27 May 2011

Gathering Gratefuls - Cool Evening Ensemble

It's starting to get a bit chilly in my pocket of the world which meant that I had to start thinking about changing over my light weight PJs for something a little warmer.

I know that flannys are snuggly and may even be the only choice for you, but they are a bit bulky for me and I tend to overheat in them.  We have relatively warm winters here so I'm lucky that I can get away with lighter layers -  a compromise was needed.
Imagine my surprise and delight when I spied these little beauties.  They are charcoal grey with soft pink trims and I've got to tell you, I'm smitten.  You can't really see it in this photo but the cuffs at both the ankle and wrist have quite long splits which makes them very feminine.

I've been finishing off my evening ensemble with a soft pink pashmina around my shoulders, which is  all I need at the moment. When the temperature really starts to drop, I have the choice between a lovely old cable-knit charcoal grey coat or a baby pink robe which Captain V gave me during our courtship.

Why am I sharing all of this with you? Well it's little things like this which may seem trivial to some but truly bring me great delight and I'm all for sharing on the joy!
I bet you have a favourite winter ensemble that you snuggle into in the evenings.  Do you ever be naughty like me and keep them on all day just because they are so very, very comfortable?

I'd like to thank Ness for inspiring this post and to the gorgeous Maxabella for making room on her kitchen table to enable us all to pop a note in her grateful basket.

If you're feeling the effects of the cooler weather and would like some respite in a warmer clime or are up for an adventure of the senses, be sure to pop on Emily's tour of her downtown market action in Seoul here.
For more great reads about happy-making moments knock on Maxabella's door here.

Happy day dear friend, I hope that you get to snuggle up with someone you love.


  1. QUite incredible to think of you waiting for the winter while we are waiting for summer. Cozy up:)

  2. ...posted on behalf of Posie Patchwork upon request [Bad boy Blogger seems to be misbehaving again!]


    See it's posts like this which make me think it's totally acceptable to treat myself to $60 knitted socks with pom poms on them.

    I love a good evening ensemble & with my new amazing bedding, i can still get away with light jammies.

    Have a comfortable & toasty evening, love Posie

  3. BTW everyone if you click on the photo of my PJs you'll be taken to the store where I bought them and I'm sure you'll be surprised, not least by the price!

    The pashmina is my own from a selection purchased overseas a couple of years ago and is much loved, not least because of the colour and its versatility.

  4. Love love love the jammies!

    Right now I am sitting in Purple Polka Dot Flannies... so stylish.

  5. I LOVE the look of those PJs! I'm like you - I love the comfort of the flannel pjs, but I tend to overheat in them.

    You know - I never thought of using a pashmina to keep me warm in my PJs!! I have one I barely use, so I will be getting out some more now.

    Always love your grateful posts, Felicity. xx

  6. oh yes it's getting to that time of year! I used to have flannel sheets and pj's...but when I got married I don't need them so much now the husband radiates the heat, which is good cause it can get rather chilly in adelaide! hope you keep snuggly

  7. I love those Jammies too, I must have a look at the shop

  8. Oh, Felicity, you are such a stylish girl! And they are a steal, I agree. I am relieved we won't be spending another winter in this freezing rental house - we really need to rug up here at night. Here's hoping our new abode is warmer! J x

  9. Felicity, this is teh second post in a row telling me to consider wearing my pj's all day long! Surely the universe is telling me something....guess what I am going to do tomorrow??

    Off to check out The Six Senses Seoul Tour - I used to live in Sth Korea!! Can't wait

    Gill xo

  10. The love of the humble PJ, what a fantastic post. The simple things in life are truly the best. My husband and I unfortunately have a temperature crisis, he gets hot too quick, while my teeth chatter. He often calls the shower water I run.. lava Ha Ha xo

  11. Very cute F! I wear something with sleeves year round. Winging my way back to Michigan at this very moment.

  12. Oh I love that name: FELICITY!!! In French, Félicité....ahhh...Merci for coming to visit me tonight! AND THANK YOU for the link to the artist. I so appreciate artists' ability to capture the heart of something and I am sure she has captured the love and beauty of Paris. Do come back to visit all the links and my post as well. Merci Felicity! ANita

  13. They are gorgeous pjs :). We have cold nights so I love my flannel pjs and electric blanket :)

  14. Seems strange to be thinking of winter clothes at the moment. Must admit to bedsocks also in winter........but then our winters are cold....

  15. Love, love, loving the pink! I wear the same pj's every winter - I can't bear to part with them, this will be their fourth year running (including right through my pregnancy!). Those, some thick pink bed socks and my wheat bag makes my winter nights oh so cosy. xx

  16. Each winter I will treat myself to a new pair of PA flannel pjs. Melbourne's weather is so ridiculous this year that I bought them as early as March. Now we are nearly our proper winter I'm thinking of buying a another pair!

    Nothing beats a pair of flammies and thick socks in the winter time. Leaving them on all day is bliss (albeit a very rare bliss in my life nowadays but one I look forward to doing again one day).

  17. Your pj are beautiful sweet friend. Stay warm and cozy o xx o xx o

  18. Hi Felicity, these are gorgeous PJ's indeed. Something about grey and pink that is just so pretty, I have always liked those colours together.
    My favourite bedtime item is my navy blue gown. It is soft, warm and perfect for lounging around in OR doing a spot of housework in ;o) It is also extra special as my Mama gave it to me just before my second bub was born. It is nice when things have a story behind them.
    Popping over from Maxabella's and very happy to have found your blog. Looking forward to enjoying more of your beautiful posts :o)

  19. It's strange to think that other people are getting out the flannies, whilst on some special days now, I even put on my dresses without the woolen tights... It all has its good sides I guess, but I'm really looking forward to summer right now.

  20. lovely pjs. In Melbourne we need warmer pjs, overcoats and thick scarves! CHarmaine

  21. Actually, I did just buy a couple of pairs of flannelette PJs. Obviously not as stylish as your new attire but I do love changing into them when I get home and feeling relaxed & cozy. x

  22. oh those are really sweet! i have to find something for next Winter so i'll keep a look out for something like these. i think it's all part of self-nurturing - needn't be expensive, but putting something on like this rather than 10 yr-old sweats makes a big difference.

    delightful blog.



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