25 May 2011

Word Of The Week - Kip

My maternal grandparents Bob & Verlie came 'off the land' which is an Australian colloquial phrase which simply means that they were farmers. My Grandfather lived to be 101 and Grandmother Verlie is over 103. 

So what does any of this have to do with this week's word 'Kip'? 
Well I believe that their habit of having a little snooze after their midday meal each day contributed to their longevity.  A little sleep or kip, allowed their bodies to recoup after a morning of busy physical labour and an afternoon featuring more of the same and I'm sure this added to their healthy body-mind balance.

I follow in their footsteps whenever I can and was pleased when I read that the iconic beauty and actress Sophia Lauren believed in having a rest after lunch each day and attributed this to her 'eternal glow'. 
So now when I find that the planets have aligned and my pillow beckons with an hour to spare you will hear me inform my family "I'm off to have a Sophia now - quiet please."

So what about you? Do you enjoy the opportunity to have a mini-nap or kip on weekends or are you someone who finds it difficult to sleep in the daytime? What do you call this rest time - a kip, snooze, sleep or Sophia?

Happy day dear friend - I'm sure that a kip can be a gift of serendipity for some of us - unexpected & lovely.


  1. I l-o-v-e a little 'kip' too!!! Thanks for your sweet comments. Yes maybe the SF could tread the boards with a stunning dance and song routine to YMCA!Will work on that... 'Young man, there's no need to feel down I said young man....'

  2. I love a Nanna Nap, there is nothing like it!

  3. Oh I wish but I can't seem to sleep during the day. I have heard of a Kip though, but tend to call it a Nanna nap. It obviously worked for your grandparents, what great ages! Enjoy your day. ;-)

  4. Well I've just found the perfect excuse for a nanna nap... 'I'm off to find some eternal glow, just excuse me won't you'. I think I hear the couch calling already! gxo

  5. I often rest after lunch, but don't actually fall asleep unless I'm not well for some reason. Maybe I have to get one of those eye masks or something to block out the light, because an afternoon KIP certainly sounds like a really good idea!! :)

  6. I need a KIP in my life. I cannot wait until all my cherubs are at school for this reason. A little afternoon rest would change my life. Love that your wonderful grandparents lived so long and that this was part of their routine. Awesome post as per usual. N x

  7. I love this word and miss the days when my little ladies would have afternoon naps and me a little kip alongside them...ahhhh.

    Thankyou for sharing Felicity...x


  8. Not a napper but you are in good company and it is suppose to be good for you, and well, you have major longevity in your fam, so...go have a snooze! Like pic you used in this post!

  9. Love a little kip, especially on a Saturday afternoon.. It always feels more special, dont really know why.

    In admiration of your grandparents.


  10. Fancy a kip love?
    Unfortunately I've never been able to sleep during the day, even when I was home with a newborn and was extremely sleep deprived. For me, once I'm up I'm up until the very end.
    I've always loved the idea of a siesta though.
    Love to hear this story of your grandparents, what a gift to you. xx

  11. Wow - that is incredible your grandparents have lived so long! Brilliant. It must be amazing to have had them in your life for so long. And I LOVE the word kip, I think because it feels so Australian to me? I don't even know if it is?! Shame I find it impossible to have a 'Sophia' during the day. As hard as I try, it just doesn't happen! xx

  12. Definitely a word my grandparents used a lot. Given half the chance, I'd love a little afternoon kip these days! And you might also like to know that kip is chicken in dutch !!!

  13. I love naps and I truly need more of them in my life! This is such a sweet story, darling. Kisses and hugs

    Ps: I’m hosting a great sportswear GIVEAWAY today! Perfect for morning yoga practice!

  14. i LOVE my afternoon naps (as do my 5 dogs!)

  15. I would always take a nap or have a kip when I arrived home around 4pm Sunday afternoons after a large roast lunch at my Nan's house... it was wonderful x

  16. No naps for me, none of my little ones used to do so. Also being a baby they did not sleep that very much during the day. It blame it on the quietness in and around our house. Not much to be heard and seen but mommy. I did not go to big shopping malls when they were that very little.
    Anyways, did you know that Kip also a Dutch word is? It means Chicken!
    lots of love for another wonderful day, sweet Fizz o xx o

  17. We have a similar thing in the Phils. and we call it "siesta". I recall how my sisters and I are "ordered" to sleep a little after lunch. We hated it as the time could have been used for playing. But after reading this post, I hope I continued the practice as much as possible :)

  18. Oh, Felicity, how I wish I had the gift of being able to take a kip. Regrettably, that has forever eluded me, especially since arriving on Planet Baby. J x


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