08 April 2011

Gathering Gratefuls - A Double Rainbow

You know of course that this space is all about celebrating the unexpected & lovely, the gifts of serendipity that present themselves when I least expect them. Well, have I got a beauty for you!

We have been experiencing a LOT of wet weather in my pocket of the world but the last week has seen some spectacular autumnal features shining through. Clear blue skies accompanied by a crisp nip in the air - it has been truly glorious....for the most part.

Yesterday for example, Captain V and I were taking our daily sunset walk with the Frankendog when an odd drumming noise interrupted our chat.  We turned to each other with a look of bemusement on our faces, and then suddenly it dawned...."Run!". Yep you guessed it we each arrived home drenched but laughing as Mother Nature giggled, presenting us with a glorious sunset sky after her splat of heavy rain.

This morning I'd just seen everyone off for their various activities and was returning home from my morning walk when I lifted my eyes to be greeted with this....what a treat!

Fortunately I had my camera with me and the sharp eyed amongst you may even be able to pick out some sneaky raindrops on the lens.  
This was a rainbow with a very special hum. Wanting to get a different angle and knowing how quickly these gifts can fizzle out, I scooted to our upstairs verandah to get a different perspective.

This monster rainbow was fairly bedazzling me with glorious colour and illumination & I was beside myself.
Then THE MOST AMAZING thing happened.  
A second rainbow appeared above the first. I was literally struck dumb.
But then, oh wow, I can hardly believe this myself, I looked down and could actually see where the first rainbow hit land, and it was in our yard!  Let me say that again for those of you who may have skimmed it...


Now I'm not going to get all Judy Garland on you but truly, how many times would you expect to experience something like this in a lifetime? Many of you will know the line about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and the logo for our Lottery is a rainbow, so I was fairly annoyed that my car was out of action and I had no way to scoot into town to buy a ticket. 

I must say that I was wondering if the whole adage of "be careful what you wish for" could be true though because I've been writing the following phrase a lot lately...

"If the Lotto Gods decide to pay me a visit then....."  

....well maybe this was the sign that they had stopped by and I wasn't prepared! Or maybe I should put in a ticket for tomorrow night's draw? Either way I know that I've been given a truly special gift already.

Oh yes, here's the evidence. You will have to look closely, follow the really bright rainbow right down into my driveway garden. I guess that the saying 'you can't have rainbows without rain' really is true and and that sometimes we are in the right place at the right time to receive the most glorious gifts of serendipity. 
I felt truly blessed and was on quite a high for some time afterwards (in fact some of you received very excited emails so great was my need to share) & hope that you enjoyed seeing these treasures too.

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And if you're looking for some more photos of nature at its best in the form of the ocean around Sydney, and would like to be privy to a secret that only the locals know, be sure to take Chantal's 'Six Senses' tour here.

Happy weekend dear friend, I hope that your eyes are open to the serendipity!


May 1st - A little postscript - I didn't get to put in my Lotto ticket but Captain V did and had a couple of small wins. I did get to do a rather large piece of work which was very well received by the client and which may lead to more work so I guess the pot of gold was found at the end of the rainbow!

I'm linking this post in with Laura's 'Post of the Month'  club.  Click on the button to find more treasures and to play along.  Happy days!


  1. Ah, sweet Felicity, thanks for sharing this wonderment with us. What a blessing to witness it. J x

  2. Wow! What a beautiful experience! Thank you for sharing your amazing photos.

  3. Just gorgeous! Love these pictures and how fortunate that you had your camera - just like a true blogger :) hmmm...looking forward to see what special surprises come your way after this special event. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. N x

  4. oh my, I have been awaiting these photographs all day Felicity....x What beautifully captured moment. You live in a very special part of the world xo

  5. Stunning images - agree with Naomi always carry a camera, you never know what you'll capture.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    A xx

  6. Oh wow! I Love rainbows. How thrilling to see one end in your own back yard. That's got to be very much good luck. So so exciting! Beautiful photos as well. That second one definitely needs a frame :)

  7. love it. So would my daughter. Who doesn't love a rainbow.

