18 May 2011

A Slow Couple Of Weeks...

It has been a slow couple of weeks.

Not in the sense that I've felt sluggish or slow - no siree!
Slow in the sense that despite the fact that I've been working hard and persisting with the myriad challenges that seem to be presenting themselves, I don't seem to be making great progress - or if I am it's slow.
You see Captain V and I are in the process of getting our home ready for sale.
It has been quite a task, leaving me wondering [not for the first time] why it is that we have so much 'stuff' and how it is that something cleaned to within an inch of its life one day can be smeared in fingerprints or even cobwebs the very next!?!
There is a large part of my soul which craves the simplicity of a life pared back and I've experienced many moments contemplating the snail with her stylish little home, compact and light enough to carry from place to place.....what a dream!

I know that this news will come as a bit of a surprise for many of you as I haven't mentioned this before but we have only just made our final decision. I'll keep you posted on our plans and progress and hope that some of you will have great advice for me as this excursion into the mayhem of cleaning and sorting, open houses and [fingers crossed] contracts ensues, I will receive it all eagerly.


Another element of the 'go slows' has been my sharing of gifts.
I give you my most sincere apologies for the distinct lack of posts over the past fortnight.  
We've been experiencing an ongoing 'issue' with our internet service provider [although I think 'provider' is a very generous term!] which has meant that my only access to the internet and Blogland has been at our wonderful local library. This has been a most unwelcome blogging break & I'm looking forward to this situation being resolved soon. 

It will be terrific to be able to return to my normal swing of things posting and catching up on all of my favourite Blogerista's writings and be able to return emails to many of you who have written - thank you.
One nice element of this imposed vacation has been my need to revert to snail mail to keep in contact with some of my bloggy friends - imagine that!?!
My apologies to those of you who have been missing your regular gifts of serendipity, cross your fingers that we get things sorted out soon.


My gift to you this 'week' is a lovely poem by William Cowper which may give you food for thought.....

The Snail

To grass, or leaf, or fruit, or wall, 
The snail sticks close, nor fears to fall,
As if he grew there, house and all

Within that house secure he hides,
When danger imminent betides
Of storm, or other harm besides
Of weather.

Give but his horns the slightest touch,
His self-collecting power is such,
He shrinks into his house, with such

Wher’er he dwells, he dwells alone,
Except himself has chattels none,
Well satisfied to be his own
Whole treasure.

Thus hermit-like, his life he leads,
Nor partner of his banquet needs,
And if he meets one, only feeds
The faster.

Who seeks him must be worse than blind,
(He and his house are so combined,)
Its master.


  1. Hello you! I think I knew about the house because you commented on one of our mutual bloggy friend's sites. Your house, from memory, is AMAZING. With lots and lots of room for 'stuff'.

    It takes a good move to make us aware of all the literal baggage that we carry! I hope you are finding the sorting cathartic (sp?)

    I voted for you in the Kidspot thingy - of course I did! I didn't comment on your post below because I was having issues on my iPhone on the train when I read it, but congrats and well deserved, my friend. x

  2. Such a nice poem Felicity, love your gifts to us all

    Do you ever have those dreams where you want to run but can't seem to make your legs work? That is how it can feel when you are working hard but can't quite see the results of your effort. But slow and steady wins the race, doesn't it???

    Good luck with everything, will look forward to having you back "full time"!

    Gill xo

  3. Oh Yeah! I was starting to have serious serendipity withdrawals and was about to organise an internet sponsor for you to get you back to blogging!!!

    So glad to have you back on board and wish you the best of patience and joy as you get your house prepared once again! for sale. I so hope it all goes smoothly for you and I was so excited to see a No Bumf badge on a site the other day :)

    Cheers and hugs, Naomi x

  4. I have been wondering about you Felicity, and I'm glad to hear that it's something as positive and worthwhile as planning a move that's been absorbing your time. The amount of stuff we've accumulated gets me down sometimes - it must be great (if overwhelming) to have an excuse to reassess it all. A snail shell sounds perfect sometimes to me too - lately I've been finding myself dreaming of a second hand camper ...

  5. I have been missing you my lovely friend. Wonderful to have you back. A good clean out, de-clutter is always good for the soul. I like the idea of a snail shell for a home..simple, little to clean and you can pack up and slowly make your way to a new destination whenever you like.



  6. I'm glad you're back! I didn't realize how much I love your "gifts."
    Congrats on the top 50 blogs. You so deserve it!

