31 May 2011

Three Gifts In One Day - Wowee!

"Three posts in one day - what's going on?" you may well ask.

Of course we always have our 'Two For Tuesday' art and I love the selections that Bridget has curated for us today - if you haven't stopped by the gallery I suggest you scoot on over after reading this for some perspectivication [new word I just made up].

This was all as it should be but I was a noonat [a word I regularly use to describe myself] and popped up  tomorrow's 'Word of the Week' post early.  I must say that I've enjoyed reading your responses to my request for unusual placenames so far. If you haven't added your own example yet, quick sticks and get to it!

So now we get to the reason why I'm sharing out a third gift in one day - quite simply I've been inspired!
My amazing friend Naomi of Seven Cherubs fame is gearing up for a month of happiness posts beginning tomorrow.  To kick start the process she has something today challenging us to write an unhappiness list in the hope that in doing this we will clarify what truly makes us happy. Great idea yes?

Well I was all abuzz and had to write mine straight away {the fact that Naomi had included a link for the gorgeous stationery that you see below may have been an extra incentivator [I'm on a roll today] too}, so here are my lists.  Firstly the things that make me unhappy...
...and now for the more pleasant of the two, my happy making list...
Of course there are a LOT more that I could pop onto the second page but it's a start and I know that there will be many more opportunities to think about this as I'm guided by Naomi and her newest project of inspiration.

If you're keen to create your own list, pop on over to see Naomi {she'll give you the link for the stationery if you ask nicely} and let me know if you publish one so that I can have a read too.


  1. I love this Felicity. You are awesome and so fast!!
    It is totally making me happy to see that this little exercise worked for you and love what you have listed. YOU ARE INSPIRING. N x

  2. What a great idea! So are constantly told to always focus on the positive, this is kind of a different approach, and I like it!

    It makes sense to know what makes us unhappy, and unsettled - partly because it then helps us figure out what we do that makes us happy, but also partly because we might actually recognise that some of the things on our unhappiness list are perhaps not quite so bad, and maybe we need to approach them differently. Or maybe that's just me?!

  3. You ARE on a roll! Cute stationary and I love the font you used. I'm not a big listy type person, but love note pads and the like and seeing other people's lists no matter what they are doing. Good idea!

  4. I did think '3 posts!!' I a-m a listy girl so will check it all out. I like the things on your list too. Happy day sweet Felicity...

  5. Oh yay, i'm back & can leave comments again here, yahoo!! I'll be back to read all the posts i missed & comment on, this is lovely, yes, an unwishful list, all very suitable things to unwish for, love Posie

  6. Our lists could probably be identical! What a beautiful idea of Naomi's.

  7. Oooh, pretty stationery. and lists. that makes already two things for my happy-list ^^

  8. Oh I love. You make beautiful lists Miss Felicity. xx

  9. yaaay, just posted my own lists here:

  10. Your lists are great - mine would be similar too. A lovely idea and well executed x

  11. Ooh, I loved this list when I saw it at Namoi's and I'm loving it even more here. I have downloaded it and may have a go myself. Oh, and I share your double wish for 'financial freedom'! J x


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