23 May 2011

My Oh My! Japanese Beauty

As you know I've adapted to working in my wonderful local library.
This brings all sorts of interesting and unexpected new elements to my world - some lovely, some not so much.

On Friday of last week I had a true gift of serendipity. A couple of bikers approached the table that I was working on. As they removed their helmets I looked up and was absolutely gobsmacked.
There was a guy sporting the requisite grungy beard and beside him THE most serenely beautiful Japanese woman I have ever seen. She actually appeared to radiate a soft glow and I truly had to force myself not to stare.  Several times during the duration of their stay at my table I caught myself taking a little peek at her and wondering at the juxtaposition of the biker leathers and her gentle beauty.

Too soon they departed and left me thinking about all sorts of lovely elements of Japanese culture which I adore.  Gorgeous fabrics and paper, gardens and food styling, tea ceremonies and architecture.

It makes me wonder, have you ever been stopped in your tracks by unexpected beauty?
You may have encountered a gorgeous scene in nature, a manmade element or a stranger in an unexpected place - each and every one is a gift and I'd love for you to share your stories here.


  1. i'm a real stare bear..have been since I was a kid.so yes, I often do, frequently get caught doing it to. It's hard to explain when caught "Oh, I'm staring at you because you are stunningly beautiful", can come across a bit freaky...and then I have to quickly snap think "oh, sorry, I was just admiring your brooch/dress/shawl/hair cut/insert something or other".

  2. Lovely painting, Felicity!

    Yes, I know what you mean. I sooo have this happen to me all of the time and I want to soak the moment up for as long as I can. I'm so affected by aesthetics, really emotionally affected. My favourite things to gaze upon have been exquisite scenery - Tilba takes my breath away everytime I visit, a gorgeous old barn {I often drive a certain way so I can see particular ones I'm familiar with}, a beautiful garden - foxglove spires gives me goosbumps just thinknig about it.And lately it's Meredith Gaston's gorgeous book Tucked In. I can't stop looking at her gorgeous artwork!

    There's so much beauty around, isn't there?
    Thanks for a lovely post...once again:) xx

  3. Sorry, that was me commenting via Lewi's google account. I forgot to change over;) Kim xx

  4. I am drawn to all things Japanese hence the reason why I write haiku poetry, make specialty cards from gorgeous handmade papers and fell in love with Golden Door spa in California 12 years ago. Check out a book called "The Samurai's Garden" by Gail Tsukiyama. Xo

  5. There is so much beauty in Japanese culture....we adore (of course) origami, the art of making something so delicate and beautiful out of paper.

    I am known to stare...it is hard to look away when something so exquisite captures your eye.

    Lovely post xoxox

  6. I was grocery shopping once and the most beautiful woman was checking out her groceries, chatting away to friends. She was wearing jeans and a white T shirt and was the most beautiful woman i have ever seen. She was so natural and so unaffected. I stopped in my tracks, staring. But. So was everyone else in the shop. It was a very strange moment indeed...

  7. Yes love lots of Japanese things. Yesterday at my son's footy match I was drawn to all the beautiful boots the mums were wearing (not as deep) but I as trying to be discreet but I kept going back to one woman's boots and they obviously were very expensive but they were simple, elegant and stunning.

  8. I'm a lover of all things Asian influenced but I especially love Japanese fabric and their papers are exquisite. My sons both went to an international kindergarten which I loved as they were surrounded by culture. The owner is Japanese and so both boys were and are taught the language. It's very cute hearing my 2 1/2 year old count to ten in Japanese.

    And beauty yes I've often been stopped in my tracks by someone or something so beautiful that you can't stop staring. I remember in Thailand being mesmerized by some of their stunning faces.

  9. Ohayou Felicity. Ahh, Japanese beauty. I am really drawn to the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi Sabi - which values imperfection, naturalness, humbleness, and utilitarian objects over highly refined perfection. And for me, Japanese gardens = heaven on earth.

  10. speaking of serendipity... 2 things
    your snail post reminded me that just 8 months ago i cleansed my house and life by at least 75%. my house is for sale and i am currently house-sitting in PEI with almost nothing. its awesome!
    this post reminded me of a time a friend and i followed a guy in a truck on some back roads. he was rocking out to music and looked so carefree from behind that we wanted to see what he was listening to. when we pulled up beside him and he looked over, i was speechless .. he was just sooo beautiful.
    i must have eventually spoke but i dont even remember what i said :)
    have a great day

  11. I studies Japanese all through high school, can barely remember any of it, but their way with food has stuck with me that their cuisine is absolutely my favourite. So concentrated and considered, yet so simple. gxo

  12. I love all things Japanese. I so want to go visit one day. I actually studied Japanese history at Uni and my main study was in relation to war. Not that beautiful but it fascinated me the sadness, the culture and the beauty of the people and the land. I have to say I have had a few guys stop me in my tracks - hello! gorgeous....ha! anyway, I really don't like to stare but sometimes you just have to, to soak all of it in, to capture it in your memory forever. N x

  13. too bad that it seems such a taboo to look at people for longer than a few seconds. sometimes you see such amazing beauty, and all you are allowed is to steal a glance...

  14. Sorry am a wee bit tired and trying to think what to write.

    The attention to detail in Japanese aesthetic and that sometimes less is more really attracts me.

    I love low lying morning mist in valleys and views from Mountains. Oh yeh one image comes to mind and I never had a camera with me. I was hiking in India, in Rajastan. After lunch I walked with some fellow Women travellers and we came upon a desert village. We were greeted by two young women in the most vibrant coloured saris. They took their veil off their most beautiful faces for us to see. They offered us fresh milk from their goats. It is one of my most beautiful memories in my head.

    Hope all is going well on the selling front?

    jill x

  15. Love your story Felicity.Yes many times I witness gifts of beauty aound.Often I move on so quickly, that I forget to truly cherish the moment...I think my camera has been a great tool in helping me to take the time to appreciate and really look...:)
    Wishing you a lovely week!
    Sandrine x

  16. Oh wow, i see some amazingly beautiful people in my design world - i'll just say straight out "wow, aren't you incredibly stunning" & so often they are shy or have little idea how stand out amazingly attractive they are.
    No one has ever stopped me in my tracks as to how i felt when i locked eyes onto my handsome soldier. It wasn't even love at first sight, i was so amazingly dazzled by his eyes, skin, colouring & smile. I was a teenager then, i can't believe i get to call him my husband & father of our 4 children!! It's been a beautiful 17 years & his eyes still make me feel so loved & safe, happy & alive. Love Posie


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