04 April 2011

My Oh My! - Gelato Art & The Jewel Recipients

Happy new week dear friend. Todays 'bling' is courtesy of a little visitor to our home. I hope you love the gelato happiness in her painting as much as I do.

The best part about using the downstairs concrete for our artists studio is that we get to paint the pet rocks holding our paper and 'palettes', but also the concrete, the smock, our hands and toes! 

A quick wash and we're ready for the next adventure.  Just one moment in the life of a future famous artist.

To keep the happiness flowing I think it's time to announce the lucky recipients of Jennifer's jewels.
Not being a fan of fiddling forever with the 'Random Org' doovalacky, I literally closed my eyes and drew names out of the hat. My favourite beach hat to be exact.

Yippee! Congratulations girls, please email me ASAP with your postal details so that Jennifer can pop your lovely surprises into the post.

For those of you who missed out this time, there's good news. Jennifer has more of her rhinestone earrings (just like the ones in the giveaway) in her store and is donating all of the proceeds from the sales to the Red Cross.  
These gems come in a huge range of colours and are very reasonably priced. The fantastic thing is that  not only will you get to own some lovely jewels but will be helping a truly worthy cause.

Until tomorrow, enjoy celebrating the serendipity!


  1. Love the painting and what a great experience. Congratulations to the lucky winners Charmaine

  2. Congratulations Cathie!

    The painting looks like a blast - and rather tidy too. My daughter would have had it everywhere. Eek! x

  3. I think that painting is stunning! Love the colours, I could really see it on a large scale at the MCA :)
    Congrats to the lucky winners, have a great day Felicity!

  4. I love painting rocks with my daughter...its the best.

  5. Oh boy, a wee artist in the making! What fun, a masterpiece for sure! And cute pictures to boot! What a cutie patootie!

  6. Love the painting Felicity. Love the colours and the rock painting. Congrats to the winners of such awesome jewels and congrats to you on reaching 300 followers. yeah! N x

  7. A warm congrats to the lucky winners - enjoy your treats. And Felicity, that honeysuckle artwork is precious, in all its forms! But the artist is my favourite ☺. J x

  8. Congrats to the winners and I love your very charming artist's work!!

  9. That artwork is stunning... and what a little cutie pie!

    Angela x

  10. I love looking at little people's hands. They are so adoreable in their size, chubbiness, and ability to create magic. :)

  11. I really hope you framed that painting. It's beautiful! I'd happily have that hanging somewhere in my house.
    Oh, wow! I can't believe you drew my name out of a hat! That never happens to me. Well not until now.
    Thanks beautiful lady! xx

  12. Ok, I'm not sure how to email you, so my email address is...kydeni@hotmail.com.

  13. What a sweety this little artist "en herbe"!Yipee for Cathie and Ky!!!

  14. Lovely artwork! Congratulations to the winners! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  15. Wow, I love that combination of colors... so much! It's the combination I have in my room at home - orange walls, brown wood and pink details.It's so summerly!

  16. love the paintings. the colours are striking!

    the other fun thing I like to do with my two boys and rocks is drawing faces with a black marker. we have literally thousands of rocks in our yard, so that makes for an endless supply of canvases.

    congrats to the winners! thanks for hosting a giveaway.

  17. I adore children's gorgeous artistic creations, specially with that no-holds barred attitude, and before they think they should copy everyone else. How cute - and my sense of colour exactly.
    Amanda x

  18. i love that your little one is so into painting! what a beautiful way to express herself.

    thank you sooo very much for hosting such a lovely giveaway & having such a beautiful blog Felicity!
    yay, soo very excited, thanks to you & Jennifer ♥


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