21 May 2011

Six Senses Tours - The Netherlands

Wowee, it's been a while since we've globetrotted together hasn't it?
This week we're privileged to have the wonderful Saskia from 'Join My Joy' as our Tour Guide.
Grab your sense of wonder and hop on board the 'Six Senses' tour as we explore another little pocket of the world with this truly gorgeous Gifter.


Hi, I am Saskia and I love to tell you a bit about my home in The Netherlands. 
If you are looking for where I live on the globe, you will find our neighbour countries are Germany and Belgium. 
My family love swimming in the North Sea in Summertime.

I give you a warm welcome to my home. 
We live in the country, in a teeny tiny village called Ottoland. 
Our street name is B, just B. We have an A street and a B street, now you have an idea of how teeny tiny it is ;)

I would like you to meet my neighbour, well she is just one amongst many brothers and sisters. 
Plenty of bugs and frogs dance and sing around the home too and a little tractor comes out very often to play in the yard.

I love love the taste of good coffee and homemade cake. Since my oldest daughter was born I am a stay at home mom. 
The oven is my best friend in the house, we make a lot of Italian food and sweet treats.

I cannot get enough of cuddling and hugging my four little ones, especially in Wintertime when we bake a lot and create the funniest things. We sit down at the big table in the living room, bunches of chocolate and tea, giggles, happy faces and the creativity juices start to flow (most of the time..).

I delight in the smell of fresh picked wildflowers in Spring and the odour of my lilacs!

My little monkeys attend school in Rotterdam, ‘the big city’, that's where we spend our weekdays. 
But each and every weekend and during vacations we enjoy country life.

I loved reading about the lovely little corners in the world and I look forward to reading and looking at the ones to follow! 
Thanks for this great idea, sweet Fizz, it is inspiring and fun! Happy thoughts to all.
Thank you so much Saskia. You are such an upbeat and inspiring person, I've looked forward to your tour with great anticipation and feel privileged to be able to have a peek into your world. 
Can you believe that Captain V gave me the most wonderful pot of red and yellow tulips for Mother's Day and of course my mind skipped to The Netherlands.  
If you would like to receive more of Saskia's gorgeous joy, and in her own words to 'sweetify your day', skip on over to her special place in Blogland, I just know you'll love it!
Ooh and a bonus is that she has a lovely giveaway at the moment.


  1. What a gorgeous journey that took me on! Thank you so much. How I adore the greenery surrounding your home and the character of your houses - would so love a visit. I could almost smell the fresh country air..dreaming of an escape (can't you tell!) and I love the picture of your cherubs.

    Thanks ladies, great images to send me off to sleep this night :) Naomi x

  2. Felicity, what a beautiful post. It was a pleasure to visit Saskia's lovely home. Oh how it reminds me of England. I always enjoy my visits to your lovely blog.I hope you'll stop by Katherines Corner. I'm having a giveaway, open to Australia too. xo

  3. oh how delightful that journey was!

  4. I really really loved this sweet post. the words, the pictures, and all together it paints a gorgeous image. And I am loving the fact that your street name is "B". A great insight into a place so far from me!

    Gill xo

  5. What an absolutely gorgeous place you call home Saskia. The grass is so green, I'm just not used to it :) Your cow is prettier than the ones on our farm! Thank you for letting us into your part of the world ^^

  6. Such a beautiful post Felicity. What lush surroundings and friendly neighbours you have Saskia! x

  7. Absolutely lovely! Will pop over for a visit to Saskia's blog.

  8. Beautiful story (almost a fairytale) from my blogfriend ♥

  9. How lovely to see a bit more of Saskia's wonderful life. Best wishes to you, Tammy

  10. saskia and her home are just as beautiful, as i imagined.


