23 March 2011

Word Of The Week - Cahoot

Do you feel like your vocabulary could do with a little zhushing?  Then this is the space for you!
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[Noun] Partnership; league; agreement on a secret plot; as, to go in cahoot (or in cahoots) with a person
Usually used in the plural (in cahoots), and in modern usage often used to imply that the joint effort is unethical, shady, questionable, or illegal; as, a shill in cahoots with a pickpocket, to serve as a distraction.

I wonder how our masked friends above are 'in cahoots' with each other? 

Although it's meant to have a negative connotation, I actually think that being in cahoots with someone is kind of cheeky, mischievous and fun. Like playing a trick on a friend or planning a surprise for someone special.

Lately I've been working with a friend on a projects and have enjoyed the secrecy and specialness of only the two of us knowing what we're up to. We're in cahoots!

Have you ever been, or are you still 'in cahoots' with someone? How's that working out for you or is it a secret?


  1. Such a fab word!!! And so often bandied about in our house as the plotting between the two older girlies intensifies - but I've never really known the exact meaning...it's just something you say :-)
    So definitely one to add to the permanent vocabulary!! (esp as #3 joins in!)

  2. It's a good word alright. I agree with you Felicity. It conjurs up images of mischief and snickering and secret planning.

  3. Love this word. It often passes through my mind and sometimes over my lips in our house. That picture is wonderful and reminds me so much of Sam and Eli, who I have to say are gifted in the Cahoots area!

    I am loving the idea of being in cahoots with someone. I think I need to find a partner and get a cahoot project going. Actually, I think I should try doing a cahoots project with some with my kids for the other kids (you know what I mean)....I think you just gave me a great idea!

    You are awesome you know xx

  4. Hi Felcity
    long time no comment
    had to pop in and say hello and hope you are well. I personally love the word cahoots I love how its said how it looks and what it implies. Its an 'all good' word. I think that when you are young and running in a pack everything you do is in cahoots. When I was small all the kids in the street would hang out and play or hang out and get up to mischief we were definitely in cahoots!
    PS project sounds interesting .......:)

  5. oh my 2 sons are SO in cahoots with each other :) the cheeky, mischievous, fun kind!! And I'm not currently in cahoots with anyone but I would absolutely like to be :)


  6. Hee hee, I loooove the word cahoot! I can just see Oscar and Tilly in cahoots with one another once she's walking ;)

  7. Gee that one Robin is going to busy looking after THREE Batmans! I'm not in cahoots with anyone at the moment, but yes, it could be FUN!

  8. Haha, lovely! No, haven't been in cahoots for a while. Hubby and I did dicuss the ' fun with Dick and Jane' option for living when we hit financial decline recently, but concluded crime generally doesn't pay..

  9. I love that picture, so much mischief in behind those mask!No much cahoot here but I would love watching some :)Sound like a funny name...would even be funnier if I said it!:)

  10. that is the cutest photo - i bet their mothers never considered selling them for a pair of black leather armchairs! had to laugh at your comment. I bought a lotto ticket for tonight's $20 mill. Fingers crossed xxx

  11. Ah, chuckling in Hobart (a little late in reading this one). My pixies are always in cahoots with each other - post to follow later this week. Ooh, it would be delicious to be in cahoots with you ☺. J x

  12. Love this word! It's such fun to say and I have to agree it is most definitely mischievous. I guess I often feel I'm in cahoots with my husband, in the best possibly way!


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