  7. Hello lovely! Wow - what an adventure to move house. A big challenge no doubt but an exciting one nonetheless! Have missed you over the past few weeks but good to have a little 'gift' to get us through. Good luck with the move! xx

  8. And my sincerest apologies for not emailing YOU! I have missed you here.
    Thank you so much for your thoughtful note. I was very surprised and it brought a huge smile to my face.
    Also, I recieved the giveaway in the mail. Even though I knew it was coming it was still a treat when it arrived.
    I hope everything goes very smoothly for you all.
    Ky xx

  9. Well, I certainly don't envy you having to move house! We did it almost 14 years ago, and I swore I would never do it again!!!You're right - it's amazing how much stuff we accumulate. When we came down here, I was brutal and threw out anything that we hadn't used for a few years. Now the house is bulging at the seams again! LOL! I think the snail has it just right, and I loved the little poem. Good luck with it all!

  10. Oh how nice to have you back Felicity. I was just wondering this morning what you were up to! I've been thinking about stuff too lately and while I've been culling the ridiculous magazine stack thinking that one thing in, one thing out might be a good way to go! It's ludicrous how much we accumulate. I hope the house sale goes as smoothly and quickly as it possibly can.

  11. Hi Felicity. I read you're very busy. ;-)
    Well, I'm a practical person so I try to get away stuff that I don't need. You can't believe how many things I buy but I don't use.
    The gift you have choosen is very interesting. I'll think about this poetry. Good luck with the move!
    Un abbraccio.


  12. Oh super exciting, we'll be here when you are, waiting for news, as excited as you are. Having never sold a property (just buying them) but moving often, i LOVE the purge of cleaning & letting go of all the non essentials, it's refreshing. Enjoy, love Posie

  13. Hello Felicity

    You have been in my thoughts. It does seem like an overwhelming task, decluttering, organising for sale and the whole argy bargy over contracts etc.

    Is Freecycle available up your way? It is a yahoo group. It is fantastic way of getting rid of stuff that you would think no one would want. People come and take it away for you.

    We sold our house privately and sold it in 3 days. It was stressful but so worth it. I know this is not for everyone though.

    I'm sure your house will take people's breath away.

    Best wishes

    jill x

  14. Oh good luck with the house sale. It's tiring work - but I'm sure you'll manage it all beautifully. Looking forward to hearing more from you soon :)

  15. Always a big decision for sure and once made, lots to do. A great way to get rid of excess as who wants to move it all. I wish you a speedy sale of your home and hope your housing market is better than it is here in the states. Breathe lovey!

  16. So fabulous to see you here again, Lovely. Yes, all this Monopoly board shuffling is very wearying. J x

  17. So lovely to hear from you again - internet issues are such a pain!! And even without the internet troubles I totally get the amount of work that goes into moving (I've moved 8 times in the last 15 years!!)
    Take things easy my friend - we'll all be here when you find your feet (and your connection) again!!

  18. Hi Felicity, Moving house is a huge task to undertake!!! I dont envy you!!! But I wish i had it in me to move, sell, rebuild.... I think moving so much as a child with my parents has put me off forever! But I hope it all goes well and to plan for you!
    Laura xx

  19. Hi Felicity,
    Congratulations on your nomination for the top 50- well deserved and I'll have to pop over and vote! Hope your home sells quickly, it's a wearying process, but I'm sure it will sell quickly. Who wouldn't grab your home quickly? It would have to reflect you- gorgeous! Hugs, Emma.

  20. Ah ha... I was only recently thinking to myself 'wherever is dear Felicity?' Well now I know and I'm hoping all that cleaning and moving pays off for you in the end. gxo

  21. Thank you for your lovely notes everybody - gifts every one.
    I'll keep you 'posted' with our progress on the home front, it's bound to be a bit of a roller coaster ride as we whizz around the Monopoly board [love that imagery - thank you Jane].

    In the meantime, I'll endeavour to send you a gift or two from the depths of the library and hope you are keeping your own eyes and hearts peeled for moments of pure serendipity.

    Happy hugs to all, xx F

    xx F

  22. Hello Lovely...how is the little snail travelling now? I think behind the scenes you are working up a sweat under that little shiny shell of yours trying to get things underway ; )

    It all sounds so nerve racking and exciting at the same time! So happy for you guys...I dont suppose a move to Sydney is on the cards? ; )

    Miss your little visits...hope to have you back online again soon x

    Anna xo

  23. Wow Felicity. You're making some big changes. Sounds exciting. Although yes it is hard work, and an emotional expending time when selling. One tip I have, is when we sold our last home, we hired a small and cheap storage unit to put all our "stuff" in that we didn't need on a daily basis (there's so much of it); and that meant the house for selling looked show-room tidy and clutter free. We got three offers in writing on the first day, so thankfully it was a quick process.
    I relate to your snail story. Simplifying one's life is very appealing!


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