05 April 2011

Two For Tuesday - Catherine Nolin

I love Tuesdays, this is the day of the week where I like to share a gift of art with you and to play a game.
With great originality (hmhm) I've titled this activity 'Two For Tuesday'.

Welcome new 'Gifters' and hello to those of you who are just popping in for a peek.  
You might like to have a look at the art which has been showcased on previous Tuesdays, this can be found in the 'Art To Enjoy' section on my sidebar.

Now for the game, this is how we play - I present you with two pieces of art, then in thirty words or less you share a thought about how they relate to each other or to your own life.  Have fun!

There are some very talented Gifters in our midst and this week we are going to enjoy the creative work of the lovely Catherine Nolin.  You may have spied a piece of Catherine's art, 'The Living Tree' amongst the treasures on my desk last week, but because the light was reflecting on the glass you may not have been able to see it properly.  This would be a shame as I love it to bits and want you to enjoy the colours, the birds, the plants, the patterns. I'm not fibbing when I tell you that every day something new captures my eye and makes me smile.

The second image that I've chosen today is titled "I Never Promised You A Rose Garden" and again this piece is brimful of colour, pattern and movement. My eyes are mesmerized by the detail.

I can't wait to find out what you see in each and I'm sure that you'll want to explore more of Catherine's art. 
You can do this by visiting her online studioEtsy Store, Zazzle site or for regular updates of new art follow Catherine on her blog. Enjoy!


  1. hmmm - seeing the beauty in the world around me. ALso reminds me of art journaling with all the colour. Charmaine

  2. To me they represent joy, serenity and the promise of all things good. Her obvious joy for nature and her use of colours invokes a sense of peace. These are works that can be gazed upon for a very long time and have a calming, joyful effect. The second picture could be mother Nature herself as the little birds are obviously happy to be with her. Very nice dear Felicity.

  3. These pictures remind me of my backyard. I have let out passionfruit vine go crazy and it is climbing and growing over everything it can. One of the delightful events that has happened from this is that we now have many different coloured birds visiting our garden. The cherubs and I have enjoyed these new visitors and delight in the colours they have. Beautiful artwork. N x

  4. Those bold colours really lifted me out of this grey day in Hong Kong today! That second pic looks like the garden of eden or something just as tranquil and inncoent. Just beautiful x

  5. The rich tapestry of life. The second work is what i have been hoping for. I've been dreaming of having our own abundant garden with many visiting birds. Imagining myself up early and potting away into my antiquity. Thank you.

  6. They are gorgeous. They look a bit like tapestry. The first one reminds me of Chinese lacquered works, too. Colorful and pops right out at you. Lovely pieces.

  7. i like both images but I really really like the second image...and i like deux chiens "the rich tapestry of life" comment

    THe first image makes me think of eyes! I can see eyes within those flowers, looking right back at the person looking at them...is that a little odd?

    the second image just feels so delicious, so warm, so maternal, def has a mother earth vibe for me, even Garden of Eden!

    Gill xo

  8. These are so striking! Being a true Aries, my eyes are always drawn to red first, so the detailed skirt in the second image really appeals to me. Probably because I have the image of the tree in my mind from the first, I see the skirt as spreading branches and leaves. Love these Felicity. Thank you. xx

  9. I love the first piece and keep going back to it, its so beautiful. The range of background color, and the rich florals blend so well. It reminds me of a cushion made in a warwick fabric my aunty had when I was younger. The second piece I love the name of and it gives you a feeling of being in an exotic country, and with the vibrant colors again. Gorgeous art Felicity.

  10. Blossoming! I see so much life in these images, all of these creatures and flowers that are glowing, blooming, reaching out to us with their colors and shapes saying "I am here, am I not glorious!"

    Both images are just wonderful, and together they make such a celebration of the earth and life. My favorite part of both images is the bird in Catherine's creation who appears to be wearing a crown and cloak!

    Thank for sharing this beauty!

  11. I have so enjoyed reading all these thoughtful comments. Thanks again Felicity. Catherine

  12. For me I am drawn to pattern and line. I see dark colours with light line pattern or light colours with a deeper, darker colour. I love birds and flowers so am immediately drawn to their simplicity.


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