09 June 2011

Dear 16-year-old Me and All Of My Friends

A friend shared this with me yesterday and because I care about you, I had to share it today.
Captain V and I will be showing it to 'The Gifts' on the weekend with a big discussion.
If you want to read a little about our personal experience, click here.

I love the line "Your skin is like an elephant...it never forgets."
Please remember to take special care of your skin when you venture out into the sun, I'd like to
be sharing this journey with you for a long, long time.


  1. what a great message. the part that struck me was that 1 bad sunburn before the age of 18 doubles your chances of getting melanoma! oh my goodness!

  2. Wow...thanks for sharing Felicity. A great message, we have a strong history of sun cancer in our family.

  3. Emailed from Posie Patchwork:

    What a brilliant campaign, Canada is hardly the sunniest country!!
    This is heart breaking & amazing at the same time. I’m going to start photographing my children’s skin each Summer, or every 6 months.
    They don’t have many moles but what a great record it would be for the future to detect any changes.

    Thanks for this alarming message, love Posie

  4. oh how timely! we lost my mum to melanoma in march and she never tanned or sunbaked. It's a sad disease let me tell you and one that people under estimate. I am just home from my 6 monthly check up today. My 'dodgy' moles have been photographed and are pulled up by my dr at each check up. I'm high risk and not taking any chances. I stopped sunbaking before I had kids when they identified a couple of moles as being dodgy and I have already had 3 taken out from my back. Nothing will bring my dear sweet mum back but I will definitely spread the word. And thanks to my sweet friend posie patchwork who forwarded me the link

  5. Love this! I watched it yesterday and it is put together so well. I am organising to get myself checked out as I spent so much time out in the sun with no sunblock. Tragic! Going to show the cherubs too!

  6. You made me cry...

    But it was a great message... I am passing on...

    Sunblock... messy, pain in the butt, but oh so worthwhile!

  7. great message - it made me think and will make a difference to the way I view sunscreen.
    One of our dear friends died a couple of years ago of brain cancer but the dr's thought the primary cancer was probably skin.

    Thanks for sharing - I'll put a link on my blog.
    fee x

  8. I saw this yesterday and it made me cry!! So true and so sad!! When I think of all the days basking in the sun with the baby oil on that my 16 year old self indulged in!!! Will pass the message on certainly. Take care

  9. Brilliant, Felicity. Ever since you wrote that post, I've been meaning to write my little story. Thanks for the prompt. J x

  10. Thanks for this post.
    I've been putting off a skin checkup for quite a while now and I really need to bite the bullet, thanks for the push xx

  11. What an amazing clip! I just forwarded it to my 14 year old niece and nephew. Thanks for sharing it (I still haven't made that skin check appointment and will definitely being doing so!) x

  12. Oh my, this was very emotional. Making an appointment for my husband next week, and me! Thank you for sharing Felicity. x

  13. This is a fabulous video, such a great resource, haunting as it is. Thank you for sharing.


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