31 May 2011

Word Of The Week - "OO" What's In A Name?

On the weekend, Captain V and I were checking the online weather forecast for our local area.
As we scrolled over the digital map, I was struck by the number of places in my immediate vicinity that have a double 'O' or 'oo' in them. I've created this graphic so that you can have some fun saying them aloud...

I think that there may even be a few missing, the point is that there's a lot of 'OO' action happening here!
Many are aboriginal names which is very common in Australia but it got me to wondering if this is a common phenomenon around the world.  I have some questions for you....

* What's the most unusual place name that you've resided at?
* Perhaps you can beat my list - how many rhyming placenames do you know?
* If you're familiar with my pocket of the world, how many of these places have you visited?
* Do you know of any 'OO' places that I may have missed on my list?

As you scoot about, keep your eyes peeled for interesting 'oo' names or words & please pop back to share.


  1. My father in law's property is in the fabuolous town of Dondingalong. Because of our name (Macdonald) it's called EIEIO and when we were married (on the property) the invitation said "Join us at EIEIO Dondingalong" and everyone thought we were making it up. Or crazy!

  2. Oooo, this is a good one Felicity!

    We live near Toowoomba, I used to live near Boondoomba Dam, the most unimaginative place I've lived is Long Plain. My husband grew up near Pallamallawa, try and spell that fast, and that is not far from Gravesend... sounds like the end of the line doesn't it?

    I do wonder why so many sunshine coast places have oo in them?? gxo

  3. this and the 2 comments above made me chuckle. :) i don't have anything as fun or exotic to add, i'm afraid. :)

  4. Felicity, I used to live in Woolloomooloo! It was an address I quickly tired of spelling. Fabulous location, walking distance to work when I lived in Sydney.
    So I know ALL about OO's. Yes there are eight OO's in Woolloomooloo! Ha!

  5. Actually that's four OO's, but eight O's! x

  6. we have a few "oo" place names over this way, Waneroo is one example off the top of my head. But we have more "up" words, Yallingup, Karrinyup, Dwellingup, Wilyabrup, Joondalup (there's another oo for you!). So many "up" place names that my partner used to constantly comment on them when he first moved to WA. I think the strangest place names I have ever known are both quite close to where I grew up: Dog Swamp and Innaloo (another oo!). Sound terrible, don't they? But when you grow up with them you don't think twice. Oh, and we also have an area called Upper Swan, which brings out the smirking teenager in my partner every time he hears it

    Gill xo

  7. Cool graphic and fun post! Can't think of anything right off the top of my head. Maybe I should look at a map!

  8. What about Coopernook and Coolongalook in NSW.

  9. More oo's: Coonabarabran, Cootamundra and Coonanamble in NSW come to mind plus Woolloongabba here in Brisbane.

  10. Oh, how bad of me. I just realised that my spelling was wrong. One of the towns is correctly spelt: Coonamble. Apologies to my friend Amanda who lives there.

  11. Wow girls, thanks for playing along.
    So far these are the placenames that you've added to our 'oo' list:

    Boondoomba Dam
    Inaloo [seriously!]
    Cootamundra and

    With the other 'goodies' being:
    Dog Swamp and
    Upper Swan

    You've seriously got to love this list - there are some crackerjack names!

  12. How about Goonellahbah, Goonengerry, Doondoon,Dunoon,Coorabell, Kynnumboon,Booyong, Wooyung and for the goodies list "The Pocket", "Dum Dum", "Tumbulgum"

    and then don't forget the 'bah' or "bar" words, Goonellahbah, Murwillumbah, Duranbah, Mooloolabah, Wollongbar, Burringbar, Tintenbar......

  13. A sparkly gold star to you Miss Andrea - not only are there heaps of 'oo' places but I love the bah, bar's and the 'goodies' extras. xx F

  14. You are so from Queensland! My Dad (also a Queenslander) made us go on a road trip of towns in NSW that rhymed - Cooma, Katoomba, Narooma were all there. Too funny!

  15. Ah, I'm a little late to the party but need to throw in Moonah, just north of Hobart. And thanks to Mr Google, I've discovered we are now toponymists (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toponymy)! J x

  16. I am a little late too :) But I know few of the one on your list :)And funnily we leave now near another oo place Upper Coomera :)
    How fun!


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