26 May 2011

Letting My Bluebird Sing - Buzzing The Air Waves

Radio is one of my alltime favourite forms of media and is an integrated element of my everyday life.
Working from home I have the luxury of starting my day with ABC Radio National and subscribe to many podcasts which I can listen to whenever I want.

How fabulous then to be featured on Sydney's Hope 103.2 FM on Jennifer Reid's segment 'Best of the Blogs'. The funny thing is, the broadcast went to air whilst we were in the midst of our telecommunications dramaand I had to scoot off to the library, sit in a corner with my ear to my laptop to be able to listen to it!

Each week the gorgeous Jennifer profiles a blog that she wants to give a shout out about and I was truly tickled pink to have been recently chosen.
If you haven't met Jennifer yet, you will be delighted to spend time in her lovely blog space "Life's Like A Cupcake". Make sure you set aside some time with a good cup of coffee & a delicious snack as there is so much to explore, a myriad of yummy recipes and for anyone looking for a burst of inspiration you can't go past Jennifer's moving story.

And if you have a spare ten minutes the 'Gift Of Serendipity - Best of the Blogs' feature can be heard here.
It made my bluebird sing loud and clear and I thank Jennifer from the bottom of my heart for this gift.

Happy day dear friend, what has made your bluebird sing this week?

* Fingers crossed this has been completely resolved.


  1. How lovely!
    I too am lucky enough to listen to the radio all day most days (then fill my OH in on all the interesting facts I've heard each evening!)
    Congratulations to you
    fee x

  2. Well, this post has just made my bluebird sing!! Thank you for such kind words Felicity...love & hugs, Jen xxoo

  3. Holy cow F!! You are on a roll. Congrats!!!

  4. Love this! you sure do have a song to sing and love that Jennifer is helping you to sing your song to many more. Looking forward to listening to it when the cherubs are in bed. Naomi x

  5. I love the opening watercolor- such an uplifting image. I, too, am intrigued by radio.


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