06 May 2011

Six Senses Tours - A Surprise For You

Over the hubbub of the busy airport a message is broadcast....

"This is an update for all passengers waiting for the next 'Six Senses' tour to depart. 
We understand that your flights have been delayed again and we thank you for your patience.  
The next tour is due to depart very soon but until that time we ask that you help yourself to the complimentary cocktails and canapes being served in the "Magic Carpet" bar.
Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to sharing our revised itinerary with you which includes visits to Seoul, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Paris, Hobart and Boston to name a few of the fabulous destinations planned.
Au revoir & bon appetite before your bon voyage!"


I see your face drop and you gather your carry on items and start to make your way to the bar.

But wait. What's this?
A tall, handsome stranger looks like he's coming your way.
He is!
He's stopping now....and what's that he said to you?
What? You're heading off to the executive rooms for a little tete a tete?
I wonder what's going on?


Inside the palatial executive suite your eyes pop at all the magnificence.
Glass, silver, leather and rich dark wood are in abundance and there is a calm pace to everything that happens under the muted lights and uber chic music piped through the space.

You are handed a heavy glass of French champagne and told sotto voce that you've been selected to take a special trip of your own choosing.
Apparently your reflections are going to be used in the promotions for 'Six Senses' tours and the trip that you design will last for no less than five days.
He says that the only stipulation is that you must select a luxury mode of transport ie: 5 star train, ocean liner, first class plane or a combination of all three.

Your face lights up and I'm left wondering what you are thinking.
Where will  you go and how will you travel?
It sounds like the sky is literally the limit with this fabulous gift and I can't wait to unwrap it with you!

PS: If you are just too overwhelmed by your luck to comment, pop on over to the sidebar and vote for  the mode of transport which best suits your luxury travel sensibilities....


  1. If it had been me who was the lucky one to receive this gift I would have chosen a tour on the Orient Express.
    Starting in Paris and visiting Budapest and Bucharest before departing in Istanbul. The trip lasts for six glorious days and five magical nights and a prices starting at $11, 240 pp it definitely would be a gift from the gods.

    Here's a little snippet of the itinerary:

    Friday - Board the gleaming blue and gold carriages of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express at Paris Gare de l’ Est, mid afternoon. After being greeted by your personal steward, settle into your private cabin and relax with a delightful afternoon tea. Later enjoy a delicious gourmet dinner on board and overnight on the train.

    Wednesday - Early this morning the train enters Turkey and crosses the beautiful Thracian Plain. After breakfast and lunch on board, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express arrives in Istanbul, at the end of a fascinating and unique journey across seven countries and cultures.

    If you are interested in reveling in the sumptuous images of this trip go to http://www.orient-express.com/web/vsoe/venice_simplon_orient_express.jsp


  2. I have always wanted to ride on the Trans Siberian Railway....! Mongolia, Russia, it just sounds so far away and exciting

    Very Cute post!

    Gill xo

  3. Hey Gill, it looks like it's actually just you and I left in the lounge - no wonder Mr tall, dark and handsome came over to you!
    Enjoy your Trans Siberian trip!

    Dear bloggy friends - I see that I've hit a clunker with this post and for this I apologise.
    I do hope you'll pop back next Friday when we resume our adventuring!

    x F

  4. Oh, love travelling, after last year's trip to Europe with a Greek Island cruise including Croatia wasn't addictive enough, we're doing the South Sea Islands in the next couple of years, how easy with 4 children??!! I'm voting for cruise liner, fantastic, love Posie

  5. This is an awesome post Felicity. I love it. A wonderful way for me to drift off to sleep pondering over where I would love to travel too!

    My cherubs would take a first class ticket right to Disneyland.

    I would however love to start my trip with a visit to the Cook Islands and then off to Italy, Japan and Fiji.

    Kind of a weird combination but that is where I am feeling like visiting today...in the morning could be somewhere different.

    Naomi x

  6. Oh, my! What a splendid opportunity. I think I would just wander the streets of Paris for five days - want to join me? J x

  7. p.s I'm wanting a train to India, don't suppose you know when the next one leaves?


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