  11. Hi! so nice to stop by at your blog, Felicity!
    I just adore Saskia ~ her wonderful world in the Netherlands ~ her adorable little munchkins and very charming life. I have enjoyed learning about where you live, Saskia! So serene and beautiful* just like YOU!
    *blessings always*

  12. My dear VRIENDIN Saskia is just a beautiful woman with a heart of pure gold. I LOVED THIS IDEA Felicity; this is absolutely stunning and The Netherlands is my dream destination, thanks to meeting some of THE NICEST blog friends from there...what a beautiful place Saskia lives in!!!! Anita

  13. she is one of the most wonderful, joy-filled, love-spreading bloggers i know. her light shines far out into the world, thanks to Blogland! her 4 little ones are the luckiest children in all the world to have her as their mom. :)

  14. A beautiful place for a beautiful woman. Saskia is so kind... and joyful.

    Kisses, Ana

  15. Hello Felicity :) Had to come over a seen Saskia and it's very nice to meet you! Lovely Blog!
    Saskia you are GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I loved seeing your stunning country home! I bet you and your kiddos have so so much fun!
    lots of love
    gi gi

  16. Oh ...this is my Sassie.....love that girl !!...xxx...

  17. Very lovely tour Saskia! It breathes green, fun, love, and care. Thank you for sharing and thank you for hosting, Felicity. The pictures are awesome, so inviting.

  18. I am so happy to meet you. I came over from Sweet Saskia's post. Saskia you are a joy to behold and beautiful too. Your little ones are just so adorable. How fun to live the city life and the country life. Joy to all...

  19. beautiful. Lovely to see a part of The Netherlands

  20. Oh Saskia, you live in heaven. A-M xx

  21. What a beautiful place, so green and lush. Love the picture of the children on the ledge. Thanks so much for this beautiful tour- I love this series. Emma

  22. It was lovely to discover your blog Felicity and I have come over from Saskia's.
    It was great to take a peek into Saskia's beautiful life, thank you to you both.

    Happy weekend

  23. This was beautiful!! How gorgeous is your house Saskia?! And that photo of your children? Absolutely beautiful. Great to see a new part of the world on this great series xx

  24. I enjoy meeting new people and places, especially if they are so welcoming. Came over from Saskia's blog and found magic that is spreading from both of you ;)

  25. All I can say is WOW! Saskia lives in an Amazing place and her house looks just beautiful, Ive always dreamt of living somewhere so beautiful.
    Ive been reading Saskias blog for some time, so its lovely to hear about her home :)


  26. Dear Felicity, Saskia is a super mom and Friend. She is delicate, intelligent. She is a treasure, a present I got from the web.
    Thanks, dear Felicity, for this opportunity you gave us to read some lines written by lovely Saskia!!!
    Much love tou you!! Bela

  27. I love Saskia ~ she is a sweetheart!!!! What a great tour.
    Have a fantastic day Felicity, that's for having us in.

  28. Saskia is so sweet and I enjoy reading her blog! This was a beautiful tour! So happy to have found your blog this morning :)

  29. Hi Felicity (and nice to meet you!)
    Lovely blog...great idea...saskia is already on my sidebar, and I'm off to add you too (sharing the love!)
    fee x

  30. That was lovely to read and created a great picture in my mind of a warm and happy family, living in such a tiny little village. So cute with A and B streets!

  31. hello from prince edward island canada.
    nice to meet you .... and more of saskia!
    nice post

  32. This is a wonderful, wonderful idea. I love it so much and I am looking forward to the next tour.

  33. What a gorgeous post! Such a lovely tour of a place I've never been.

    Saskia - your home looks so lush and idyllic, I can practically smell those gorgeous spring flowers!

  34. Hej Saskia

    Thank you for sharing...
    Your home and how you live your life to the full of your senses is wonderful...

    P.S. And now I have found another inspiring blog...I will stay and rest a while here ;-) x

  35. beautiful place Saskia, I love your tour & your beautiful images.
    thank you for sharing your beautiful world and thank you for the wonderful tours Felicity ♥

  36. Ah, that was just gorgeous, Saskia. x

  37. Hi Felicity,
    Saskia is a lovely and thoughful lady, her home is such a sweet haven. How wonderful to learn more about her. Thanks for sharing...:)

    Blessings to you both for a beautiful week!


  38. What a stunning place to live! I would love to visit The Netherlands again one day. I've only been to Amsterdam but would love to see the countryside and now your Six Senses Tour makes me certain I should!

  39. Oh, goodie! I am *so* delighted to learn more about darling Saskia and finally see her pretty face. Squealing in Hobart. J x


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