07 May 2011

Gathering Gratefuls - I Spy...

Me: I spy with my great big ginormous eye, something beginning with 'M'.

You: MuuMuu?

Me: No but that is me in the middle seemingly rocking my best Mumma Cass look!

You: Mexican cowgirls?

Me: Very creative!  I can see where you're coming from with the hats and what looks to be a gun-toting hipster on the left - but no, try again.

You: Morning shadows?

Me: I guess it could be and I love your divergent thinking, but not this time - it was actually late afternoon.

You: Oh I know! I know! Moving forward - because you're on a road!!!

Me: OK I'll give you that but what I was really aiming for was Mothers.
This photo was taken at Easter with my own Mother on the left, my Sister-In-Law on the right {piggy-backing my only niece} and of course you know that it's me in the middle.

I am totally indebted to my own Mum and am ever in admiration for the way my SIL is raising my only niece.
On this special weekend I send out a great big heart warming "Hooray!" to all the Mothers, Step-Mothers, Grandmothers, Mothers-in-Law and expectant Mothers.
I wish you a very happy weekend filled with much Mother love!

To find out what other clever cookies just like you are grateful for this weekend, scoot on over to the dazzling Maxabella's and revel in the Grateful Lists she has gathered.


  1. You enjoy the day as well F as I have seen you in action with that darling little girly girl creating masterpieces outside. My guess is you play an important role in every little love bug's life that crosses your path. Hugs!

  2. You enjoy your weekend to Felicity! gxo

  3. You too Felicity. Cheers Charmaine

  4. Hope you have a wonderful weekend Felicity. You are a great influence over your cherubs in your home and a great uplift to many women. Love that you have a great relationship with your mother and hope you have some 'chill out' time together. Naomi x

  5. Here's to Mothers everywhere and the amazing job we do :)
    Happy Mother's Day Felicity.

  6. Happy Mothers Day to you! I always appreciate the great wisdom you share through this site. Enjoy!

  7. Hope tomorrow is a lovely one for you all. I like the concept of this picture and the notion of motherly love being an ever present and comforting shadow in my life.

  8. oh you know how my mind works :)

  9. A very happy Mother's day to u....lovely post:)

  10. Very sweet and clever shot. Love the intergenerational love. Have a very beautiful day and may your blue bird sing all day.

    xo jill

  11. thnk u soo much for stopping by my blog Felicity..:) ( is that ur name?) and leaving a comment:)Aakriti

  12. such a lovely blog! I found you through maxabella loves :)

  13. A lovely post Felicity. Have enjoyed catching up on your recent posts. You have a special way with words. Enjoy your weekend.
    Rebecca x

  14. Your post makes me smile. Have a wonderful Mother's Day, sweet sweet Fizz. Sending some extra love today xxxxxx

  15. Love your little I Spy - and what a lovely shot to use. Thank you = I'll take the vicarious Mother's Day wishes - who knows what I'll get from my actual crew. Wishing you a lovely day tomorrow as well!

  16. I love this 'script', Felicity. You've a warmth and a sharp wit about you x

  17. lovely Felicity, absolutely lovely!
    sending you enormous hugs especially today ♥

  18. Happy Mother's Day. I couldn't open the image yesterday, on go slow end of month usage, so i'm back & it makes sense now!! Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mummies in your world & family, esepcially to you in your role as mummy to those 3 wonderful gifts. Love always, Posie

  19. Oh, you Gorgeous Girl. Loving the intrigue...J x

  20. Beautiful as ever and such a creative post. Love it! x


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