  8. wow!

    coicidently we saw the most amazing rainbow yesterday afternoon too...I didn't see it as first and my three year old suddenly yelled 'wow, look Mummy"

    I looked and it really was a wow moment in the sky...such vivid colour bursting through the grey

    Loving that you got such a gift

    Gill xo

  9. Felicity this is just incroyable!If I was you... (ahem!) I would get two tickets!! Remember you had two rainbows!:)What a great demonstration of unexpected and lovely! I will keep my eyes peeeled now, hopefully I will be able to close the umbrella :)
    Bon weekend Lovely lady

  10. Oh Felicity, that is absolutely amazing! God just knew that you would appreciate not one rainbow, but two. Thank you for sharing. Perhaps that's what you were meant to do (and that pot of gold will find you elsewhere!) Have a wonderful weekend! xx

  11. I love it just as much seeing it again, even after my sneak preview ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend lovely lady xx

  12. Gorgeous photos. Wasn't it lucky that you had your camera with you! A double rainbow - I have never seen one of those, so you were blessed indeed.

  13. Beautiful, this post is lovely. Rainbows always make me smile. We had a double rainbow last spring.Love this! Hugs and have a great weekend.

  14. Ah of course the rainbow ends at your home, you're Felicity Serendipity!! Got to love tropical rain, my children STILL think it's Darwin when it rains & run out to play. Getting caught in the rain is so much fun, except when you have that wet dog smell looming at the end of the lead & have to wait for sunshine before washing the dog. Love Posie

  15. I love it! AND i had to giggle when you said about Julie Garland...I went and saw the wizard of oz last night...the school I work at is doing it as the musical this weekend! :) ha did you have a dream about going to Oz last night? Thanks for sharing this is lovely!

  16. Wow! I always wanted to find the end of a rainbow and searched so hard when I was a little girl. How fantastic that you were able to capture it on camera! Wishing you a lovely weekend....

  17. Magically captured. I could feel your excitement. I am really really enjoying your space.
    xx jill

  18. a lovely gift indeed, but think i would hedge my bets and go the lotto. you just never know ♣

  19. Beautiful capture.A stunning double rainbow indeed. Have a special weekend hope there is a surprise waiting for you.

    We had one recently too at the farm ...after terrible flooding in the area- it looked like it started and finished on the property. I couldn't capture it in one frame.
    I had it up again on my blog yesterday.

  20. How gorgeously special Felicity. A rainbow indeed has that ability to stop us in our tracks. I have been known to pull over on occasion just to take it all in. And I just love the way you used the word 'bedazzle' in your post!!!! xxSim

  21. Wow thet are totally breathtaking! love it!

  22. They are quite remarkable; most spectacular in the last image I can see a rare double rainbow.

    More info on double rainbows can be found here.

  23. well don't you live in a lovely part of the world then!!

  24. Stunning, Felicity. So pleased you had your camera on hand. Yes, there is something truly magical about a rainbow sighting, let alone a double one...they are up there with falling stars :)

  25. Beautiful photos to treasure :)

  26. A little gasp again from me. So special, Felicity. You are blessed. x

  27. What an awesome experience you had. What sensational photos you took! Rainbows sure are a special phenomena.

  28. How very special. I think I would feel just as excited. I'm impressed that u could capture it in the photo - well done!

  29. Awesome capture Felicity! The second and third one look like postcards!

  30. Lovely-lucky to have your camera and capture the happiness.

  31. That is absolutely amazing. I didn't know one could actually see the end of the rainbow (unless it was coming from your sprinkler). I hope you did buy some lottery tickets!!

    Thank you for sharing and joining Post Of The Month Club! XOL

  32. Calling by from Post of The Month Club, I have not seen any rainbows yet this year. How wonderful to see a double.

  33. I did read this one in May, and it must have subconsciously stuck with me to mention it again 8 months later!! XoL


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