27 April 2011

Word Of The Week - A Giggle Making Word

Do you feel like your vocabulary could do with a little zhushing? Then this space is for you!
Each week I unearth a new word to play with.  If you would like to join in, you can write a post incorporating this weeks' word, then come back and leave a comment with your post link so that we can all read your work.  
To make it easy for us to find your WW entry, please incorporate the button into your post.

Tee hee! I'm guessing that some of you will be wondering if I've lost the plot entirely as the word this week and in the previous entry were....well let's just say a little 'unusual'. I can assure you that I'm entirely fine although giggling myself silly with this little treasure.
This word tickled my fancy a couple of weeks ago and I've even printed it onto cards and placed it on my inspiration board
The best thing is to say it out loud "Bumf, bumf, bumf!" and I bet you'll be surprised to learn what it means....

[noun] Unwanted or uninteresting printed matter 
such as governmental forms, legal documents, junk mail, promotional pamphlets, etc. 

When I first discovered this terrific little word, I must admit I was all abuzz to share it and sent a note to a few of my 'word zhushy' Gifters.  One of you [I won't name names to protect the innocent] wittily replied that you would be putting a sign on your mailbox that read "No Bumf Allowed" - priceless! 
Now I don't expect everyone to share my enthusiasm for this week's word but I would love to hear your thoughts - if you manage to put it into a blog post I believe you should earn triple WW points - whatever that means! Alternatively, grab the following image, print it off and give yourself the gift of a giggle whenever you see it or say it aloud - go on I dare you!

Postscript 28th April, 2011: Since publishing this post there has been a flurry of activity around this funny little four letter word. To find out what's been happening and to get a 'No Bumf Here' button for your blog or a sticker for your mailbox click here.


  1. I like it!! "Just chuck out all that bumf and be done with it" Very nice. Trust all is well with you and yours..

  2. A good one to add to my "Scrabble with Friends" repertoire! Cute and colorful text! Very springy!

  3. Oh I do love a challenge!! Let's see what bumf we can all produce this week...but remember, save the trees, think before you print your bumf! xxxCate

  4. ahhh, so much to giggle about with this word Felicity! hmmmm, wonder how we would go with bumf on a little home... =)

    Nice to see you back my lovely. Have missed these gorgeous posts xoxo

    Kell x

  5. Definitely a new word for me and one I will take delight in using! Too funny x

  6. This would have been a useful word for me last week. Thanks for the fun!

  7. I wonder if this is originally and English word? It's quite commonly used here, it is a truly great word! Hmmm, I can feel a post coming on ....... Thank you for the inspiration, I may see if I can fit in a few other colloquialisms too.

  8. I am going to use the crap out of this word! I'm a college student, and I've never heard it before, but better believe this is now how I'm going to be referring to any homework assignment I view as pointless!!

    Your blog is beautiful by the way!!


  9. Bumf. I like it, it's got such a dismissive air, and I like that it (sort of) rhymes with Hmmph, which my husband and my daughter both say regularly to express their dissatisfaction.

    You know that font makes it look even funnier. Bumf!

  10. Ha ha! And I know who that unnamed person is ☺ (not me). Placing on my thinking cap...J x

  11. haha, hilarious. I might actually put this on my mailbox. mailmen need something to laugh about too :)

  12. I love learning new words, especially words like Bumf that have such great alliteration - it just sounds good to say it! The added benefit is the way people look at you when you toss out the little used word like bumf!

  13. I'm clearly very good at bumf!

  14. Oh Felicity can you make up a badge for our blogs so we can say "i don't like bumf" or "no bumf allowed" for our sidebars??!! I'd like it back to your blog, for WW as it's sheer brilliance. Love Posie

  15. Well Posie, you've started something with your last comment, have a look in the sidebar....Not only have I made a sidebar button but I wrote a new post and after reading it Georgies from SJW has asked for a sticker for her mailbox - so I've made that too! Thank you for the inspiration!

    And thank you everyone else for your lovely notes and giggles,

    xx F

  16. It's such a strange word. Funny, but indeed one I could use as I'm certainly not a bumf fan at all!!

  17. Hahah, my friends and I use this word!

  18. Oh I love this word! I must use it more often!

  19. I so needed to see this word today. I am under pressure to place so much 'bumf' on my blog it is getting depressing. THANK YOU for sharing this. Feeling a little teary as I want to be strong and am having trouble. You are inspiring and an answer to prayer for me today. Naomi x


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