25 March 2011

Six Senses Tours - New Hampshire, USA

Hello!  When Felicity contacted me to write a guest blog about one of my favorite places near where I live, I couldn't think of a more amazing place than my own backyard.  
My name is Katie Barnes, and I'd like to introduce to you Snow Pond in New Hampshire, USA.  
Snow Pond has become my permanent vacation home, along with my fiance Max Bittle.  
We are both photographers, and after living here for only a year and a half, we've managed to take thousands of photos documenting this ever changing landscape and the wide variety of creatures that call this pond home.  
I hope you enjoy this six senses tour through our little corner of paradise as much as we enjoy living here!

Summer mornings bring white water lilies with huge blossoms over a mirror like surface on the pond.  Local fishermen from the area gently set silver canoes into the water and set out with hopes of catching a big bass.  
The pond's edges are lush with greenery and the cattails grow taller than me.  
The colors of fall slowly dot the trees in hues of reds and orange, until a metamorphosis of color occurs, and the forested backdrop of the pond turns into a glowing showcase of dazzling warm and rich colors.  
Orange sunsets in the evening cast shimmering versions of themselves in the pond's surface, and pink sunrises splash color on the walls of our bedroom telling us it's time to get up and take pictures!   
Zero degree temperatures turn the pond into glass and strange ice formations are visible just under the surface.  
Snowflakes blanket the pond in white, and suddenly, it feels truly appropriate that the pond's name begins with Snow.  
Tiny cherry tomatoes from our little garden add the perfect tart flavor to egg sandwiches in the morning.  
A trip to the local farmer's market brings back locally roasted coffee beans, and when Max makes them in the french press, it fills the whole cabin with a dank coffee goodness.  
A short trip down dirt roads brings us to fields of blueberry bushes at Hackleboro Orchard.  
I eat one blueberry for every three I pick, but we still manage we fill buckets to the brim with berries, remembering to pet the sweet horse in the barn on our way out.  

Humid air full of life fills our backyard in the spring, replaced by earthy breezes in the summer.  
Crisp nights remind us that fall is on the way, and soon the air will smell of leaves drying in the sun after they've fallen from temporary homes on branches above.  
As the days grow cold, there will be the unmistakeable smell of winter in the air - the smoke from our woodstove that billows in little puffs from our cabin's chimney.

Spring peeper frogs provide a calm chorus around the pond, which is only interrupted by the smacking of the beaver's tail when he is less than happy.  
We wake up to distinct foot steps in the forest next to our cabin, but it's not a person, it's a huge snapping turtle!  
Splashes can be heard from every direction when we have a sauna gathering and our guests dash into the pond to cool down fast.  
Sunday mornings, the radio is always set to National Public Radio, and we listen to the familiar voices that let us know it's time to make waffles and soak in the day.

Every time I leave my house, to photograph a wedding, run errands, even take the dog for a walk, I can't escape the feeling that when I come back down the driveway, I'm returning to my vacation.  
Seeing the millions of stars overhead and breathing in the sweet summer air, I know that I'm in the most perfect place I can be right now.
At the same time, my intense love of this place is always coupled with a sad feeling.  
You see, we're only renting this little red cabin on the edge of Snow Pond, and it's been promised to the landlord's son when we decides to move back "home".  But maybe knowing that makes us appreciate it even more… 
and we'll certainly have a lot of beautiful photographs to remind us of the time we lived on the edge of paradise.

Snow Pond is small, with only about four houses on it.  But, there are lots of other amazing lakes to visit in New Hampshire if you ever find yourself nearby!  
The "Lakes Region" is in Meredith, New Hampshire and is home to the gorgeous, Lake Winnipesaukee.  
No matter what season, there are all sorts of activities to do on the lakes of New Hampshire.  
Ice fishing, swimming, canoeing, and taking advantage of the wonderful fish markets and restaurants nearby are just a few of the lake attractions!

