22 March 2011

Two For Tuesday - Anna Rubin

I love Tuesdays, this is the day of the week where I like to share a gift of art with you and to play a game.
With great originality (hmhm) I've titled this activity 'Two For Tuesday'.

Welcome new 'Gifters', & hello to those of you who are just popping in for a peek.  
You might like to have a look at the art which has been showcased on previous Tuesdays, this can be found in the 'Art To Enjoy' section on my sidebar.

Now for the game, this is how we play:
I present you with two pieces of art. In thirty words or less, you share a thought about how they relate to each other or to your own life.

Today's images are by the wonderful Sunshine Coast artist Anna Rubin.
Anna has a fascinating story of adventure and intrigue travelling from Moscow all the way to Queensland.
She departed a career in business to embark on her life as fine artist. Anna says:

''My mission is to see and let people see the beauty in everything.  I observe, and encourage others to observe, and find again and again pleasure and something new in the objects in my art.
I have always remained passionately appreciative of high quality and the extra effort that transforms everyday pleasures into extraordinary moments . . .
The violin talents of virtuosos as Vivaldi and Paganini  . . .
The beauty and sophistication of haute couture . . .
An exclusive dinner in good company with hand-picked truffles and Ch√Ęteau Margo. 
Quality and excellence takes time – the most precious of all our resources. Through my life journey, I've developed a deep appreciation for extraordinary commitment, passion and skill, and choose to indulge my senses in the extraordinary whenever possible."

 The first piece this week is titled 'Emperor's Desire', the second 'Mozart's Music Case'.
Anna has many wonderful works in her online gallery which I encourage you to visit after you've played today.

My reflection for this week celebrates the juxtaposition of ancient treasures with seasonal fruit which Anna has captured with such realism that I can almost smell the limes and want to reach out to bite into an apple.

"Captured for millennia the ancient and precious share shadowspace with the fresh and fragrant."

Oh and if you haven't already entered the Birthday Bling giveaway be sure to do so today!


  1. Hi sweet friend, I hope Autumn is off to a lovely start! Our Spring is off and Mrs. Sun came out to play. We have been away a few days and now my laundry, groceries and the home are waiting for me. Off I am... or shall I have another cup of tea first? Okay, that's what I will do.
    Much love xxxx

  2. This one took a bit of deeper looking for me. I see apples without a real horse to eat them and sheet music without musician or instruemnt to play it.

  3. Ooohhh...I like this different style of art to play with today!!! The first image is quite sad to me. It's like the horse wishes he was real (perhaps he thinks his shadow is 'real'?), he feels like the odd one out, much like the one red apple. The second image reminds me of your Six Senses tours - a feast for the senses. The sound of the music coming off the sheets, the smell of the limes, the feel of that beautiful ceramic pot, the visual display of all the elements together..... xx

  4. How beautiful! This work reminds me that having the finer things is nice, but it cannot replace having the things we truly need - health, happiness, and love.

  5. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your interpretations girls.

    Sass - Lovely to hear from you and to know that Mrs Sun is shining brightly in The Netherlands. Perhaps you could recommend your favourite Dutch artist for us to feature one week?

    Jeanette - I know what you're saying about having to look deeper this week - the art actually has more than a 2D quality that makes you think and ponder. I wonder if Anna would see her work through your lens?

    Bridget - I actually thought the horse was a bit cheeky but can see your perspective too. There's definitely a multi-sensory element to Anna's art.

    Holly - You're so right and this is a message we could all be reminded of regularly.

    xxxx Fizz [Saskia's nickname for me which I love!]

  6. wow - i had to stop and think for a bit on these two...also to make sure it wasn't actually photography, the fruit is so realistic!

    loving that one red apple amongst the green ones and the fact that it has fallen to the side of the rest of them makes me wonder if standing out from the crowd may in fact be a little lonely?

    and the second artwork has me wondering what is inside the little vase?

    Gill xo

  7. Wow wee, what an artist!! Sorry so long between visits, sore noggen, love Posie

  8. This may sound strange, but I can taste the apples and the lime. Beautiful images, thank you as always for sharing. xx

  9. Mozart's Music Space has just taken my breath away...I'll be back once I catch my breath!! TK xx


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