci :)
    Sandrine x


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