Wow Katie, what a feast for the senses!  Thank you for sharing with us your truly spectacular pocket of the world, it must be a treat at the moment as winter yields to spring and the lake comes alive in a whole new way. 
Katie's transfixing photos are a favourite of mine and yours too going by the comments generated in a past 'Two For Tuesday' segment. If her work is new to you, I'm sure you can see why I love it.
Now dear Gifters, you know the drill.  I'm guessing that you've enjoyed this tour as much as I did so I hope you'll leave some lovely comments for Katie to thank her for being such a wonderful guide.
Of course many of you will be transfixed by the photos of Snow Pond and will want to see more. 
You're in luck dear friend as Katie not only has a blog and wonderful wedding website but Max has a truly outstanding photographic blog too! If you visit, be sure to let them know that you're stopping by after the tour.
Next week, the tour will take us to New England Australia where the season's colours are autumnal and another amazing artist will dazzle us with a peek into her slice of serenity.

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  1. What a stunning part of the world....certainly a delight for the senses! Thank you for taking me there Katie :) And thank you for your beautiful blog Felicity...it continually makes me smile!!

  2. How stunning! Gorgeous photographs too - I'd go and visit there ... got a guest bedroom Katie?

  3. Wow those photos are amazing. Have a great day, my dear

  4. Now my heart is longing to visit Snow Pond. x

  5. beautiful Felicity! thank you for sharing..I want to go & live there now ♥

  6. Sigh! So very, very beautiful. Thank you for sharing your stunning part of the world with us. Gorgeous photography too!

  7. This place is so very magical and photograpy is stunning! Thanks for organising this guest post Felicity - in my alternate reality I'll be moving here :)

  8. Stunning photography and a beautiful, beautiful post... I really felt I was there!

    Angela x

  9. So many awesome photos, but for me the awesome-est was the fall scene of the canoeist !

  10. What a stunner, Felicity. Post of the week. My, Katie's photography is breathtaking. I'm now happily following her blog. Thanks so much for the exquisite trip, Katie! J x

  11. how fab - the autumn colours are amazing :) best le xox

  12. Incroyable!Thank you so much for that tour Katie (and amazing photograph I am dreaming!) and Felicity for hosting it. Perhaps we could all organise a charter plane or something, non?!euh...ok

  13. Beautiful! I used to live in that same cabin - actually I lived there twice. Katie is right, it is a special place! I now know at least three happy couples who became engaged while living there :)

  14. So now I want to move there too.....

  15. all of these comments make me so happy! of course anyone is welcome to come and visit anytime! ;)

    hopefully the warmer weather headed for new hampshire will inspire some more fun pictures on my blog, so feel free to pop over and experience snow pond again...

    cheers, and thanks to felicity for trusting me with a tour!


  16. i am in love with these beautiful photographs....just outstanding

    thanks for a wonderful trip...would love to visit!

    Gill xo

  17. Oh those photos are amazing!! The white snow, the autumn colours, those blue berries!! Thank you so much Katie and Felicity for sharing this :-)

  18. Awesome photos! I want to move to Snow Pond - NOW! :)

  19. Katie, I discovered you at http://www.aphotoaday.org/. I googled your name, found your blog and have been following it for a while. Thanks for turning me on to Felicity’s blog. What grabbed me about your piece was the red cottage. Ponds and lakes near where I live in Michigan have them too, and they are indeed magical places. Your happiness is palpable, so when I read that your living situation there is temporary, my eyes brimmed with tears. I have faith, tho, that you will have many more joyous chapters elsewhere to which to look forward. And when I think some more about it, you may be there longer than you think, or you may choose to leave before the landlord’s son is ready to come back!

  20. Hi Katie and Fizz,
    this is yet another gorgeous little corner in the world. The scenery is amazingly beautiful, Katie. Your pictures are little pieces of artwork, I already had a look at your lovely blog.

    Your idea of visiting several different corners in the world is a great idea, sweet Fizz.

    Much love, always xxxxx

  21. Felicity thanks for introducing Katie!
    and Katie thanks for introducing the real paradise!
    I enjoyed a lot of this trip, the place is absolutely wonderful and the photos are amazing!
    Thank you again and again!


  22. Gorgeous images what a beautiful part of the world xox

  23. OMG!!!! I am a bit teary at the everyday beauty captured here & the sweet words & visual trip shared... thank you :)

  24. just gorgeous! love these snaps and what a wonderful place to relax and enjoy. so loving this Felicity xx

  25. Oh this is breathtaking! Such beautiful images, they really capture the beauty and the constant change of the seasons, so much to drink in. It looks like a wonderful life indeed

  26. OMG. Incredible! That house looks like something out of an Indie film. I'm in love. And so jealous. I"m heading over to her blog right now. What a tour!!!


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