05 May 2011

Letting My Bluebird Sing - Happy Making Colours

Do you have colours that make your heart sing?

Is there a combination that you are smitten by over and over?

Perhaps your tastes change with the seasons or stages of your life?

If you have been popping into this space for a while you will know that I am a great fan of soft blues and white. This is a colour combination that I have gravitated towards ever since I was a little girl {my Mother has the photos and treasured art to prove it!}.

What you may not know is my love for the sunshine bursts on the colour wheel, especially when they are teamed together.  Aquas, happy yellows, orange, rosey pink and fresh greens - all of these bring me true delight.

Enter stage left {via an introduction from the gorgeous Blogerista Emma Burgess}, the supremely talented happy-maker and designer Amy Butler.
I've created these collages just for you. I hope you enjoy seeing some of my favourite elements from Amy's recent range and if you look carefully, you'll see a photo of the genius herself surrounded by some of her recent collection.

Amy's fabrics, stationery and creative combinations truly make my soul sing.
In fact if I had oodles of 'clams' to splash about, I would fill my wardrobe and home with Amy Butler fabrics and then pop on over to the local hospital and nursing home to add some of her colour pops to the  wards of the precious people residing there.

Now it's your turn my friend - what are the colours that make your Bluebird of Happiness sing?

As you look about your space, at the clothes, jewels & accessories you wear, the art you hang on your walls, the colours of your furnishings - what do you see that really encapsulates who you are at your happiest?

For me, it's the bedlinen on the spare bed in my study {you can see it in this photo, very Amy Butler - but actually 'Harry Harry'} and the bursts of colour on my inspiration board which I shared with you here.
I hope you've enjoyed learning about my happy-making colours and learning a little about Amy.
By the way, this isn't a sponsored post I think the woman's a genius and am happy to sing it out for free!


  1. Hi Felicity! What a gorgeous post.

    I love that fabric, so rich in colour. I have a similar looking doovee in the cupboard, which I am going to get out as soon as I finish here.

    I love colour. My favourites by far are green and ocean colours, however I am also partial to wearing red. And I do love pink and green together, despite that old saying that goes "pink and green should never be seen".

    Thanks for this post. It is a grey wet day in Margs today, and I am inspired to add some more colour to my day!

    Nic xo

  2. I'm a colour tart from way back, never enough, mmmm, love it & no one does colour like Amy Butler, she is the queen. Love Posie

  3. what on earth are you doing to me here felicity!!!
    these designs would sure fill my world with happiness :)
    love these designs....just gorgeous!

    I am a blue girls through and through. All shades of blue keep me happy. However is saying that I also love a splash of hot pink. I even have a hot pink jacket I love to wear on occasion.

    Naomi x

  4. Isn't it amazing how much colour can evoke an emotion? I adore colour but am more a pastel shade girl...little pops of colour amongst white..ah lovely :)


  5. I love all of this too - especially with a dash of soft pink or super fushcia - double yum :) le xox

  6. Oh I totally agree her material sure does make my heart sing.

  7. A little shop up my street sells lots of Amy and I keep going in and have lots of angst over should I splurge or not. Imagine waking up with those sheets. Maybe I should?

  8. Swoon! I am a child of India and embrace colour in all it's glory! Favourites... greens and blues, pops of red, yellow and hot pink. Off to investigate Amy Butler now! x

  9. Utter gorgeousness, Lovely. Thanks so much for collating these pretty collages. What glorious bursts of colour. J x

  10. Oh how I love colour and Amy Butler does it like know one else! And thanks to my sister in law who recently introduced me to Hawthorne Threads I have a heap of Amy Butler fabric headed my way.
    I loved damask and paisley in every colour of the rainbow and then discovered her fabrics and it was heaven.


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